True Darkness

This is a dystopian story about a little boy and his family.
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Desperate Seekers

Non Verified story All the way through people seek
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Optical Frames

Non Verified story glasses frames optical frames sunglasses Kenya blue block lens blue blocking glasses
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Use Water Rowing Machines To Get More Fit At Home

Non Verified story A rowing machine imitates what it seems like to push a boat, so you get a similar obstruction of water on a machine, expanding your pulse and building quality. What additionally makes rowing all the more engaging the individuals who abhorrence running and other high-sway practices like HIIT, is that it's a low-sway exercise that backs off of you...
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Finding Eden

A wreck lands a man on the island of paradise.
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Non Verified story Two teenage drug dealers make a discovery that will haunt them forever.
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Non Verified story We learn how x-rays were invented.
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Angels Of Three

Unseen watchers watch over both the wayward and faithful children of God.
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Angels Of Three

Non Verified story A Pentecostal Christian story about what happens behind the scenes in the angelic world when we pray, :)
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You know

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As ethereal as real

What makes special a everyday-life's moment is sometimes how special is the person with whom you share that very moment. Magic can only be seen by those willing to see it.
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The Buffalo Woman

Non Verified story A fable about love, relationships, and language. The Buffalo woman is not searching, she lives to nourish herself.
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Non Verified story The matter is that if people are to aggravated by their everyday academic work to do, they have a chance to escape many inconveniences with the help of the most up to date writing help at reasonable prices which is not less important for people with no or low income.
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A proud family

Non Verified story A boy who gets to be the superman and makes his family proud
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My wish, you promise

Non Verified story He promited, he doesn´t do.
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How pressure washer works

Non Verified story Many homeowners buy power tools such as the pressure washer because they hope to do household chores quickly. This Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner is a great tool that helps boost the performance of your pressure washer, thus completing your task faster and efficiently.
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Blue Hills Residences

Non Verified story Want to hire Retirement Villages Cranbourne for the home? Then Blue Hills Residences can be your peace of mind as we are one of the leading names in providing Retirement Villages Frankston area.
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How Extension Wand Helps You Pressure Wahs?

Non Verified story This Telescopic Spray Wand widens your range and gives you more freedom when you use your pressure washer. Which is why many trailer owners, homeowners and truck drivers choose it! Get comfort, power and precision with this easy to use, easy to carry spray wand!
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How To Pressure Wash

Non Verified story This Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner is a great tool that helps boost the performance of your pressure washer, thus completing your task faster and efficiently.
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The significance of a missing note.

The coincidence of two objects created for different purposes as a romantic hypothesis about the origin of the musical genre that we know under the name of hip hop
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I first learned that Ditha was a human when my father one day tested my learning about numbers and counting. "Son, how many animals are in our courtyard?" he asked me one afternoon in early fall before the winter rain began. Ten," I replied with a triumphant smile. “No. Try again,” he encouraged. Eager to prove my prowess, I counted on my finger...
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Small history about a girl sorrow.
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This a is short story I wrote after discovering a new word; Petrichor. I've always loved the scent when rain hit dry earth. I'm just glad there's a word for it ;)
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An old woman in front of the unknown. Author's note: I'm not an English speaker so you are likely to find mistakes in my texts.
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The death of a blind tiger

A tiger suddenly appears on a ship sailing in the middle of the ocean. A woman disappears, and a man finds himself in his own madness.
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Men will be men

Short story
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When the trees bled and other dark micro-fictions ©

Fantastic short stories and haunting fleeting nightmares: scenes of blood, fire, darkness and shadows; images of monsters, assassins, demons and beings from outer space; deep fears written in less than 250 words. A minute of scares and chilling surprises are waiting for you in each episode. Will you dare to read them? © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (20...
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The missing tailor

A gripping story with an unexpected ending. A very special request, and the disappearance of a tailor, generate the most terrifying suspicions. Not my mother lenguage, please tell me how i did.
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