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Djeser Djeseru (Splendor of Splendors)

Non Verified story by paula younger
4 CHAPTERS 4.3k views 1 New chapter Every Thursday

Industrial Revolution by Poul William Anderson

Non Verified story Ever think how deadly a thing it is if a machine has amnesia— or how easily it can be arranged....
Short tale 4.1k views Story completed

Head down, palm up

Non Verified story Mitchell S. Jackson
Short tale 3.9k views 1 Story completed

The anarchist of Darwin

Non Verified story by michael ramberg
Short tale 4.0k views In progress

The Mountain Population Is Me

Non Verified story By Shane Jones
2 CHAPTERS 4.5k views New chapter Every Tuesday

Think Yourself to Death by Stephen Marlowe

Non Verified story f you've never read a Johnny Mayhem story before, you are in for a treat. Johnny, who wears different bodies the way ordinary people wear clothes, is one of the most fascinating series characters in science fiction.
1 chapter 4.0k views 1 Story completed

House Guests

Non Verified story Alan Rossi
2 CHAPTERS 3.8k views New chapter Every Thursday

A Flight Into Texas

Non Verified story Short story "A Flight into Texas," by Arthur Cheney Train.
1 chapter 5.1k views 1 Story completed

Can a Corn

Non Verified story By Jess Walter
Short tale 4.2k views 1 Story completed

A plain kiss (Letters to Allison 2006)

Non Verified story by jamie quatro
2 CHAPTERS 3.7k views 1 New chapter Every Tuesday

Utopian Dystopia

Non Verified story The world is now a Utopia where no one has to work because robots do it all for free. But in a world where money still has meaning, being forced to relax is being forced to be poor. Some people are lucky and still retain a job despite the robots; like the inspirational celebrity Naomi Wallflower, but when she is woken up the first thing her empl...
3 CHAPTERS 17.7k views 10 9 New chapter Every 30 days

The Star

Non Verified story "The Star" is an 1897 apocalyptic short story by H.G. Wells.
Short tale 4.0k views Story completed

Survival Tactics by Al Sevcik

Non Verified story The robots were built to serve Man; to do his work, see to his comforts, make smooth his way. Then the robots figured out an additional service--putting Man out of his misery.
1 chapter 4.3k views Story completed

The God in the Box by Sewell Peaslee Wright

Non Verified story In the course of his Special Patrol duties Commander John Hanson resolves the unique and poignant mystery of "toma annerson."
1 chapter 4.1k views Story completed

Echoes In Evening Wear by Will McIntosh

Non Verified story provocative story about sex, commitment and the power of fantasy to take on a life of its own. If you’re likely to swoon at the mention of naughty bits, read no further.
1 chapter 4.0k views 3 Story completed

Fire Weather

Non Verified story By Brady Hammes
3 CHAPTERS 3.7k views New chapter Every Tuesday

The Undeniable Labyrinth

Non Verified story It has been more than two hundred years since the destruction of galactic civilization by the invasion of the Macros. Althea Ram, exile from a culture which survived the apocalypse, has been searching for answers amongst the lost worlds of the Consortia. Her past failures, Pyrrhic victories and dwindling resources have lead her to plan a despera...
16 CHAPTERS 16.6k views 7 3 New chapter Every Sunday

The Crystal Egg

Non Verified story BY: H.G. Wells The story tells of a shop owner, named Mr. Cave, who finds a strange crystal egg that serves as a window into the planet Mars.
Short tale 4.1k views 1 1 Story completed

The Merchants of Venus by A.H. Phelps

Non Verified story A pioneer movement is like a building—the foundation is never built for beauty!
1 chapter 4.0k views 1 Story completed

All Cats Are Gray by Andre Alice Norton

Non Verified story Under normal conditions a whole person has a decided advantage over a handicapped one. But out in deep space the normal may be reversed—for humans at any rate.
1 chapter 4.3k views 2 Story completed

Some kind of rugged genius

Non Verified story By Greg Bardsley
2 CHAPTERS 4.0k views New chapter Every Thursday

Hellhound of the Cosmos by Clifford Donald Simak

Non Verified story Earth is being attacked by horrible black monsters that appear from nowhere and destroy and kill everything and everyone in their paths. Nothing affects them, nothing stops them; they are impervious to all weapons. Earth is doomed. But there is one hope and it rests on the shoulders of 98 brave men. Can they do it? can they find a way of retalia...
1 chapter 4.4k views 1 Story completed

Last Enemy by Henry Beam Piper

Non Verified story The last enemy was the toughest of all—and conquering him was in itself almost as dangerous as not conquering. For a strange pattern of beliefs can make assassination an honorable profession!
1 chapter 4.0k views 1 Story completed

Opal One, Opal Two

Non Verified story By Tesa Mellas
1 chapter 3.6k views New chapter Every Tuesday

The most dangerous game

Non Verified story By: Richard Connell "The Most Dangerous Game" features as its main character a big-game hunter from New York, who becomes shipwrecked on an isolated island in the Caribbean, and is hunted by a Russian aristocrat. The story is an inversion of the big-game hunting safaris in Africa and South America that were fashionable among wealthy Americans i...
Short tale 4.6k views 1 Story completed

The Mortal Immortal

Non Verified story By Mary Shelley
1 chapter 3.9k views Story completed

Jon and Maeve

Non Verified story By David Backer
Short tale 4.2k views 1 1 Story completed

The Next Logical Step by Ben Bova

Non Verified story Ordinarily the military least wants to have the others know the final details of their war plans. But, logically, there would be times
Short tale 4.4k views Story completed