U.S. Military Fighter Planes

Part of the Universe of The Universe of History Non Verified story History of the American fighter jets
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Part of the Universe of The Universe of History Non Verified story It's Medusa
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Genesis 1.1 Unlocked A Jewish Perspective.

A deep & in depth look at the esoteric & Kabbalistic meaning behind the the first verse of the Bible, Genesis 1.1. This book will delve into understanding the intricacies of the original language & ancient intentions. This is an esoteric biblical commentary to help unlock the 1st verse of the Bible in a way never experienced from outside the Cha…
#1 in Historical 10 CHAPTERS 4.2k views 17 12 Story completed

Alliance Of Kingdoms — World

Non Verified story In the middle of the 17th century there was a vast region, a continent known as Hugeland, where powerful and unshakable kingdoms were hegemony in conquests and domination of territories. In territorial volume and socioeconomic influence was the most important of both, the kingdom of mountains ruled by the wise and dreaded King Michael Lewis IV, wh…
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Why Do We Celebrate Ramadan & Eid?

Ramadan & Eid explained
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damn coronavirus

Non Verified story I will tell you how I lived the covid and how I am living it
2 CHAPTERS 6.2k views 2 2 In progress

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A Plot To Kill A Prince

When London's most notorious and cunning gang leader forms an alliance with a bloodthirsty group of rebels, his 17 year old daughter Karilla is ordered to go undercover as a debutante in the Prince's upcoming Season. Disguised as the daughter of a foreign ambassador, Karilla's job is to get into the very heart of the palace and stage an "accident"…
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My experience working at home

Non Verified story In this story you will read about my experience working at home!
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Non Verified story (beta) some content is subject to change.
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Non Verified story Follow Tim Curran as he tracks down a gang of the meanest outlaws in the county the wild ones
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Help, My Family is Not Normal

Non Verified story About a daughter of a wealthy family finally figures out why her family is so weird. She finds out a dirty secret that her family has been hiding from her..
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Alternate History Adventures

Non Verified story What if Lincoln survived his assassin? For example. Have stories with Original characters and Historical characters from the real world as well. Both timelines and Stories are encouraged. Prepare to make alternate history come true with a story!
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Atta muhammad nur

Non Verified story Atta muhammad nur
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Hunefer - From Slavery to Richness

Non Verified story The story of an Egyptian Slave who would become free and rich.
2 CHAPTERS 1.8k views New chapter Every week

soap wiff love

Non Verified story Established 2020. We started this line of skincare products, with raw & fresh ingredients, infused with organic essential and CBD oils. All of our products are chemical and cruelty free. We do our best to provide recycled goods. Please feel free to inquire about each product and the benefits of using it.
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Non Verified story Power and revenge
1 chapter 2.6k views New chapter Every Wednesday

Military history of India since independence

Non Verified story Military history of India since independence
17 CHAPTERS 2.3k views New chapter Every Friday

TITANIC: A Night Never Forgotten

Non Verified story A short overview of the sinking of Titanic
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Vocation journey

Non Verified story Formation
2 CHAPTERS 1.5k views New chapter Every Sunday

Queen Alexandra Victoria

Story based on Queen Victoria's life Queen of United Kingdom Great Britain and Northern Ireland's life
19 CHAPTERS 3.0k views 19 7 Story completed

The History Of Jade : The Emperor's Stone

Non Verified story The History Of Jade: The Emperor's Stone is a Chinese is a gem or also known as the "Royal Gem".
2 CHAPTERS 677 views New chapter Everyday

The Bremen Town Musicians

Non Verified story I know you all have read this story, the Bremen Musicians before but have you ever imagined it in real life before. In my version of the story I will highlight all of them out. All the behaviours of the animals the donkey, cat, hen and dog. What did do they for their master to maltreat them? Did they ran for real? How did they even ran out their …
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The Ummah The 1st Book Of The Canaanites Nation

Non Verified story This book identify all of the stories of the Uma of the messenger 1400 years ago.
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Rosey the evil mirror

Non Verified story This is a short story about a women who succumbed to death during the 1880's holding her mother's mirror.. but thousands of years later a man called Jason found the mirror near his house and hell broke loose
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The Holy Recessions

Non Verified story Truth of wisdom and knowledge
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Untold Story of Ghana's Independence

Non Verified story Independence
2 CHAPTERS 1.1k views 1 New chapter Every Saturday

On The Edge Of England

Non Verified story Questioning The Third Reich is dangerous...Desertion is deadly! Dietrich Hoffman deserts his Fatherland in the midst of World War Two and crashes on the coast of an enemy country. Taken in by a family who has no thought of who he is, he knows his life rests in the mercy of his enemies. After his identity is revealed and enemy soldiers arrive at…
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Non Verified story a story of the youtuber OverSimplified
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