The imperfect plan

Non Verified story Two geeky teenagers set out to conquer the two most popular guys at school, but soon they'll realize that things weren't as they imagined, and their course of action will take a different turn from what they originally planned.
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Loving Clay

Non Verified story From being a hunter to having an owner, Kreitton finds himself within the Flaverian household, abandoning a life he once called his own, leaving his family and clan behind. His spite for the power-hungry Romans grows each second he breathes, but fate has always had its way. Maximus, on the other hand, has all a free man wants. Being a favorite of…
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Forbidden Happiness: True Love Nearly Missed

Part of the Universe of Romantical Tyrst Gaia Non Verified story An unexpected romance kindles between two women who never thought that their close friendship was anything more than platonic. But when one suffers from a broken heart and leans on her friend for comfort they soon realize their close friendship is laced with a ferocious love. The sparks ignite and the embers of chemistry they had smothered for the…
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A Man After My Own Heart

Two boys, both from the wrong side of the tracks. Leo is trying to make it in a foreign country. Alone, with a sick, illegal immigrant mother and at just seventeen years old, a lucky break wouldn't hurt. He has a gift for writing, and it looks like things are looking up for him when there's a writing competition to win a scholarship to one of the…
1 chapter 59 views New chapter Every 2 days

Hunted- A Dark Take on A Classic (M+M Werewolf/Post Apocalyptic)

Non Verified story In a time of shifting dynamics fueled by instinct, bloodlust, sex and hair-trigger decisions to be made, Aiden Gallagher remains human in a world dominated by those who see him as nothing more as a thing to be owned, eaten, or killed. Separated from allies and friends both by time and circumstance, Aiden returns to a wild Wyoming in a bid to rec…
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Scarlet Raven

Non Verified story Gothic Tale of Love and Investigation" is an intoxicating blend of mystery and romance, horror and gothic aesthetics. It serves as a testament to the power of embracing differences, believing in the impossible, and creating an everlasting love that flourishes within the shadows of the unknown. This tale of love, the supernatural, and discovering o…
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Alex- Book One A story of the Apocalypse (M/M)

Seven months after arrival, the world is officially, on its knees. In a time of violence, cut communications, peril and alien menace, humanity has been swept up in a war between warring factions, heralded as everything from the end of days, to a holy war between God and the Devil. Alex is pretty sure it's all bullshit; that there's nothing holy or…
#3 in LGBT+ 13 CHAPTERS 7.2k views 18 12 New chapter Every week

The Red Rose M/M

Strapped for cash, Ryan makes the plunge into the world of the Red Rose, where one Special Interest night could make or break his life, living alone in a new city. Can one night change your fortune? Is love real, or just a pipe dream? What happens if your love turns out to be three tyrants out for their own good night on the strip? Ryan was pretty…
37 CHAPTERS 7.5k views 8 4 New chapter Every week

Forbidden Love

She has a girlfriend she's in love with, but she's fallen for another girl -Maureen- who has a boyfriend. Now she's torn between two people. Would she tell her girlfriend? Would they make it work or would their love fade? Based on a true story.
13 CHAPTERS 17.7k views 27 16 New chapter Every 30 days

Ropes and Lace | M/M Romance

Ashton Walker is a professional photographer. Introverted and somewhat awkward in his social interactions, his idea of the perfect job is natural landscapes or pleasant events where his presence goes unnoticed by others. Currently unemployed and with pending debts, he sighs in relief when he discovers an email for a new opportunity, but... the las…
21 CHAPTERS 37.7k views 11 33 New chapter Every 30 days

Young Emperor

Non Verified story In the captivating BL series "Young Emperor," meet Zosho, a high school student at Royal Highschool who goes by the nickname Zoz. His life takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with the young empress's son, Alico Giho. Little does Zoz know, Alico has long been harboring secret feelings for him. As Zoz navigates the challenges of school, …
3 CHAPTERS 167 views 2 1 New chapter Every Friday

Keeping Her A Secret Sacred Heart Series: Book 1

Non Verified story Kassidy is a sweet preacher's daughter that has to keep who she is a complete secret. See in the Bible it is a bad idea to be attracted to the same-sex. When you go to an all girls school that causes issues. A new girl comes to town when her world is shaken with her first love interest, can she keep Arianna a secret from everyone? Arianna isn't f…
15 CHAPTERS 337 views Story completed

Pulpy ❦ Orange

Non Verified story Suffering a heartbreak is just the beginning for Iris Ferweather
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Non Verified story Callum would rather spend his life running away than have to face the guilts and sorrows of his past. It's a good life too, up until recently he's had no complaints. It all changed during one full moon in Sunshine, Colorado. All Noah wants is to live a quiet, peaceful life. Unfortunately, the stronger his magic becomes the more tempting the dark …
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Straddle Carriermarket Focus on Opportunities, Development Strategy, Future Plans, and Trends by Forecast 2030

Non Verified story The latest market research service from The Insight Partners is called " Straddle Carrier Market Share, Size Analysis| 2030" The business focuses on consulting and syndicated market research. The research firm is helping Straddle Carrier market investors by providing both qualitative and quantitative data through this study.
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What Are Silly Tavern Characters?

