Echo: Genesis (1)

In the depths of space, a human stumbled upon quite the discovery. Dradonoids, or "draconians", as he liked to call them. They possessed superhuman abilities that piqued his interest. Slowly but surely, using the superpowers that the draconians possessed, the organization known as Basilisk was born. Javaya was a part of a handful of other drac...
22 CHAPTERS 11.1k views 7 11 Story completed

The Comet

This is a story about a law student named Phillip Cohen, working with one of the finest Law firm in bright city, Getting the Job at Hollowsy's law firm, Phillip soon discovers one night a red glow over the city sky that extraordinary changes his life forever
1 chapter 2.2k views 1 New chapter Every week

Kressley's Krusaders

A story of mercenary, Mark Kressley, his best friend, and his half-sister. Find out what life is like in the 22nd Century. Is it really so much different for man once the stars are reached?
10 CHAPTERS 4.5k views 3 1 Story completed

The Remains of Earth That Was

After what seemed like the usual human lifestyle, something horrific changed the world right before their eyes. As a blazing blue comet hurtles down to earth, it destroys a huge amount of the human population, leaving the remainder of the human race confused. Five friends must adapt to the new earth with dangerous unknowns and a search for survi...
5 CHAPTERS 1.8k views 3 In progress

The Surge Project

An outsider, a fugitive, this is what they all call me, I'm something, which no one will understand, the one they want to kill, they will never capture me... they will never know my secrets. Who I am, why I am, who I am... they will never win...
3 CHAPTERS 2.8k views In progress

Other Side

A new government ruled the world, there was no escaping their policies, and there was no point in trying to deny their rules. My kind, the Varian’s, were held in prison for many generations because of their special abilities, and never was given any rights. I was their leader; I was brave, stupid, and naïve, I believed we could make it; I forced...
2 CHAPTERS 2.4k views New chapter Every Thursday

Altered System

The Year is 2063, the Department of Human Resources and the Department of Homeland Security have come together to begin “Project Light”. The means of the project? To continue the studies of the MK ULTRA Project - this time, trying to transmit the conscience from the present to the future. While doing these experiments, the scientists give a pati...
2 CHAPTERS 9.0k views 6 3 New chapter Every week


He wakes up in a heavy rain, just to learn the water has taken away his past. in his quest for the truth, he enters in a city so cold and hostile it could well be another planet. Should he regain his identity or just let it drain down the sewer?
3 CHAPTERS 9.7k views 1 Story completed

The HACK Team (English)

Part of the Universe of XAE Four friends from different parts of the world get together in a video-game that is going to take them through different adventures on virtual reality. Story created for the challenge “The Adventurer” of The Author’s Cup.
3 CHAPTERS 12.2k views 10 12 In progress

Condor CBD Gummies 100% Real & Effective Must Read Before Buy?

Non Verified story Condor CBD Gummies - In today's article we are going to review the most popular CBD Gummies among U.S. known as Condor CBD Gummies. In this post we will cover what is Condor CBD Gummies, How this gummies works, Benefits, pros and cons and alternatives.
1 chapter 70 views Story completed
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Part of the Universe of ParalefikZland Non Verified story From the Alternative Paths collection. Three allegorical tales about the implications of universal travels appear before Áigen and Yelái. They decide to visit some very peculiar entities to get their opinion about these tales, experiencing at the same time different ways of facing fictions and realities.
3 CHAPTERS 199 views In progress

Hillstone CBD Gummies

Non Verified story Like other CBD supplements, this didn't contain THC substances along these lines, you won't get any psychoactive action.
1 chapter 16 views Story completed
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Oros CBD Gummies Benefits,Ingredients,side effects and Is it legitor Does it Really Work Shark TankReviews [HOAX OR SCAM]{Update 2022}-, What To Know Before Using It??

