The Black Cat

The narrator is consumed by guilt about he's done, but he is not consciuos about its weight of his guilt, insisting that he is not bothered by this, and it's manifested in subconscious ways, He sees a vision of a cat in a noose in the ruined remains of this burned down house.
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Sugnan's wife was a ghost.
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Mark of the Devil

Non Verified story Veronica is a 17 year old girl who just moved into a new town with her family into a big mansion, she tries to explore it with her new friends and plays a paranormal game where she gets curse by the devil, in order to break the curse Veronica has to reverse the game in the exact same time and place, if not she will die. Do you think she'll make ...
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Lora- The Curse of 10th

Non Verified story The curse of 10th! Read the story till end to gain amazement.
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Non Verified story 1 story out of multiple
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A Dangerous Love Story

Non Verified story Shikar (A Dangerous Love Story ) Book 1 The story that sweeps through time, Story about love and dignity. Story about a young girl who is mysteriously webbed in her past life, how her own life suffocates her to death and how she manages to escape and fight the evil... She was rich, beautiful, the most lovable girl in the town. She helped her...
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The oak plantation (true story)

Non Verified story A horror photo shoot! True story
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The Horror Story

Non Verified story The Story is full of tanginess and a shortened drama...!
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The dead is alive

Non Verified story This book is about the dead coming alive I say the dead is alive because it is the words that are in my mouth are true if u don't don't believe than leave because my heart wont cry out to u
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Blood and coffee

Non Verified story Hell was too hot even for the devil so she ended up asking for a cold brew coffee every time a new saw came in the hell. When this happened she asked one of her minions to go and get the coffee from the morrow world disguised as a human to go and get her a coffee as she drank her coffee down to were tormented and she took a sip. 30 chapters wort...
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Strange Infection

Non Verified story My screaming aches in my ears, pinching needles pierce in my skin, my nauseated stomach swirls with doubt, hate, pain I never felt before… I shake the needles, twist my body, anything to get rid of them, but they won’t release, they keep pressuring my skin… pinching my skin… an endless nightmare. +++ Our lives depended on them to save us, but th...
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Nightmares, Unlocking the Truth!

Non Verified story A lady named Mazing is living in Church of the NIghtmares where it is a custom to talk Crypticly. So no matter what she says it has to be scary to others. Sometimes she feels very scared and frighted to be there. The story is called. Nightmares, Unlocking the Truth.
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The little girl and other stories

Non Verified story These are including urban myths and horror stories and creepy pastors that I have created out of my own head. From my own comorbid and complex PTSD I use this to create horror stories and creepypasta Instead of feeling sorry for myself for being self-destructive. You owe me things like the little girl and fire balls and many other little horrif...
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Hangry 28 days later

Non Verified story 20 different siren head short stories there are either leave you laughing or leave your scared shit less depending on the version. This is my real imagination of siren head by Trevor Henderson and I am a big fan of siren head so there is this book hand 28 days later. Full ofsiren head shorts. Enjoy the Creepypasta as I have writing it
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The ghosts and other stories

Non Verified story These are including urban myths and horror stories and creepy pastors that I have created out of my own head. From my own comorbid and complex PTSD I use this to create horror stories and creepypasta Instead of feeling sorry for myself for being self-destructive. You owe me things like the ghosts the ghost dog and many other little horrific stor...
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Psychological Vibes

Tiny literary tests of my vocabulary, attempting to bring my best to make psychological horror pieces and some suspense in the process. Mainly made as a hobby and not as my main project.
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Native Blood: The Cursed Planet

Non Verified story Elias Pendergast, leader of a company of mercenary hunters on an alien planet, uncovers a deadly rebel plot on the eve of a holy native holiday–and finds that his teenage brother Adam has disappeared to an illegal underground party that same night. (Rated R / Mature Readers Only) Latest Draft. May Contain Errors. ***Undergoing live revisions/edi...
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Eine unangenehme Stille

Non Verified story WARNING, this story is not for a public under 18. This story initially tells us the journey into the unknown of a person who sees a distorted reality from a perspective that may or may not be literal. As the event unravels, another vision occurs towards the original form of modern darkness.
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Non Verified story It's about five teenagers that went to a thematic park!
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In the Mind Part 2

During the summer of 2019, what was thought to be a pleasant family weekend took a dark turn. The thing that happened during that weekend deeply scarred the family around them, especially the only witness to it which was a child named Elijah. Through the deep and mental breaking of Elijah, his brother and mother find it difficult to cope with bo...
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Black Magic Specialist Astrologer

Non Verified story Black Magic Specialist Astrologer makes every person to do use the astrology and make everything better. It is possible for a person now to make their life better even after getting affected with this. Thus a person must have to use the black magic very carefully. call (+91-9872114288)
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Black Magic Removal Specialist

Non Verified story Any problem will no longer stay in your life just with simple use of black magic. Real black magic specialist himself never gives these remedies if there is no requirement. He always clears the dirt from the mind and helps to bring clean thoughts. Call now (+91-9780908761)
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Thorn Valley

Non Verified story The people succumb to their wishes. The wishes create monsters. The monsters kill people. The people succumb to their wishes The wishes...
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Secrets hidden, pasts forgot, and a mystery unsolved. But not for long.
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the roamer, tales of horror and madness

Non Verified story a collection of horror stories
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Blood psychology

Non Verified story Life gives us challenges in life that we must overcome, each one decides how to do it. This is the story of a 5-year-old girl who went through a series of tragic events
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No translation is necessary for horror

Horror is a universal language...
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A Rainy Night

Non Verified story A young man was invited to coffee by a mysterious woman.
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