Non Verified story How can overshoot the mark little girl to play? How hard can it be to open a door? How long can it take to find an exit? What would you sacrifice for your freedom? Is trust a dangerous weapon? Bütün soruların cevabı bu kitapta. 25 people who don't know each other have to work together to solve riddles to get out of their prison. They need to ope...
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Non Verified story There are some variables in the multiverse and it either upsets or tends to upset the balance of that universe. This decay grows until the destruction of the current universe and ends only with the destruction of the universe in which it is located. In order to prevent this extinction, some talented creatures from different universes were select...
1 chapter 4 views In progress

Four worlds

Non Verified story Four worlds is a story about the world after chaos strikes the earth ends, and remaining survivors rebuild. So tune in to see how it all pan out.
2 CHAPTERS 90 views Story completed

Blood, Status, Ethnicity, and Nationality

Non Verified story Daphne Yalle: When the great nation Neptune invades her land, Daphne's peaceful life soon changes drastically. And because she is a Neptunian-Plutonian - owns the same ethnicity as the Neptune invader country - Pluto residents hate her ethnicity very much it leads to a provoking conspiracy that traps her and her entire ethnic group as genocide v...
39 CHAPTERS 1.1k views New chapter Every 2 days

Top 10 Global Web3 Development Firms In 2023

Non Verified story More and more small and medium-sized businesses are taking advantage of the opportunities provided by Web3, which is about to make its virtual debut. It has even entered the market to assist large corporations in producing high-quality goods. Any business on the list above can provide you with a comprehensive web3-based solution and assist you i...
1 chapter 8 views Story completed
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Canon Ivy Mini Photo Printer 2023 Review: Small & Handy

Non Verified story Are you a photographer and looking for a printer that can convert your digital photos into real-life photos? You have come to the right place; today, we will review a printer that prints top-notch quality photos.
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Nft Wallet Development And How To Create An Nft Wallet?

Non Verified story It's imperative to clear the fundamentals before moving on. Let's begin by defining NFT before we have a conversation. A digital currency called the non-fungible token, or NFT is used to purchase the rights to various physical and digital assets. The age of non-fungible tokens has arrived (NFT). Nearly every day, many users do transactions using...
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10 Best Tools to Create a Sankey Chart

Non Verified story Sankey charts are some of the most popular data visualization tools available on the web. Given that there are large volumes of data generated everyday, there is a need to convert the data into insights
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Shikhara's naked Mishap: the curse of the sorceress

Non Verified story A young 18-year-old schoolgirl by the name of Shikhara Henson that goes to an all-girl's school, visited a Jamaican psychic name Merge Jenkins aka Mrs. Jenkin with both her friends Sara and Jody after she was recommended by Jody. The Jamaican Psychic was able to predict what will happen to Shikhara the next day as it ends up with Shikhara naked ...
35 CHAPTERS 6.4k views 1 New chapter Every 10 days

A Future Story

The future is bleak, but not for Tannhaüser.
8 CHAPTERS 385 views 16 1 Story completed

Strangers Among The Stars

Venutian pilot Tamerok meets Skikahren woman Nidiya in a cave during a horrible thunderstorm. Despite their races being bitter enemies, they find common ground . He receives permission from his Commander to bring her aboard the ship when the storm abates. They have to escape from the ship months later. This is their at times harrowing story in d...
11 CHAPTERS 3.9k views 1 Story completed

Out Of Space And Time

Agnes Breckinridge, a 23-year-old proper New England lady, mysteriously time travels from a field outside Boston in 1755 to Tara and Marty Steele's Gathering Room couch in New Boston in 2559. She stays with them, Tara's mother and their four children, building a new life. She eventually meets Alkhor, Tara's Cardistanian...
18 CHAPTERS 10.0k views 2 Story completed

What is CCNA? future and scope of CCNA.