Non Verified story Oros CBD Gummies - You plan to recuperate just as truly feel over and above anyone's expectations previously! However when you are encountering steady medical conditions, it tends to be hard to feel your ideal.
1 chapter 4 views Story completed
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Keto Blast Gummies Reviews (Shocking Exposed 2022) –! Read This Breakthrough Formula! Know More Before Buy

Non Verified story Keto Blast Gummies, Keto Blast Gummies Reviews, Keto Blast Gummies Offer, Keto Blast Gummies Price, Keto Blast Gummies Scam, Keto Blast Gummies Working, Where To Buy Keto Blast Gummies, https://...
1 chapter 17 views New chapter Every Wednesday
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Non Verified story To inspiration to those people been abused& keep quiet about it thinking they can't leave without those ABUSIVE partners.and those grow up been poor thinking if you poor you won't success in life.never allow anyone to chatted your dream,the best thing don't share your plans with anyone, they will give you doubts.believe in your self with God any...
29 CHAPTERS 3.0k views 5 2 New chapter Every 2 days

The Incredible Shrinking Dave Seville of Third Edition Series

Non Verified story My beloved newlyweds husband Dave Seville been contaminated by radioactive waste goo causes him to shrink down into a miniaturization size and help solve problems and discovers on his third edition adventure episode season.
3 CHAPTERS 2.9k views New chapter Every 30 days

Cyber Wild West

Non Verified story San Perinado, Texas. 2115
1 chapter 293 views New chapter Every 30 days

Rise of Moreamus

Non Verified story Matt Moreamus was a game designer from 1999 who fell victim to his game and the creation of the game has warped his mind to a super villain. Marcius found the game in 2370 and he was walking home with game in hand when he ran into his crush and her brother and offered for them to come and play it and they followed him back to his house where the...
2 CHAPTERS 691 views Story completed

Doty Whinnchesphere | Hiper Born Parabellum

Non Verified story One summer night just like anyother in the CERN particle acelerator, becomes self over natural, but by the other hand an amazingly beautiful espectacle, repently, begining to liberate a mix of fisical and cuantic energy semi created on a massive storm in the sweden skies all around on a great distance by the landscape. It just destroing the CER...
767 views New chapter Every week

G - 2

Part of the Universe of G - 2 Non Verified story The world after the connection between human brain and Internet is considered - "G - 2" that means - Globe - 2 or, Generation - 2. In this fantasy I will show my dream as well as imagination to create a different world for peace and development of all the people of the world.
7 CHAPTERS 7.3k views 1 New chapter Every Tuesday

The Artificial Man

2 CHAPTERS 1.1k views New chapter Every Monday

Blood bone

Non Verified story A new scary dinosaur book I’m working on
1 chapter 2.1k views New chapter Every Saturday

My fever dream

Non Verified story A story set in future year 2142. After the daily education process session, a boy goes to play some games on his full virtual engagement + partial sensual stimulus gaming device. He discovers a new cool game, where you have to build ships out of scraps and try to cross a shallow sea with lots of obstacles. Here he meets new friends and enemies, ...
1 chapter 1.5k views New chapter Every week

Ojuma's gift

Non Verified story Juma was not special he didn't think so, he just didn't like a lot of things other boys his age did.
4 CHAPTERS 2.7k views New chapter Every Sunday


Non Verified story The consequences of the online plasma fibroblast training – Skin Tightening Training/Plasma Pen Treatment are noticeable following the treatment, however we need to illuminate the customer that the most extreme outcomes will be apparent following 3 a month when the skin enters the third period of the recuperating – collagen and connective tissue...
1 chapter 1.7k views In progress
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Non Verified story Super hero short book
Short tale 2.2k views In progress

The End Journal

Non Verified story A survivor of an Earth Invasion decides to document events in a journal
1 chapter 1.9k views New chapter Every week

Future of tomorrow's past

Non Verified story Still working on 1st chapter
1 chapter 2.2k views 1 New chapter Every 30 days