All The Thing That I (Don´t) Hate About You

Matthew Clark is socially awkward - and he's ok with being invisible. He is a smart student and all he wants is to have good grades to grant his so dreamed scholarship in Havard. But, then Olivia Barrow arrives to his school. And when she focus her attention in Matthew, things will change in his life.
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When a wealthy and arrogant playboy collides with a headstrong tomboy, disaster is bound to happen. But what happens when out of this disaster love blooms? Would they be compatible, being that one is filthy rich and the other is only a poor and orphaned scholarship student? Robin and Andrew are in for one hell of an experience this semester. Wha...
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Beautiful and ambitious executive editor, Jessica Belle Lavigne has always been a go-getter and this time, she's got her eyes on becoming the chief editor at Tasty, the magazine company where she works. So when her boss offers her a promotion, Jessie seizes the opportunity, but then to secure this promotion, Jessie has to get into a relationshi...
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Tangled Up in Blue

The steamy, searing college love story of Keegan and Blue... She's driven and ambitious, determined to make her mark on the world as a journalist. He's a battle-scarred Army veteran, passionate about his music and desperate for a fresh start. They end up living in the same off-campus house. And before long, they are crazy about each other. It...
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The Art of Falling in Love with a Star

Misty Brooke is a developmental editor with clear goals in mind: finish the manuscripts assigned to her every time and publish her own book. Head in front of papers and computer where various romances and other genres in written words spark, a pencil or pen in her hands, she knows she doesn't have enough time to do things that would hinder her w...
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This story begins from UK's Jail Honde date-15/02/2020 where questions are being asked to a prisoner. Outside the room where the prisoner is going to be asked the question, some COPS are whispering something among themselves. This book is also available on Amazon Search binit Kumar singh.
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The Elements of Our Story

"Well, here it goes. I don't know why I'm writing this. I half hope you read this...and half hope you don't. Part of me wants you to be just as miserable as I know I would be if you were the one leaving me. Part of me also hopes you have moved on by the time you read this and only think about me once in a while. Like when you catch that fai...
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The Bad Boy & The Tomboy

Eric was my nemesis. The school bully who had laser focus on me as his target. As if highschool wasn't hard enough. Even worse, he was quite possibly the one person that seemed to know me best. All I wanted was to avoid Eric but he had a knack for showing up whenever I wanted to avoid him most. Then we made that bet... I believed that the ...
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Suddenly, life made sense when you arrived. You've changed me, given me a reason to live. *This book contains graphic violence and explicit sexual scenes.*
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Beautiful Lies

Hair Stylist, Kylie Dunham, is approached by a man with a job like no other. The assignment? An exposé on billionaire bachelor tycoon, Kincaid Miller, everyone in the city talked about. The goal was to uncover something unseemly about his background and ruin his reputation. She felt bad about it, but if it was the price for keeping her family...
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Pages by Paige

Paige Murray is a young woman, lost in a big city. Unfortunately, when she moved from her home town, her emotional baggage moved with her. To say she is emotionally crippled would be an understatement... But there is hope. As she gets to know Mark Cassidy, she founds motivation to get her act together... which will mean facing some feelings she ...
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The Bad Boy's Property

There is something more about rumors you would hear around. There must be more than anything anyone could hear because a secret is indeed a secret that no one must hear, no one must know. Everyone thought they know about something if they heard rumors about it, but there must be something to surprise them about the truth because no one could kn...
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My College Life Just imagination

This about a girl got into college she was new she got lost she was looking for some1 that see would help her it was her first day then she met a handsome guy got another new gal friend she become best friend after word
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Defeated / Побеждённый

«— You are a monster, to them all, you lost everything because of them. Every time they throw knives at your back, and you are silent. Alexander, I don’t understand how you hold on, I would have lost this battle long ago. — Everyone wants to see the fall of the enemy, but not everyone is interested in what price he will stand...»
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Time and time again

This story is about a girl, Sagelynn who is forced to marry. What her husband doesn't know is that she is a spy and a good one, she also has magical powers. It tells the story from the husband and Sagelynn's perspective.
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They were born into two different worlds, she had nothing, he had everything at his fingertips. Both had been through hell and back in the shirt 19 years that they've lived. Both have seen things that no one should have to see and that no one should have to live with the memory seeing. Can Mia make him see that he's not a monster that what he ...
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The woman of my dreams

The deception of heart and mind.
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My One and Only

If you had a choice would you sacrifice yourself for the one you love? How far would you be willing to go to keep them safe? What would you do if they were in danger? Damen and Elisa are two opposite people that happened to click, maybe it was fate, maybe just happened by chance but for whatever reason, they are attracted to each other like magn...
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The Retribution Game

A story of loyalty, treachery and love. Max Oberland, a business man recently named CEO of his family's insurances company and player in his free time, wants Davina Saxe, the daughter of his business partner to be the next prey. 'The Database' is a computer program he made for his exclusive use and his pride and joy in which he keeps his previou...
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Heaven vs. Hell

Kindhearted Antonio Alexander and troublemaker Davina Driscoll used to be the best of friends… Until a terrible car crash takes them both away from Earth…forever. Three years later, Antonio is living a happy, relaxing life with his friends Arabella and Aolani in heaven while Davina is living a harsh, assiduous life with her friend Dextra in hell...
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Maple Falls

Mina was 33 years old and still single. She knew this because it seemed like no one hesitated to point this out to her at every opportunity. Her mom, her brother, aunts, uncles, the grocery store clerk, the mailman. And why is her love life, or lack thereof, anyone's business? If she wanted to get a husband she could, so there there are plen...
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The Moonlight Smile That Stole My Heart

A love story of a lonely writer takes the form of a bestseller novel. This is what best describes the book in one line. The love story of a young lonely writer Aditya and his love Ahana. Read to find out what happens when dreams of tomorrow force Ahana to leave her love of life behind. As the love story of Ahana and Aditya were progressing at it...
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To Be King

What would you do if you spent the perfect day with someone in a deserted park? What if for you it was love at first sight? What if that special person suddenly disappears but not before letting you know that he will be present at the last dance of the year in France. Rafael never told Alissa that he was a prince. With the council bearing down o...
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Just when life planned to get better for her, fate decides otherwise... after loosing her modeling job, fiancee and sight, Juliana is confronted to a life crisis... everyhing takes another turn when she meets him... the one who changes everything....
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Captured By The Bond

Alpha King Matthius finds his mate Rosalie but after he walks away from her can she change his heart to accept her? Will she be enough to save him from himself or is he doomed to fall from his throne? Is she able to get his heart to turn to gold or has it always been like that deep inside? Will she get to him in time before he falls to despair?
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Eden's Power

Part of the Universe of Excelian Universe Gaius Ignatius is the General of the Centurion Brigade and is proud of it. Natalia Valdis is the princess of a foreign Daemone enemy country and is proud of it. Both countries and blood groups harbour a deep hatred for each other. Unfortunately, their fates are tied by the Fragments of Midnight Eclipse which Natalia’s ancestors had separated and...
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Roman Atheis explores a typical development for Indonesian society since the beginning of the twentieth century, namely the shift from a traditional lifestyle to a modern lifestyle.  This shift brought with it disputes and clashes between old and new notions, especially in the socio-cultural and political fields.  Developments in society do not ...
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Steps on You

Leira Amythest is desperate to have colorful school life. She dated a lot but failed. But then she stumbled from a sharp stone, fell on the bed of roses and enveloped with the warm heat of colorful embrace. She tripped and fell hard with his icy grey eyes full of passion and hallow waves. And that she decided. She'll have it all to have every s...
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