A Monstrous Offering

Promoted story A dragon awakes after a slumber lasting an eternity to discover its kind all but extinct, but when he runs across a scared human child during a morning hunt, he is perplexed by her lack of fear towards him.
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Light in the darkness

Non Verified story In the midst of the devastating Bosnian War, Spanish soldier Antonio embarks on a perilous humanitarian aid mission in Sarajevo. As he patrols the bomb-ravaged streets and distributes vital supplies, he encounters a young woman named Ana, whose story touches his heart. Together, they confront the horrors of war while striving to bring hope and ass…
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Sam haim

It is Hunter’s Moon at The Coven.
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The River's waters next to the Tree

In 2018, I took part in a Challenge of the Brazilian Embassy and made a short story about a tree that sang to a river. Only now, in 2020, I could write this tale here: the singing-answer from that river. Hope you like it :)
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When the Sun sets

One day, in the Stream Valley, the Sun refused to rise.
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True Darkness

This is a dystopian story about a little boy and his family.
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Non Verified story In the peaceful Galician village of Vilarello, during the dark days of the Spanish Civil War in 1936, siblings María and Manuel encounter a wounded Republican soldier, Antonio, in the heart of a forest. Despite the risks and political tensions surrounding the war, they decide to care for him in secret, hiding him in their home and providing refuge…
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A Sweet Touch

An unexpected visit, or perhaps a long-awaited one, appears next to a hospital bed. What will be its intention?
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Music and Lyrics

Every song has a story behind it. What if you could delve into those moments that inspired them? Music and Lyrics takes those songs and turns them into fictional stories.
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Melody of Destiny

An exciting love story that is born amid the hustle and bustle of a busy city. Megan, a dreamy writer, is enchanted by the music of Alex, a talented street artist. As they grow closer, they face fears and uncertainties, discovering that music and love have the power to transform their lives forever.
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Non Verified story Loneliness, a feeling most of us feel daily. Something that drifts in the air around us and infects the people we know and love.
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Attorney SEO Services for Maximum Impact

Non Verified story Cindtoro is a high performance digital marketing company that helps to drive business growth with custom marketing solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We are a team of internet marketing strategists, web designers, social media marketers and top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists. No matter how you want to grow your compa…
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Utility Trucks Market will be Reach at a Highest CAGR by 2030

Non Verified story Utility trucks are mounted with carriage and other specialty mountings to carry out specific tasks such as garbage collection and sweeping. .Furthermore, demand for utility trucks is growing at a rapid rate in all regions of the world.
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Self-Driving Bus Market is Growing at a Highest CAGR by 2030

Non Verified story Autonomous vehicles also known as self-driving car or bus makes use artificial intelligence (AI) software, cameras, and light detection & ranging (LiDAR), RADAR, to sense the surrounding environment and navigate by creating an active 3D map of that location.
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Wavlink extender login

Non Verified story Wavlink extender login
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Data Center RFID Market Analysis, Deployment Mode And Segment 2030

Non Verified story The Data center RFID uses RFID technology for management and monitoring of the critical and highly expensive assets, including routers, servers, tape media, and other IT assets in a data center. The Data center RFID solutions offer asset management, integration services, and environmental monitoring.
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Hyperscale Datacente Market Competitive Landscape, Development Status & Forecast 2030

Non Verified story A data center can support hundreds of physical servers in it and several thousands of virtual machines. A hyperscale facility is made to support thousands of physical servers incorporating millions of virtual machines. The upsurge of hyperscale computing is all about businesses and their association with their data and IT operations. Companies/ent…
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Worldwide Automotive Adhesives Market : Trends, Opportunities, and Forecast- 2030

Non Verified story For existing and emerging players in the Automotive Adhesives market, The Insights Partner's recently released "Study on Automotive Adhesives Market - Industry Developments and Future Scope" provides a thorough road map. Some companies quickly responded to emerging needs and survived stressful conditions well. Key companies in this Automotive Ad…
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The Vain emperor's new Clothes: My version

Non Verified story a story from the famous Author the late Hans Christian Anderson, is about an Emperor that was subjected to vanity and was so rich that he cared so much about the clothes he wore than the people in the town's protection, as he did put money into getting soldiers and guards. Then came some weavers, but in all reality were swindlers that made clothin…
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Best road's Land.

Non Verified story I 'm inspire because life shines.
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Leaves Of Love

Non Verified story Every year the season changes . It changes at a rapid pace . Amid the changing seasons we experience a lot of things like love , agony , happiness , memories etc . In one of those seasons a girl named Yuuki fell in love too . Read the story to find out whether or not she gets together with the one she was in love with.
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Drug Crime Bail Bonds Services in Troy NC

Non Verified story Discover reliable Drug Crime Bail Bonds Services in Troy, NC, ensuring swift release from custody for individuals facing drug-related charges. Expert assistance, financial relief, and community support when you need it most.
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The light's time during night .

Non Verified story The night and the time are beautiful dreams.
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Computer Peripherals Market

Non Verified story Computer peripherals are input, output, and storage devices that can connect to the computer. Computer peripherals are most often used for office and personal work. Computer peripheral includes a device such as a mouse, monitor, keyboard, scanner, and printer that connects to a computer system to add functionality.
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Smart Plug Market

Non Verified story Smart plugs enable the user to control the devices by using a mobile phone application remotely. It helps to turn appliances on and off; however, when a smart plug is connected to a smart home, its applications become versatile.
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Submetering Commercial Building

Non Verified story Roshan Energy excels in submetering commercial buildings, providing tailored solutions for accurate data, compliance, and sustainable resource management.
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Oil Accumulator Market Recent Trends, In-depth Analysis, Forecast up to 2030

Non Verified story Oil & gas accumulators demand is probable to witness a huge growth over the forecast period owing to increased demand for crude oil across the globe.
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Sylvi Watch

Non Verified story Explore latest watch trends, reviews, and watch guides at Sylvi. Find the best watch blogs at Sylvi blogs. Stay informed about latest watches in industry.
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Motor Soft Starter Market Fast growth at the highest CAGR to forecast period by 2030

Non Verified story A motor soft starter is used to reduce the inrush current generated during motor start-up, thereby improving efficiency and extending the shelf life of motors. Motor soft starters have well-known applications across different industries such as mining, oil & gas, and power generation industries.
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