Non Verified story CCNA is an acronym for Cisco Certified Network Associate, a certification offered by Cisco Systems, Inc. It is a foundational-level certification that is ideal for individuals who are new to the field of networking or just starting out in their careers. CCNA certification validates a person’s capability to install, configure, operate, and troubl...
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5 Reasons to Start a Wireless Vibration Sensor

Non Verified story The vibration sensors from UbiBot are easy to install and set, and businesses may take use of our professional assistance. Users can access data quickly in real-time using the application software once it has been applied to acquire insights into the state of the equipment.
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Spaceships and Jesus

Non Verified story Confused and overwhelmed, unaware of the events leading up to this moment; the only passenger awake on an unknown spaceship. When voices start telling you to save the world, by becoming the new reluctant messenger, you can only ignore them for so long. A new story must be told, as you read these words ask yourself, am I one of the twelve?
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JSTOR Silicon Oil Free Hair Serum- No Oily Look, Silky Feel

Non Verified story BRAND - JSTOR COMPANY- JSTOR HOUSE OF COMETICS & MORE, GURGAON Contact Details- https://jstorhouseofcosmetics.com [email protected] WhatsApp & Call- +91-9971109393 JSTOR Silicon Oil Free Hair Serum- No Oily Look, Silky Feel Certified by- KVIC, Govt. of India Net Wt- 50 ML M.R.P.- 449/- (Incl. of all taxes) Best before 36 month...
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Lifeguard swimming, the perfect workout!

Non Verified story Welcome to the American Lifeguard Association® American Lifeguard and Safety Training™ with the lowest price guarantee. Individual and group training that can be completed anytime/anywhere to get certified right away with the support of employers and government agencies nationwide.
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Non Verified story "Is it reality or imagination?when Mike thought he had escaped and needs to find a way to save those captured, on the journey he learnt he never escaped but was a released dog on trial"
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Herry Free Read

Non Verified story Reading Story Books
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Space Train

Non Verified story The fact space is an everlasting void of creation is one reason many risked their life to board the train, some for the good of the universe, others for their own hidden agendas, but they all had one thing in common, at all times they were just moments from uncertain death. Isn’t that what made this journey special? Without risk, there would be ...
2 CHAPTERS 123 views 1 1 New chapter Every 30 days

The zone

Non Verified story This story alternates pov of, Layla and Cora two best friends in middle school. But they soon realize that strange things start to happen, they find themselves the last ones (+ a few others) and trapped in the school grounds as strange zombie like creatures try and hunt them down. Is Cora and laylas connection to this strange experience just as ...
15 CHAPTERS 529 views New chapter Everyday

Midnight Eclipse: Book 1# [Extended Edition]

Part of the Universe of Excelian Universe Non Verified story A DEADLY WAR. A DANGEROUS WEAPON. A RUTHLESS INVASION. Gothalia Ignatius-Valdis has her demon to conquer and Noel-Len Ignatius has his home to save. What happens when two worlds collide? And, how will they both survive? Amid a new war, the worlds above and below will take a dangerous turn, when aliens invade once more searching for the twelve f...
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Non Verified story "What happens on 'The Ark' stays on 'The Ark'" On 'The Ark' space seems like a part of you. For Agatha, life feels bored of the everyday experiments she is forced be subject to as part of human control. Ever since humans above ground found the people who lived below the earth to hide their psychic abilities, they have been driven from their ho...
2 CHAPTERS 97 views New chapter Every 2 days

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Medical Billing

Non Verified story i am just working on this comapnay and this work is medical billing services.
1 chapter 262 views Story completed


Part of the Universe of ParalefikZland From the Chronicles from Fictional Beings collection. A Traveler gives Ánderwo the opportunity to travel to other realities, making him understand the truth of being able to exist in many worlds. At the same time, Altréu suffers from a strange condition that makes him travel to other worlds while he sleeps, causing him to neglect the people in h...
13 CHAPTERS 10.0k views In progress

The Zodiac - The Battle For Freedom

Non Verified story In the beginning, long ago... before the heavens created the earth, off in the distant star system, a planet known as Chavah gave birth to one of the oldest civilizations in the galaxy. Some cultures called them angels while others, called them gods. The Chavahians eventually raged war among the earth for ten years before condemning themselves t...
3 CHAPTERS 10 views New chapter Every 30 days

I Hear You

Non Verified story Musical prodigy, 17-year-old, Ryker Rathaway, has been playing from the young age of seven. He has also claimed to hear music coming from people since he was born. At first, he thought everyone could hear the music coming from people but once he started telling people he realized it wasn’t normal. His mother encouraged his musical ability well h...
2 CHAPTERS 79 views New chapter Every 2 days

Empty Chamber

Non Verified story Private investigator Art Dane is approached by a client under the orders of a government funded facility which undergoes unknown operations to find information on an unknown person, but not everything is as it seems as contradictories arise from discovery of the truth.
1 chapter 188 views New chapter Every 30 days