Non Verified story Explore the whimsical world of Silly Tavern Characters, their comedic impact on storytelling, and tips for creators in crafting these quirky personas.
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Motor Graders Market Share, Gross Margin, Production and Consumption Analysis, by Top Manufacturers 2030

Non Verified story The latest market research service from The Insight Partners is called " Motor Graders Market Share, Size Analysis| 2030" The business focuses on consulting and syndicated market research. The research firm is helping Motor Graders market investors by providing both qualitative and quantitative data through this study.
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To Renee With Love (A Lesbian Story)

Non Verified story Renee Michelle Calhoun is a 34 year old woman who have a big heart for teaching children in preschool, she loves her job so much and she’s been a teacher for 25 years now, she was on her way to the library to see what book she wanted to read tonight, as she was looking through the books, she saw the librarian 37 year old Samantha Willow Parker loo…
3 CHAPTERS 7.2k views 2 1 New chapter Every Sunday

Lost and Stranded

Non Verified story A fighter pilot, named Ryan Hathorn, is lost in space with his cremate Sam Hinks. In attempts to escape from an enemy ship they flee to a nearby planet where they are pulled into a planet similar to earth which they soon realize is their prison. As they attempt to escape they soon learn their true feelings for each other. I'm a new Author, all f…
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Ender 5 Enclosure: 7 Best Options to Buy

Non Verified story If you're a proud owner of an Ender 5 3D printer, you probably know that it's a remarkable machine capable of bringing your 3D printing dreams to life. However, to truly unlock its potential and improve the quality of your prints, you might want to consider investing in an enclosure. An enclosure not only provides environmental stability but als…
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gray, red

Non Verified story Amidst a backdrop of alcohol, cigarettes, and passionate gazes, Felipe keeps the name of the boy who captured his heart a secret. In gatherings with friends, he navigates through shades of gray and red, aware that he is immersed in a complex human event.
11 CHAPTERS 603 views 11 1 Story completed

S.E.L "Union in the Darkness".

Beyond capture. The unexpected connection between the captor and the captive. The forbidden link, which blurs the limits of rationality.
4 CHAPTERS 817 views 3 New chapter Every Friday

When They Kissed

Non Verified story Vivianne Ferris just graduated college in California and recently landed her first job as a big shot corporate attorney. When her parents decide to throw an impromptu family reunion she expects it to be the same privileged, stuffy people she has grown up abhorring her entire life. The same people she flew thousands of miles to get away from. What …
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The Importance of Having a Tax and Estate Lawyer Review Business Contracts with Tax Implications

Non Verified story Tax laws are constantly evolving, and businesses must stay compliant with the latest regulations
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Becomes A lesbian

Non Verified story Joy, a village girl pursuing education in the city, shares a close bond with her cousin Esther. Their joyful entrance into university takes a turn when Esther's behavior becomes increasingly uncomfortable. As Joy explores a relationship with Chucks, Esther's jealousy surfaces, leading to a shocking encounter in a restroom. The story takes an unexp…
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Really Yours

Non Verified story Inell and Brittni are made for each other, or so they thought. With a long lasted relationship, they go through heartbreaks and pain like no other when there is cheating, separation and blackmailing. They are really for each other, or, will things change?
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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Market Emerging Trends, Company Profile, Historical Analysis, Trends and Growth Factors by Forecast 2030

Non Verified story "Market Research on Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Market - Growth Rate, Market Share & Size" is the name research released by The Insight Partners and is now out for purchase. The business focuses on consulting and specializes in syndicated market research. The company is assisting Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) market investors by …
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Poultry Keeping Machinery Market Emerging Trends, Company Profile, Historical Analysis, Trends and Growth Factors by Forecast 2030

Non Verified story The Insight Partners Announces release of latest market assessment- “Global Poultry Keeping Machinery Market Research| 2030 Year” This Report offers an exhaustive evaluation of a range of business environment factors impacting market participants. The market information introduced inside this report is assimilated and reliant on a few strategies, …
1 chapter 816 views In progress
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