My Father's Journals

Javier and Emily are devastated after their parents' death. Two separate events, two completely different situations, but with the same grim consequences. They return home, grief-stricken, dejected, and overwhelmed, to fulfill their last wishes. Among the boxes full of belongings collected through their lost lives, they come across a series of j...
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Non Verified story 36. The number of years it took a particular set of players to develop the character you'll either love or hate.
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Separate body and soul as water and oil.
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My philosophical ideas

Non Verified story This book represents a journey through the world through meditation.
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Skies populated with constellations that are what they are from this tiny point of view that is Earth. Twelve zodiac signs. Twelve ways of being that combine without merging at all. Twelve important pieces and one more left over without seeming to be missing in an even number model. It will be objected that this is not a habitual order, its way ...
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Body Dysmorphic Disorder; Why your self confidence matters

Non Verified story A blog that could possibly help you love yourself, in the process of relating to the feeling of self-hate.
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The Broken Wings of Forgiveness

In the search for the unknown enemy, Michael comes across something more powerful than what he can handle. Driven by a vengeful spirit, he seeks for help from someone he feels would have been in a better position to stop the tragedy that befalls him. The battle he faces brings him to a crossroad, now he must choose between his purpose and desire.
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train trucks

Non Verified story you...
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Historias para el Atardecer

Non Verified story El atardecer tiene aroma a vida .........
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★·.·´¯`·.·★ HE IS OMNISCIENCE ]★·.·´¯`·.·★

Non Verified story Omniscience. Noun: omniscience |óm'ni-shuns| The state of being omniscient; having infinite knowledge. With this ability, God showed me how one area of bad can affect the whole body!
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My philosophical ideas 2

Non Verified story This book represents a journey through the world through meditation.
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Biography on Asha Parekh

Non Verified story Biography on Asha Parekh
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Dos muertes y un amor

Non Verified story Amarse
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A letter to my friend

Non Verified story Esta es una carta que le escribí a mi mejor amigo, alguien muy especial. Espero haber plasmado lo importante que es para mí.
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The Properties of Uniformitarianism

The truth about the weirdos.
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One step at a time

A true story about an overweight woman who started training for a marathon with Oprah's trainer.
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A Gift of Aloha, Ahava, and Love

My brother Kealiihoomalu Kealohapauole wrote this book. I am a humble typist. I am mentioned in the book too. Enjoy the names of God witnessed by my brother.
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Personal Blog

Non Verified story This story is about my personal spiritual practices
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Hate of nothing

Non Verified story It may look professional but it's gonna be bad
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A pandemic letter

Non Verified story Short letter about pandemic feelings
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My Exceptional Sister

I always knew my sister was outstanding. I was not prepared to see how exceptional she was until the last day I saw her.
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A bit of metaphysics

Non Verified story This book is intended to understand the metaphysical meaning of the universe.
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A sincere cover letter…

Non Verified story A cover letter I’d really like to submit in job applications...
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Non Verified story If our eyes are not focused it can not accurately describe the scenes in view. A united vision see with singleness of mind body soul and spirit.
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| Finding You |

Non Verified story " Why does life hurt us so much? More than we can bear?..." Hayah looked into Saira's eyes as she asked the most dreading question in her mind. Saira smiled at her and squeezed her hand gently. " Baby, Life breaks us down, only to show us who we really are.." ____________________________ Saira Abdul Azeez, a psychologist by profession, is the...
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Non Verified story If you are being fed and cared for why do ask for more? To stone the tree while it provides for you is greed!
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My Life: Adventures and Misadventures

Non Verified story This blog is about my life. I'll be updating every Sunday, to keep you up to date with the latest happenings. Make sure to give this a like, a review and follow!!!
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