That's What Friends Are For

Non Verified story Title: That's What Friends Are For Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Friends Forever Summary: In the captivating tale "That's What Friends Are For" the intricate web of friendship, emotion, and personal growth unfolds against the backdrop of a vibrant and dynamic world. The story installment of the "Friends Forever" series introduces readers to a …
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The Class S and The Boy

Non Verified story Title: The Class S and The Boy Author: mischa143kelvin Series: A Whole New World Summary: Follow the story of a young boy named Takumi who is trying to navigate his way through high school. Takumi has always struggled to fit in with his peers and finds it hard to make friends, but things change when he is suddenly transferred to the prestigious …
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Best Friends Forever

Non Verified story About a girl who was adopted by a wealthy and rich family but was refused to be accepted by her sister cause she felt it would ruin her reputation for having anything to do with an orphan would they become enemies forever or best friends in the world? Read to find out it would be updated every two weeks or every month
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Our whims

Non Verified story "What if being in love wasn't enough to be together? What if everything was just whims, and even love is just a term placed within the brackets of compromises?What if Sabah wasn't for Ilyassa or Abdourahmane, and vice versa...Discover it with "Our Whims." Let Ilyassa Diome, a Senegalese teenager, take you into his world of doubts, disillusionment,…
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Love Story

Non Verified story Alexandra (Alex), Allard is a 15 year old high-school girl. She's not very popular, nor does she have many friends. She is friends with one girl in orchestra, who is a great friend indeed. Her name is Regina (Gina), soundalskie. Alex is just a violin player. Just a violin player. Until she meets Kaitlyn (Katie), Levine. Her whole world shifts. Ale…
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Non Verified story Do you know what it's like to run away? You have to put your life on hold to save your skin. You do things like that to survive. But it's mostly because an encounter can turn everything upside down, and what's left? I've got no life left. I'm not allowed to get attached to anyone. I'm not allowed to mingle with the crowd. I no longer have a…
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Avery Wilkins

Non Verified story Avery has just began grade eight, she has just started to feel better, after her mental health set back over summer, but at least she gets to see Ash again. But when Ash turns out to be something unexpected, Avery feels lost, she feels helpless.
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Shattered reflection

Non Verified story 16 year old Ashley Ross Lives with her mom and little sister Rich brat but after she was abandoned by her dad she had to work in other to support her mom There's one major hiccup Xavier woods a Rich 17 year old guy that wants her at any cost, What happens when she refuses him
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The Momentous Path of Swan Madden

Non Verified story A coming of age story about an famous black artist, Swan Madden, narrating her story from her childhood through teenage hood where she goes through the different parts of her life as she discovers her self worth and sets her path for her future. (A fictional story but relatable for teenagers and young adults)
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Non Verified story Lily believes in GOD but feels disconnected from her faith and goes through the motions of attending church and reading the Bible. However, she meets with a homeless man named Joshua who seems to change everything. Despite his difficult circumstances, Joshua's unwavering faith inspired Lila to explore her relationship with GOD and his goodness. …
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Emerald Clinton Series: All about Emerald

Non Verified story Emerald Clinton Series talks about the life of a high school girl in series.
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Nikki's dance journey

Non Verified story Nikki is an 11 year old girl with amazing talent. But will she make it mentally? This story is about heartbreak, grief, and friendships.
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Amira And Arya: The Exiled Beauty

Non Verified story Two Girls. One Trip. And A Whole Forest Of Things….Things That Want….To Eat People… Follow Along As You Become Amira And Adventure With Your Sister, Arya On A Scout Trip To The Winding Woods Where….Let’s Just Say…Things Happen….Sparks Fly…..And Natasha Complains…….As Always….. Enjoy This Cinematic RolePlay Experience As You Follow, No, Create Th…
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The Impossible Dream - Joshua Lanera

Non Verified story A young boy, James Pritchard who is 11 years old has a desire to play for the club Manchester United - the club his Dad supported before he passed away - but does not have time because he has to help his unwell Mum and has to deal with his sister Chloe. This is a story of the pressure James has to become a footballer in present day Wigan, Manchest…
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La música entre las personas

