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Non Verified story A boy takes revenge on his sister's favorite doll.
3 CHAPTERS 5052 views Story completed

Como tomar sopa sin cuchara

Non Verified story Es un relato corto.
1 chapter 6553 views 1 Story completed

More than Love

Non Verified story A boy in love. A sudden confession. Something less and something more than love.
Short tale 16539 views 2 1 Story completed

El Delfín

Non Verified story Por Sergio Bambarén
Short tale 3676 views 2 In progress


Non Verified story A young woman decides to willingly become a social outcast, and reflects on her decision.
Short tale 15110 views Story completed

My Blog: where lose ends come together

Non Verified story "My Blog: where lose ends come together". Ideal for all those fluent in Spanglish, or those who like the unexpected.
3 CHAPTERS 13184 views New chapter Every 15 days
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Max Chrono And The Time Crusaders

Non Verified story A boy must chose between giving up his most prized possession to a witch and never seeing his sister again.
1 chapter 17134 views 2 Story completed

Во сне или наяву

Non Verified story Такое случается со мной. А с Вами?
Short tale 15683 views 1 Story completed

An Unwritten Novel by Virginia Woolf

Non Verified story A stunning short story about perspective and reality compared to the power of imagination and the ease of losing yourself in your own thoughts.
1 chapter 3962 views 1 Story completed

Planificación Familiar

Non Verified story Por Luis Ernesto Cano
Short tale 3833 views 1 In progress

Афганский излом

Non Verified story Проза жизни
1 chapter 16211 views 1 Story completed

Not Boring

Non Verified story Strange things begin to happen around Christmas after a girl returns home from uni.
Short tale 15981 views Story completed


Non Verified story This story emphasizes the danger of fire from a unique perspective.
1 chapter 16183 views 3 Story completed

Cherry Pie

Non Verified story
1 chapter 16570 views 4 Story completed

Lady Bountiful

Non Verified story by George A. Birmingham
1 chapter 4790 views Story completed

Bartleby, the Scrivener by Herman Melville

Non Verified story The narrator, an elderly lawyer who has a very comfortable business helping wealthy men deal with mortgages, title deeds, and bonds, relates the story of the strangest man he has ever known.
1 chapter 3919 views Story completed

The Knife

Non Verified story A journalist gets a lead on the O.J. murder weapon.
3 CHAPTERS 4737 views 1 Story completed

Duraznos fríos

Non Verified story
1 chapter 15264 views 2 1 Story completed


Non Verified story La aberrante creación de la encaprichada naturaleza dio tal vez al más sublime de sus hijos, el Canubrí...
1 chapter 16333 views 1 Story completed

The gift

Non Verified story This isn't fiction. It's a eulogy for my father. It's also quite emotional. By Andrew Starling
1 chapter 4678 views 1 Story completed

The box tunnel

Non Verified story By: Charles Reade
Short tale 3547 views Story completed

Весёлые похороны в Нагасаки.

Non Verified story Казалось бы, что весёлого в смерти, в похоронах?.. Естественно ничего! Но то как иногда ведут себя пьяные люди- это смешно. И вот герои умерли, ради того, чтобы их похороны были смешными.
1 chapter 17206 views New chapter Every 10 days

The King of the Polar Bears

Non Verified story The polar bear king, "old and monstrous big," lives among the ice of the far North. His coat glistens like silver in the midnight sun. His subjects come to him for advice and guidance. He maintains his own hunting grounds for seals and fish. Most creatures fear him — except of the gulls, white and gray, who feed off his carrion leavings. The wol...
1 chapter 5246 views Story completed

It's beginning to hurt

Non Verified story By James Lasdun
1 chapter 5048 views 1 Story completed


Non Verified story Del vino a la uva
1 chapter 14208 views 2 Story completed


Non Verified story Un sueño, o quizás otra cosa
2 CHAPTERS 15581 views 5 4 Story completed

The Blind Man And The Talking Dog

Non Verified story By Juliana Horatia Ewing
1 chapter 5045 views 1 Story completed

The Cellmate

Non Verified story A beautifully constructed tale based on the true story of a night spent in jail with the last man to be hanged in Whitesburg, Ky.
3 CHAPTERS 5097 views Story completed