Non Verified story A young woman decides to willingly become a social outcast, and reflects on her decision.
Short tale 15.5k views Story completed

100 Stories of World War I

Non Verified story List of 100 classic World War I short stories with the initial paragraphs in English and Spanish. Lista de 100 historias clásicas de la primera guerra mundial con los párrafos iniciales en inglés y español.
7 CHAPTERS 16.6k views 1 New chapter Every 10 days

Max Chrono And The Time Crusaders

Non Verified story A boy must chose between giving up his most prized possession to a witch and never seeing his sister again.
1 chapter 17.7k views 2 Story completed

Blackberry Smiles

Non Verified story A trip down memory lane leads to a tough choice.
Short tale 17.7k views 1 1 Story completed

The gift

Non Verified story This isn't fiction. It's a eulogy for my father. It's also quite emotional. By Andrew Starling
1 chapter 5.3k views 1 Story completed

Not Boring

Non Verified story Strange things begin to happen around Christmas after a girl returns home from uni.
Short tale 16.6k views Story completed

Amazon & the Snake

Non Verified story A short story by: Tom Lisowski
Short tale 16.6k views Story completed

An Autumn Morning - Un día de Otoño

Non Verified story A short story set in 1918 during the last days of World War I, written by the British writer H. M. Tomlinson and published in 1922.
19 CHAPTERS 17.7k views 1 New chapter Every Friday
Visual Story

The box tunnel

Non Verified story By: Charles Reade
Short tale 4.3k views Story completed

The Lost Soul

Non Verified story By Tadeusz Deregowski.
1 chapter 5.0k views 1 Story completed

Cherry Pie

Non Verified story
1 chapter 17.7k views 4 Story completed

Sticks and Stones

Non Verified story By Trezza Azzopardi
2 CHAPTERS 5.6k views 1 Story completed

Seedy and Friends

Non Verified story Seedy and friends is a short story about a little seed and all the people he meets when forced to leave home. The story is based on true events that happened in my life.
9 CHAPTERS 16.6k views 1 1 New chapter Every 10 days

Grieving Generations

Non Verified story Unification in sorrow caused by hope for eternity.
1 chapter 17.7k views 1 1 Story completed

How To Raise The Dead

Non Verified story A young witch sets about bringing back her lost love.
Short tale 17.7k views Story completed

Lilith’s and another’s short stories

Non Verified story These short stories you’re about to witness and read are about Lilith, Kai and many other characters that come along and with many other scenarios to go with them
6 CHAPTERS 34 views 1 New chapter Everyday

2 Member Secret Society

Part of the Universe of Romantical Tyrst Gaia A union between an introverted young girl and an unlikely companion that upon first glance would cause the girl to seem a couple cards short of a full deck. But take a closer look and you will see that this pair is not only a relationship to be envied, but one that helps a lonely young girl blossom into a flourishing confident young woman.
Short tale 11.1k views 2 6 Story completed

Team ELITE Origins - Buzz

Non Verified story The Origin Story Of BUZZ
Short tale 2 views Story completed


Non Verified story #Jamaicanwriter
Short tale 1.1k views 3 Story completed

The woods

Non Verified story A short horror story. My first story on this app!
Short tale 6 views Story completed

Best Leading Manufacturer Of Pigment Green 7

Non Verified story Leading pigment green 7 manufacturer must be applied as finely ground powders and mixed in a very liquefied binder.
1 chapter 18 views Story completed
Blog Story

Where are the taco’s?

Non Verified story Poems I’ve collected a written over the years. This time i try to stay on a funny side of myself.
Short tale 251 views In progress

Are you ok?

Short tale 27 views Story completed


Non Verified story U miongoni mwa mashujaa ninao Wathamini haswa siku hii
1 chapter 470 views New chapter Every Friday

Nothingness of nothingness

Non Verified story The nothingness behind our need for survival
Short tale 25 views Story completed

The Monster Of Brook Park

Non Verified story Short story on revenge and what happens when it back fires.
Short tale 19 views In progress

Collection of stories, micro stories and short stories

Non Verified story Once I wanted to write about a mermaid and another time about seeing ghosts. Inspiration came in the form of three words about heaven and with just ten I created a fairy tale. I have had a taste of poetry, thanks to the moonlight, and stories of less than five pages. Here I compile them for you, because together they are better than separated...
23 CHAPTERS 3.9k views New chapter Every 30 days

Killer Katie

Non Verified story This is an urban legend about a girl named Katie who kills anyone that is mean or a bully by eating their upper body and turning that bully into a demon
Short tale 183 views Story completed