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stardust ☮

It's 1968 and Timothy Cooper is not very excited about moving out of his family house to start a new life in San Francisco after getting a scholarship in one of the best Universities in America. He's not sure he wants to be a Civil Engineer, and he's not really good at making friends either. Also, there's this Hippie Camp nearby the campus that ...
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Part of Me

Non Verified story you're half of who I am, if I could tell you what's on my mind...
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Non Verified story now it's just a memory...
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The red men

A poem about the communist terrorist groups of the FARC and ELN and my feelings towards them.
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Mira atrás #PhotographicPoetry

Non Verified story Poema sobre mi sentir de es la foto de James Nachtwey
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Non Verified story Have you ever wonder why did people act the way they act? Life teaches you that everything happens for a reason, everybody acts with a purpose, explicitly or implicitly, that explains, their behaviors to face the situations.
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I wonder

Non Verified story Where could be my soul and where could be my heart
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Known strangers

Non Verified story A heartache of a separation.
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A far-way land

My take on James Nachtwey's beautiful photo as someone that has experienced violent conflicts and is still being affected by them to this day. Hope you enjoy. #PhotographicPoetry
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in the dark

Non Verified story poem
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Welcoming the Farewells

Every final...a origin has and so when the final ends...the roles remain reverse...
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Chaos paradox

The windows to my soul open inside chaos The chaos distorts the already severe reality, the questions desolate me. Inside of me, the installed chaos distorts me and drain prospects. Child of experience shaped in chaos, the options were survive or collapse.
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Remember Us This Way

A poem on the unjustifiable massacre in Gaza, Palestine by the Israeli over a war on revenge and inhumane pleasure
1 chapter 2590 views 2 3 Story completed
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Non Verified story My fantastic experiences.
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Once in a blue moon

Inspiration coming out from a January full moon.
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I hope no one read this

i really, really hope no one read this
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thoughts that usually are being thought when the rest of us sleep, and don't really make sense-usually inspired by speed, crack, meth etc.
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Tasseled Dreams

The story behind this poem is to never put your hapiness in someone elses hands. People will come and go in and out of your life but you will always be stuck with your own reflection for company.
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Новая жизнь

Non Verified story Думать молча.
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Beast of Burden

a metaphor about thinking for yourself and knowing the difference between what you should do and what you will do.
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11:11- In hope of expressing my feelings for you, I wrote this.
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You and I

A Poem for Mothers
Short tale 5044 views 1 Story completed

The Gods of The North, an epic poem

Non Verified story Author: Adam Oehlenschlæger Translator: William Edward Frye
4 CHAPTERS 5364 views 1 Story completed

Dont love me For forever

Too many times the words I love you are taken for granted, and the real meaning of love vanishes. Today saying I love you is as easy as eating a piece of cake but how much can you truly love someone? how many obstacles can that love overcome? next time you say I love you, think about it. You might also asked your loved one not tell you that...
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Love Letters of a Violinist and Other Poems

Non Verified story Eric Mackay
5 CHAPTERS 4605 views Story completed

Knife Crime, Gun crime, Dying Time, London Time.

Non Verified story My view on the current spate of murder's of young people in London, England.
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Non Verified story In the darkest corner of my heart I can hear your song I feel a perfect "thing" when I hear you sing
Short tale 6111 views 2 1 Story completed

my thought

Short tale 6514 views 1 In progress