The Gates To Hell

SIPNOSIS The Doors to Hell, (original title Zaza atreves de la ouija) tells the story of six strangers who meet in a room full of dust and mystery located in Belmont High School. They find the Ouija leaving their differences aside in order to play and talk with spirits. They manage to make contact with a demon named ZAZA, which as time goes by...
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Non Verified story Sugnan's wife was a ghost.
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The Hollow Kidnapping and Killing

Non Verified story Not sure if I want to continue this or not... So... choose!!!!!
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The unknown discord user "-04.02.2017-"

Non Verified story This story is not real,please,don't take it seriously,discord is safe,well,not really safe,still it's controlled by admin's.
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The Girl

Non Verified story What is it like to be chosen?
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