The imperfect plan

Non Verified story Two geeky teenagers set out to conquer the two most popular guys at school, but soon they'll realize that things weren't as they imagined, and their course of action will take a different turn from what they originally planned.
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Loving Clay

Non Verified story From being a hunter to having an owner, Kreitton finds himself within the Flaverian household, abandoning a life he once called his own, leaving his family and clan behind. His spite for the power-hungry Romans grows each second he breathes, but fate has always had its way. Maximus, on the other hand, has all a free man wants. Being a favorite of…
5 CHAPTERS 58 views 5 2 New chapter Every week

Forbidden Happiness: True Love Nearly Missed

Part of the Universe of Romantical Tyrst Gaia Non Verified story An unexpected romance kindles between two women who never thought that their close friendship was anything more than platonic. But when one suffers from a broken heart and leans on her friend for comfort they soon realize their close friendship is laced with a ferocious love. The sparks ignite and the embers of chemistry they had smothered for the…
1 chapter 615 views New chapter Every 15 days

The Crown Prince and a Butler

Non Verified story A prostituite coming to the castle to become a butler for better pay, but finds love instead. This is a BL. I’m most definitely gonna add smut at some point. Don’t be surprised if I decide not to write on time for a minute. Sometimes my brain just stops making creative juices. I’m just making this for fun, but I’ll try to update frequently
4 CHAPTERS 494 views New chapter Every week

Clinging To Love: Short Story

Non Verified story Terri loves her best friend Brooke though they never exactly told one another. Terri made the most horrible mistake of her life marrying Monica whose heart is as worthless as a penny. Terri did everything she could to keep her marriage with Monica but when Monica slept around it made Terri realize their marriage wasn't worth it. Can Terri get away…
10 CHAPTERS 76 views Story completed

Nothing's Gonna Stop Us

Non Verified story A Romantic Story wherein...
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Behind the curtain: party animal (Book 3)

Non Verified story In "behind the curtain: party animal" Amilia starling, a girl at everdale high, goes to a party with the one and only Ethan Kingsley! The self proclaimed king of the school, but Trust me, you should never take chances, with a king. Join seraphina and amilia as they explore the ups and downs of high school life! With, drama, romance, and humor! …
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Alex- Book One A story of the Apocalypse (M/M)

Seven months after arrival, the world is officially, on its knees. In a time of violence, cut communications, peril and alien menace, humanity has been swept up in a war between warring factions, heralded as everything from the end of days, to a holy war between God and the Devil. Alex is pretty sure it's all bullshit; that there's nothing holy or…
7 CHAPTERS 520 views 8 3 New chapter Every week

Behind The Curtain: Home Sick (Book 2)

Non Verified story In behind the curtain: home sick, our main protagonist, amilia, is sick! And seraphina has to take care of her.
3 CHAPTERS 26 views New chapter Everyday

Behind The Curtain: the first semester (Book one)

Non Verified story A highschool girl at everdale high is crushing on a boy, and she thinks she must change her self so he can notice her, but her transition wouldnt be easy, little did she know, this was only the beginning of her journey. Come and join in on the fun as amilia finds love, pain, and most importantly, herself! This is the first book of this series, an…
3 CHAPTERS 60 views Story completed

The Red Rose M/M

Strapped for cash, Ryan makes the plunge into the world of the Red Rose, where one Special Interest night could make or break his life, living alone in a new city. Can one night change your fortune? Is love real, or just a pipe dream? What happens if your love turns out to be three tyrants out for their own good night on the strip? Ryan was pretty…
7 CHAPTERS 681 views 6 1 New chapter Every week

That high school kind of love

Non Verified story Story about two girls loving each other
4 CHAPTERS 79 views New chapter Every week

Our Love Story

Non Verified story It is an omegaveres novel+ bl
28 CHAPTERS 15.5k views 54 3 New chapter Every 30 days


A young girl who is alone meets a beautiful woman while taking a walk to her end. The woman is tended to kill the girl but finds out what her life is like and changes her mind. TW's Sucidal thoughts Suicide attempt Eating disorder Depression Self harm (SH) Abuse
#2 in LGBT+ 18 CHAPTERS 25.5k views 48 24 Story completed

Behind closed doors (the president's secret)

Non Verified story In the most prestigious residence in the land, youngest elected president in history, David Hernandez discovers an unexpected refuge from the chaos of his office-a secret, passionate romance with his enigmatic personal bodyguard, Benjamin. Their love burns brightly behind closed doors, hidden from the prying eyes of the world. As the President o…
9 CHAPTERS 272 views 9 In progress