Non Verified story La historia trata sobre un chico llamado Alan, que llega a una escuela de música donde allí conoce a varias personas y se hace amigo de Álex juntos los dos deben afrontar varios desafíos hasta graduarse.
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Non Verified story A typical high-school drama! A LGBTQ story with some drama, romance and some heartbreak to finish off! From a young writer who aspires to be great, please enjoy! This story follows the point of view of Jackson Smith, a normal teenage boy who meets someone new, will this meeting develop into more from an unlikely coincidence? We'll have to see!
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Sealed With A Red Stamp

Non Verified story When 15 yr old Marie Abrielle moves from France to San Francisco in a heart beat she feels threatened, alone and scared but on top of all of that she feels confused, until eventually at school in her locker she finds…an envelope….signed with a red stamp. When this secret romance makes its way into Marie’s life. Drama indefinitely finds its way to …
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Sealed With A FriendShip Stamp

Non Verified story ( WARNING: THIS BOOK IS MY OTHER BOOK ‘Sealed With A Red Stamp’ EXCEPT FROM KAYLA’S POINT OF VIEW, IF YOU HAVE NOT READ PLEASE READ THAT FIRST) Kayla’s life is basically online until one day after making a deal with the school’s favorite boy she meets Marie Abrielle, a girl just like her but more clumsy, shy and she’s from France. Things are Perfe…
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Change In Identity

Non Verified story Matilda is a teenage girl who is a freshman at Turnpike High School and she's a lesbian who has a girlfriend and her girlfriend is moved to another city so they are doing a long distance relationship. but Matilda has a crush on one of the transfers teenage boy from Australia his name is Oliver but she just be friends with him instead because she…
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|Twisted Into Reality|: New but Old again

Non Verified story Amani is a trouble-making high schooler. But when she meets a girl who seems the exact opposite of her who wants to be friends, Amani declines. The girl proceeds to follow her around, until….
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Eclipsed Hearts

Non Verified story "Eclipsed Hearts" follows the extraordinary life of Alex, a teenage superhero grappling with the responsibilities of saving the city by night and navigating the challenges of high school by day. When Alex meets Emma, a charismatic and compassionate girl with a mysterious past, their worlds collide. As their connection deepens, Alex must navigate t…
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The hidden horcrox

Non Verified story A tale of mystery And magic
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Until I met you

Non Verified story Meet Beverly "Bebe" Miller, a 19-year-old girl who has been struggling with suicidal thoughts ever since her mother's death and her father's unexplained disappearance. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when her adopted mother arranges for her to attend a renowned business college. It is there she meets Kingston Walter, a senior student…
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In Pursuit of a Mirage

In the shadows of high school, Emily, feeling ordinary, crafts a new persona to catch Jason's eye. The allure of transformation fades as she confronts the fragility of facades, discovering that the true beauty lies in the authenticity she feared to reveal. The canvas of self-discovery unfolds, painting a narrative of love, acceptance, and the stre…
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Look through my eyes

Non Verified story COMPLETED The clock is ticking. Ticktock, ticktock-it sounds so loud that it seems to compete with the sound of my heart. Everything has come to a standstill. Although the world around me doesn't seem to stop, even though my heart is about to burst. It's just lights, noise, and a small, incessant beeping that threatens to shatter my ear. I kn…
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Non Verified story Love hurts. Friendships hurt too. It’s either you survive or you die.
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Eclipsed shadow A Hunting Dance of Love Regret

Non Verified story In the chilling depths of Ravenshade's haunted woods, "Whispers of Betrayal: The Haunting Echoes of Love Lost" unfolds a tale of forbidden love, unbridled passion, and the spectral consequences that bind two souls. Regina, a spirited young woman, becomes entangled with Stephan, a tormented lover driven to unspeakable acts. As shadows dance and m…
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Non Verified story The story is about a young girl Emily who joined a new school which two boys who are friends will fall in love with her which will lead to betrayal and heart break
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