An Essence Of Time.

In a time where there is no technology, the people that dwell within the Sterling settlement walls, must go out to find resources they need, to revolutionise the place they live, helping one another, along with epic battles with the different creatures that inhabit the earth. The Sterling settlement protectors meet Outsiders, gaining elements to...
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Non Verified story Just away of speech beauty and colors of life
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The Dull Sunlight

Non Verified story Contemplating life, the protagonist finds himself perplexed. Wanting to be understood, he journals his thoughts, as he makes his final decision.
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Terms of Service

Non Verified story No description I guess
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I loved him

Non Verified story She loved him more than her self carry his baby but he never loved anyone so he could not love her back. Not way she needed him to
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Gifts to the forest, Lady of the Night.

Non Verified story The night came to the forest and brought gifts to the heart of the forest.
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Non Verified story What do you see, when you look at the rest of the world?
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