"Harmony of the Cosmos"

In the vast expanse of the cosmos, where celestial symphonies collide and stars dance to the rhythm of time, emerges a mind-blowing and thought-provoking science fiction opera, "Harmony of the Cosmos." Set in a future where humanity has expanded its reach beyond the confines of Earth, this epic tale weaves together the threads of technology, spir…
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Part of the Universe of TB. Universe Warlust is about a princess of the Harron Imperium. Princess Morgan Harron must find a way to fill her father’s shoes as empress even if she has disdain for ruling after the planet of Itolth, a colony planet of New Earth, takes over her father’s empire. Morgan must manage her feelings of hate, lust for war, fear, and murderous tendencies in the …
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Beyond the Stars

This story is about a group of everyday people who embark on a thrilling journey through uncharted territories in the vast expanse of space. They face incredible challenges, encounter extraterrestrial beings, and unravel the mysteries that lie beyond our solar system. It's a tale of curiosity, courage, and the relentless human spirit as they push …
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The Third World: The arrival

The planet Lugur is doomed. In a desperate attempt to survive, the project of the "Squad of Tomorrow" is created. A select group of young Lugurians will travel the universe in search of habitable worlds. Morul, a young astrobiologist, joins the project with the illusion of being a hero, but soon discovers the terrible space nightmare that awaits h…
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Midnight Eclipse: Book 1# [Extended Edition]

Part of the Universe of Excelian Universe A DEADLY WAR. A DANGEROUS WEAPON. A RUTHLESS INVASION. Gothalia Ignatius-Valdis has her demon to conquer and Noel-Len Ignatius has his home to save. What happens when two worlds collide? And, how will they both survive? Amid a new war, the worlds above and below will take a dangerous turn, when aliens invade once more searching for the twelve fra…
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Fragmented Deamone, Book 0.5# [Heaven's Curse]

A DANGEROUS FRAGMENT. A KNOWN ENEMY. A DESTROYED COUNTRY. Gothalia Ignatius-Valdis is now a Centurion much to her aversion, and to those who are not happy about it at all. In the midst of the insurrections staining the streets of New Icarus; selected Cores of Centurions, Legionnaires and Cavaliers head to the Earth Reserve, following the disappe…
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The Existence Of Everything Volume 1

Part of the Universe of Universe Changes are the only one that never changes. Science and Spirituality both aim the same and proceed the same way. Let us explore both of them in the limelight of the understanding of the universe. The Existence of Everything simply means every a thing in this book titled 'The Existence Of Everything Volume 1'.
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Part of the Universe of Serenity What would you do if you know the truth? What is the real reason our ancestors had to leave the Planet called 'Terra 1'?! This story goes out to this one special Person on the Westside!!! Yeah you!!!
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A Future Story

The future is bleak, but not for Tannhaüser.
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Little Miss unlucky (just got lucky)

This story Is about a 22 year old female who has one of the worse cases of bad luck. One day as she is sitting in a park she see a dandelion so she decides to pick it up and make a wish. She goes home and falls asleep and the next day...
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Beyond Reserve, Book 2# [Heaven's Curse]

Part of the Universe of Excelian Universe A DARK SECRET. A DESPERATE STRUGGLE. A HIDDEN POWER. After, the battle in the city of Darwin. The Xzandians stretch their focus to the rest of the world, searching for the remaining eleven fragments. Six months later, after Noel-Len’s near-death experience, he didn’t expect to don the uniform of the Centurions, and work alongside Dragon Core, in h…
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Midnight Eclipse, Book 1# [Heaven's Curse][Original Edition]

Part of the Universe of Excelian Universe A DEADLY WAR. A POWERFUL WEAPON. A RUTHLESS INVASION. Gothalia Valdis has her demon to conquer and Noel-Len Ignatius has his home to save. What happens when two worlds collide? And, how will they both survive? Amid a new war, the worlds above and below will take a dangerous turn, when aliens invade once more searching for the twelve pieces of Midn…
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Fascient King

Рowerful leaders, fresh ideas and bright emotions drink us with the energy of creation. It is valuable A wonderful story for loving hearts, the author is also not averse to visiting the royal music festival for magical droids and their friends from the constellation of Consonance! Space adventures, perfection of a better future, love and harmony …
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What are some of the withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking?

Non Verified story Some withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking
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The Khambhukh Chronicles

Non Verified story An alien couple meet human pilots who've crashed on their world. They all receive quite a series of shocks about each other.
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The Ice Queen

Non Verified story Human businessman and widower Troy Porrin marries Ni’varh, a stoic divorced alien woman, in an arranged marriage. He soon brings her to live with him and his family so they can build a life together.
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Marble Stone

Non Verified story It’s a story of a different planet where a boy from earth got stuck. In that planet every creature can magic. They have a special element named "Marble Stone" for magic. Now the boy is discovering exciting and adventurous things there. Let's enjoy the themes together... ☺️
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Sparrow Takes Flight

Non Verified story A young birdwoman, Sparrow, is rescued after her village is slaughtered by humans. She rebuilds her life among the species that rendered her people all but extinct.
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Lost Planet

Non Verified story After a needed vacation, John is ready to save the galaxy from the enemies ignored by the whole galaxy.
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What are the basic points of Python in Future?

Non Verified story Python is a versatile and powerful programming language known for its simplicity and readability. Here's a brief overview: General purpose: Python can be used for various purposes such as web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, scientific computing, automation, and more. Easy to learn: Python has a straightforward and concise sy…
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Dark Sector

Non Verified story John's new mission is taking him to the darkest corner of the galaxy, trying to find an answer to a mystery that eludes even the most experienced of the soldiers.
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Super miles and the Asteroid disaster.

Non Verified story A dangerous asteroid is heading for Earth will super miles stay tuned to find out dadadata...
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Exploring the Invisible: Your Guide to Electron Configuration with OmniTools

Non Verified story Welcome to Omnitools At Omnitools, Our vision is to provide you all small online tools to make your tasks simple, fast and improve your productivity. If you are a student, working professional, or looking for online tool for your day to day work, our tools are designed to meet your needs. Naveen Singh & Sakshi.
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SSV Rōnin

Non Verified story John's life is about to change, specially with the presence of someone special. His promotion is going to be a bit more important that he expected, and his new ship is part of it. He's going to need a crew.
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Mr. Fly

Non Verified story Disgusting scientist Dr. Sickly creates a monstrous being known as “ Mr. Fly”, a fly-human hybrid who sickens everyone he lands on.
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Exploring Appium for Mobile App Automation Testing

Non Verified story Starting your career with selenium webdriver is an excellent choice for entering the field of automated software testing. Selenium WebDriver is a powerful tool for automating web applications, and Python's simplicity and versatility make it a great language for this purpose.This combination offers a wide range of opportunities in quality assurance…
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breast doctor in pune

Non Verified story Looking for the best breast doctor in Pune? Look no further! Our team of highly skilled and experienced breast specialists is dedicated to providing top-notch care and treatment for all your breast health needs. With state-of-the-art facilities and a patient-centric approach, we prioritize your comfort and well-being. Trust in our expertise to pro…
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Best Ingredient Foot Cream To Prevent Winter Dryness

Non Verified story Global Ayucare Herbal is a complete Health Care Portal through which all kinds of services related to Ayurveda are provided. We Serve Worldwide. Ayurvedic Health consultants specialized in treating chronic health issues such as Gastritis, Piles, and fistula, Skin Issues like Psoriasis and urticaria, stress, migraine, Arthritis, and reproductive pr…
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