Welcome to Atlantic City Americas favorite playground! Deep in the dark of the night she cries ,as the bright lights glimmer all around sounds of joy and laugher, draining out the cries of despair that lies in a troubled girls cries . Ooh my ! What a tale of the rose that kept on burning from the heart of a troubled girl in the dark deep down in t…
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Just so bored

Non Verified story Just so bored
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Life Stories of a Woman of Courage

Life Stories of Vivian So
10 CHAPTERS 3.4k views 22 9 New chapter Every 30 days

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Dear brother

My life was amazing, with my brother with me, but things changed the way and twisted the wrist of our happiness.
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The first of four parts of the Phesora story that will deal with the story of Zane, a young man who discovers a ritual that allows him to travel to another dimension where he will discover totally new beings and cultures.
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MOTIVATIONS is a key to knowledge

Non Verified story Future billions starts here
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TTT (Twinless Twin Talk)

Non Verified story It's in working progress the first page is kind of my introduction
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Conquering South East Asia

Non Verified story 7 Countries - 19 Destinations - 56 Days. This is my story about traveling in Asia, untapping incredible places, visiting ancient temples, discovering native culture, magnificent beaches, local food and many more!
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Lost in Love Vol 2

"Embark on an enriching literary journey with 'Lost in Love Vol. 2,' a truly exceptional compilation that skillfully weaves together the realms of love, family, and faith. This exquisite anthology not only transports readers into the intimate realm of love through beautifully woven stories and heartfelt letters but also seamlessly interlaces key c…
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The Scars YOU Don't See

Letters to the ignorant, to those who judge by what they see but are unaware of the damage they cause inside the person who witnesses their actions. Letters to the affected, to those who suffer in silence for fear of being judged, to those who smile as their world crumbles. For you, who are reading this. What are your scars that no one sees?
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Water and the flow of emotion into physical power to be a Master of Water!!!!

Non Verified story This book is considered a instruction manual on how to harness and use the flow of water within your body to produce power outward from your body
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brad and genas novel

Non Verified story Hope u guys enjoy
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Thoughts I have when I try to hear the silence

The title speaks for itself... ...Right? ***All the pictures used in this work were created using Artbreeder. The idea here is to also send a message through art.
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Her Only Mistake

This is the story about a young woman's troubles. Read at your own risk.
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A letter to someone is always personal, but an unsent letter can be deeper and confusing.
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Bag of hate

The one left behind is the one who sees the longest shadows.
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Non Verified story A day in the summer
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Non Verified story This began as a summary of my own personal tale at what was at the time my new job, and how it began unfolding with the recurrence of characters in a story I had pictured differently for myself. Let's see what can it turn into as the chapters start rolling.
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My favourite things about life

Non Verified story The life is wonderful but sometimes we forget that the beauty is in the little things.
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A Soul with Perfection

Non Verified story It's a story of a woman who has incredible qualities which is difficult to find in todays world.
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Non Verified story The journey of my life till date
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The Illusive One

Personal experience of a young mans quest to find true love.
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An Adrian Rapon History (ENG)

Silly Corp, and arch-villain corporation which do their best for interrupt Adrian and Always life and not exactly with good purposes. (That's my first Engish write. Please patient and understanding if there's any misspeeling)
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Ghosts of charlotte pike

Non Verified story Story of past comes to present
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Non Verified story Viv Keto Gummies are supported by notable specialists and experienced nutritionists in pariah labs. These keto sweets are valuable and by and large around expected for people who are burnt out on their layered waist, tubby arms, wide midsection and far reaching base. These keto desserts are notable and growing well known in view of promising outco…
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Bella world

Non Verified story my life /relatable opinion
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Holistic Health Solutions: Hangover IV Drip and Back Pain Treatment in Florida

Non Verified story Welcome to USA Sports Medicine, one of Florida's top companies offering integrative medical care.
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Denver Roofers: Providing Your Property with High-Quality Roofing

Non Verified story Finding trustworthy and experienced Denver Roofers is essential whether you require regular maintenance, repairs, or the installation of a new roof.
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