Investigating Love

After the death of her fiance, Fiona becomes lonely until she meets and falls for Tamara. Tamara works as an undercover detective to find the culprit behind the death. Little did she know that she will be investigating the love her life. —Tamara wanted to take part in the auditions more than anything. When she had not, fate had still a better ch…
26 CHAPTERS 23.3k views 30 3 New chapter Every Saturday

who fled with a sinister reputation

Non Verified story 123
1 chapter 208 views New chapter Everyday
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Ropes and Lace | M/M Romance

Ashton Walker is a professional photographer. Introverted and somewhat awkward in his social interactions, his idea of the perfect job is natural landscapes or pleasant events where his presence goes unnoticed by others. Currently unemployed and with pending debts, he sighs in relief when he discovers an email for a new opportunity, but... the las…
17 CHAPTERS 27.7k views 10 31 New chapter Every 30 days

She's My Kind Of Country

Non Verified story A time and place for a new spark of romance. Amber felt lonely when she lost her wife Sarah to cancer. That all changed when she met this redheaded woman Natalie that brought everything pure light into their new found life. Amber suffers a lot of problems that leads to Natalie being unsure and where she would stand in Amber's life. Until they a…
30 CHAPTERS 745 views 30 Story completed

To Renee With Love (A Lesbian Story)

Non Verified story Renee Michelle Calhoun is a 34 year old woman who have a big heart for teaching children in preschool, she loves her job so much and she’s been a teacher for 25 years now, she was on her way to the library to see what book she wanted to read tonight, as she was looking through the books, she saw the librarian 37 year old Samantha Willow Parker loo…
2 CHAPTERS 1.9k views 2 1 New chapter Every 30 days

The Girl From The Other Balcony

Nicole has just landed her first job as an intern at a well-known magazine and has therefore had to move from her small town to the big city. On the first day in her new home, she finds Giselle, her neighbor from the apartment next door to her, sitting and drawing on the other balcony. Nicole is immediately fascinated by that beautiful and mysteri…
23 CHAPTERS 13.3k views 21 17 New chapter Every week

A Coffee Shop Romance

Non Verified story Who doesn't love a delightful cup of coffee to start the day? As a barista Juliet has plenty of regulars but Ashlyn is far from regular. With her books to read while enjoying her coffee and her smile that lights up the room. She's the best part of Juliet's mornings. Will today be the day Juliet makes her move and lets Ashlyn know how she feels? …
13 CHAPTERS 611 views 13 Story completed

Rainbow Kilt Symbolism: Beyond Colors, What Does It Convey?

Non Verified story In this article, we'll delve into the fascinating world of rainbow kilts and explore the layers of meaning they convey.
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Summer Lovin'

Non Verified story Cammie had one thing in mind when arriving in Florida. A beautiful beach, a nice hotel, and a love of the summer air. That all comes to a halt when she meets Jessie. Jessie is happy being single and free. She had no set plans on settling. Settling was far from her mind when coming across a beautiful woman named Cammie that would set her world on …
10 CHAPTERS 649 views 10 Story completed

Jana & Angel (Older Version 2016-2018)

Non Verified story Seeing her as more than just a friend would drive my heart wild. She is special to me in every way, let's call her Jana. She has no idea what she makes me feel inside. I have known her a little over two years but it feels like forever even when we talk every day and it's not like we haven't planned to see each other again. It has been in my mind…
28 CHAPTERS 747 views 28 Story completed

Mafia's eternity

Non Verified story ' why are you following me ' ' am not following you am just shopping with you fairy ' ' same think STAR KANWAT ' ' NOPE not a same thing ' ' what do you want star ' ' you ' ' not gonna happen' ' you sure ' ' yes' ' super sure ' star ask with a rise eyebrow and little smirk on lip ' ye... Yes and why are you so close to me ' This is a story about S…
2 CHAPTERS 1.1k views 2 New chapter Every week

The Chat Professor

Non Verified story What if you have an online friend you've never met in your life, but you have feelings for each other? And what if that one friend is suddenly your new professor in the new school year? A love story between two friends, or a love story between a professor and his student.
6 CHAPTERS 2.3k views 6 1 New chapter Every week

girlfriends and butterflies

Non Verified story Mallori Knox is a 3rd-year repeat who is a well-known team player who doesn’t care for school and likes to party. She could care less about people's feelings and how it affects them. Kraven Stinson is the definition of perfect. A first-year college kid. she’s super smart, cares for everyone, and has never been in a relationship. She does everythin…
2 CHAPTERS 550 views 2 New chapter Every week