The Battle Of The Head and Heart

Non Verified story Havryl has always been optimistic, passionate and fun-loving, though if you asked her friends, they'd say she's a playgirl and harsh instead. Well, for a heart breaker, at least. She focused on her business. Some thing here, and more of the same there. And then came kocyfer... Mysterious yet at the same time unpredictable and arrogant son of a d...
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Still You

Non Verified story This story if for |R18+ only. The content may contains violence, languages, theme, assult and etc, that is not allowed for the young readers
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Non Verified story Kathalia Cei is a simple woman, her family owns a bakeshoppe, coffee shop and restaurants. But, she's the one who's managing it now. Kathalia is a busy person, not until her bestfriend, Lauryn Lorelle. Invited her to go to the bar to relax and who is she to declined her bestfriend? She loves lauryn so much. So, as they arrived to the bar, kathal...
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Non Verified story Para contar minha história tenho que voltar para o dia em que tudo em minha vida resolveu mudar. Me refiro ao dia em que fui amparado por um anjo,anjo este lindo,perfumado,sensual,um anjo até então sem nome, e nenhuma informação na qual pudesse localizá-lo. Um anjo em forma da mulher mais linda que já vi em toda minha vida..anjo este que depois ...
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Non Verified story Guwapo [✔] Matangkad [✔] Matipuno [✔] Mayaman [✔] Makalaglag Undies [✔] Lahat na yata ng magagandang katangian ay nasa kanya na dahilan upang maging sikat siya sa mga kababahihan. Mapa - Lola, Tita, Ate, Kolehiyala at mga Binabae ay hinahangaan siya at pinapangarap na masungkit ang matamis niyang OO. Subalit may napakalupet siyang sikreto. No...
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Arranged Marriage with Hot Nerdy Guy

Non Verified story Isang dalaga na puno ng kompyansa sa sarili. Dalaga na tinitingala ng lahat. Dalaga na iniidolo ng karamihan. Dalaga na kilala bilang isang matapang na babae. At dalaga na ma-a-arrange sa isang kasalan na minsan ay hindi nito naisip na mangyayari. "To bad at first, but too good in the end" Expect the unexpected love. ---- Keep the story re...
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