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Non Verified story Bücher Rezensionen :)
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Non Verified story A teenager girl named Summer going through the Lost of her mother who died from cancer, she had to endure the ill treatment she receives from her step sister and step mom, with so many twists and turns she finally recovers everything she'd Lost
17 CHAPTERS 2.7k views Story completed

¿En que posición te sientes tu ?

Non Verified story tu posición en la vida y tus objetivos que vas seguir en tu vida piénsalo deja tu comentario si
9 CHAPTERS 7.8k views Story completed
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Diário de uma adolescente

Non Verified story Rhaissa e uma menina que está virando adolescente é difícil pra ela saber o que fazer Paixões, seu corpo mudando, gírias, palavrões e muitas outras mil coisas acontecendo a o mesmo tempo ,será que ela aguenta toda essa loucura?????? Bora ver comigo essa doideira???????
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The Bucket List

Non Verified story Remember that you have your goals in life? Remember that you have your wants in life? Remember that you have your needs in life? Remember that you can do it... Janelle Gonzales was a 16 years old girl, who wants to experience everything, who wants explore and discover the world, who wants to complete her bucket list. She's a girl with a biggest …
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