Edgar Allan Poe Poetry

Some of Edgar Allan Poe's poetry
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Non Verified story This is my short peom about Corona , so sorry that I deleted the one I wrote before, now get your favourite poem with much love for you all readers and rating me high.
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In the Silence of the Night

I know why you are screaming I taste the pain Yes i feel you
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11:11- In hope of expressing my feelings for you, I wrote this.
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Dedicated to Adriana.
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I Wrote You

Dedicated for the silly and the strong whose bodies lay static on bathroom floors and whose souls float byond the galaxy. For you, lovely soul.
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You and I

A Poem for Mothers
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The Dying Man

What would it be like to experience death?
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A painful goodbye
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My Life thoughts.

This is where it all started. The time to let everything out. Everyone has their own way how they cope with their feelings. I came to a point that i began to acknowledge that what i feel is worth something. That worth can change things, people and so much more. Instead of overthinking about everything and keeping it to myself. I hope it will enc...
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in the dark

Non Verified story poem
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Mists in Spring

A poem about memories and how I deal with them
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If your heart seems to break

If your heart seems to break...
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Lo que escribo para mi

Non Verified story Creo que esto es poesía.
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Ode to Autumn Leaves

Non Verified story You can read my blog where I explain my thought process, reasons, and what this ode meant to me
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Part of Me

Non Verified story you're half of who I am, if I could tell you what's on my mind...
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A Perfect Guy

Non Verified story Read it..It'll remind you of you father....
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The sadness of being sad

Non Verified story A lyrical song that explains the state of being sad in its own way.
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My Life journey, my story

Just write about my Life, Quotes, friends, issues, problems. About starting a new season with no reason..
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All Around You

Non Verified story The truth is all around you
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I hope

Non Verified story I hope about you, I always hope...
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Fast love story

Non Verified story Bedtime thoughts
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Welcoming the Farewells

Every final...a origin has and so when the final ends...the roles remain reverse...
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A far-away land

My take on James Nachtwey's beautiful photo as someone that has experienced violent conflicts and is still being affected by them to this day. Hope you enjoy. #PhotographicPoetry
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Non Verified story Erotic tale
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Dark and Evil Poetry

This is a series of poems that are dark and evil. For many people I know have been making poetry based on a simple question. "What if Dr. Seuss was evil?". I have taken part in this question by making this poetry book.
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Ode to Autumn

An autumn poem, falling from the top to the bottom!
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The lies we tell ourselves

Non Verified story I am a house of contradictions, whereas you are an apartment of dreams. Some are more broken than others there is no denying that.
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