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Verified Stories

Verified stories, what are them, why we are doing it, and how to get your stories verified.
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Rewards Program

Inkspired Rewards Program briefing in English, Spanish and Portuguese
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Shitty sad text.
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The Purloined Letter By Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe
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The Great Revolution In Pitcairn By Mark Twain

Butterworth Stavely is a fictional character in Mark Twain's 1879 story "The Great Revolution in Pitcairn". He is an American adventurer and filibuster who instigates a coup d'état and has himself crowned Butterworth I, Emperor of Pitcairn's Island.
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Christian Science. By Mark Twain

Christian Science is a 1907 book by the American writer Mark Twain (1835–1910). The book is a collection of essays Twain wrote about Christian Science, beginning with an article that was published in Cosmopolitan in 1899. Although Twain was interested in mental healing and the ideas behind Christian Science, he was hostile towards its founder, M...
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Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses.. By Mark Twain

"Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses" is an 1895 essay by Mark Twain, written as a satire and criticism of the writings of James Fenimore Cooper. Drawing on examples from The Deerslayer and The Pathfinder from Cooper's Leatherstocking Tales, the essay claims Cooper is guilty of verbose writing, poor plotting, glaring inconsistencies, overused cl...
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Is Shakespeare Dead? By Mark Twain

Essay that deals with the transcendence of the work of William Shakespeare
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The Bee. By Mark Twain

Bee scientists always speak of the bee as she. It is because all the important bees are of that sex.
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The memorable assassination By. Mark Twain

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The Turning Point of My Life. By Mark Twain

“such and such an event was the turning-point in my life”
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Terms of use

Inkspired Official Terms of Use
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Privacy Policy

Inkspired Official Privacy Policy
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Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines for writing, publishing and behaviour between members / Reglas comunitarias para escribir, publicar, y de comportamiento entre miembros.
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Wallowing from a post-apocalyptic break-up with my long distance lover, I decided to write letters, telling him the words I wish I could say.
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Ambassador Program

Information about the Ambassador Program, what it is, benefits and how to apply
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The Path Not Chosen

This book serves to empower the readers so that they can make their own choices and not necessairly conform to societal norms. It serves to renew the mind to think in a new way and to question what you have been taught and told all of your life. The book explores questions that we ask but never get answers for and questions that have never bee...
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Dream Psychology

By: Sigmund Freud Dream psychology is the key to Freud's works and to all modern psychology. With a simple, compact manual such as Dream Psychology there shall be no longer any excuse for ignorance of the most revolutionary psychological system of modern times.
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Inkspired Product Blog

The official product blog of Inkspired, with all the news, perks, changes and releases we make.
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The Right Write

Writing tips, tricks, and prompts.
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Writer's Blog

Your place within Inkspired to find posts about how to improve your writing skills
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Stories of a color rain

Non Verified story You know that feeling when you just trying to collect the thoughts that pop in your head from time to time? Well, this is kind of like that, a space where I can express whatever happens in my head, or on the outside. Everything has to start from something right? Keeping faith here until an apocalypse arrive I suposse.
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Zimbra to Office 365

Non Verified story The story is about users who are looking solution for converting their email files or want to move email files from one profile to new one or to different server.
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5 Minors that Complement a Creative Writing Degree

Non Verified story How to Choose Your Creative Writing Degree.
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Pursue MBA through Distance Learning In Barbados for Better Career Opportunity

Non Verified story Everyone in this universe is well aware of the importance of education in one’s life. In earlier times, very few people got the opportunity to fulfill their dream of pursuing higher studies.
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Growth Of Online Education

Non Verified story Whether you call it 'online education' or 'distance learning', it is exploding and growing in astronomical proportions.
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Five Must-Have IPhone Apps For The Geeky Guy Or Gal

Non Verified story It should come as no surprise that the App Store is chock full of apps that appeal to geeks. Who do you think is making them in the first place? But aside from the obvious must-haves, like Lightsaber or Angry Birds, separating the good from the bad is a daunting task. These five iPhone apps are a good place to start.
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Lucky Red Casino

Non Verified story Lucky Red Casino runs on the award winning Real Time Gaming system and presents gamers a selection of in excess of 120 High-definition games, ranging from the many vintage casino card and table games, such as Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Caribbean Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, and Let ‘em Ride.
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