The HACK Team (English)

Part of the Universe of XAE Four friends from different parts of the world get together in a video-game that is going to take them through different adventures on virtual reality. Story created for the challenge “The Adventurer” of The Author’s Cup.
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Yggdrasil Project

In the far-flung future, the Yggdrasil project was created to save what was left of humanity, but with corruption reaching the top and stagnation halting the project, it's up to an unlikely resident to take up the mantle of the founders and raise the tower even higher.
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Skyland Falls - Book 1

In a deceivingly picturesque world, where supernatural ruins stand as silent witnesses to The Fall, and isolated survivors carve out a fragile existence, Lily, a sheltered young girl finds herself caught between her overprotective father and her unyielding desire for freedom; but when a rogue piece of Pre-Fall technology entices her into a deadly …
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Empty Chamber

Private investigator Art Dane is approached by a client under the orders of a government funded facility which undergoes unknown operations to find information on an unknown person, but not everything is as it seems as contradictories arise from discovery of the truth.
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R.P.G (Royal Palidan Generation)

Royal Palidan Generation Is an online V.R. experience that was (and is) all the rage with teenagers and young adults. So much so that faculty of certain schools were prompted to use its technology in academics. This didn't go over so well with the school board in many countries so, students and teachers from all around the world went on their own …
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Part of the Universe of ParalefikZland From the Alternative Paths collection. Three allegorical tales about the implications of universal travels appear before Áigen and Yelái. They decide to visit some very peculiar entities to get their opinion about these tales, experiencing at the same time different ways of facing fictions and realities.
10 CHAPTERS 8.2k views 1 Story completed

The Remains of Earth That Was

After what seemed like the usual human lifestyle, something horrific changed the world right before their eyes. As a blazing blue comet hurtles down to earth, it destroys a huge amount of the human population, leaving the remainder of the human race confused. Five friends must adapt to the new earth with dangerous unknowns and a search for survivo…
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The Comet

This is a story about a law student named Phillip Cohen, working with one of the finest Law firm in bright city, Getting the Job at Hollowsy's law firm, Phillip soon discovers one night a red glow over the city sky that extraordinary changes his life forever
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Kressley's Krusaders

A story of mercenary, Mark Kressley, his best friend, and his half-sister. Find out what life is like in the 22nd Century. Is it really so much different for man once the stars are reached?
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Other Side

A new government ruled the world, there was no escaping their policies, and there was no point in trying to deny their rules. My kind, the Varian’s, were held in prison for many generations because of their special abilities, and never was given any rights. I was their leader; I was brave, stupid, and naïve, I believed we could make it; I forced t…
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The Surge Project

An outsider, a fugitive, this is what they all call me, I'm something, which no one will understand, the one they want to kill, they will never capture me... they will never know my secrets. Who I am, why I am, who I am... they will never win...
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Altered System

The Year is 2063, the Department of Human Resources and the Department of Homeland Security have come together to begin “Project Light”. The means of the project? To continue the studies of the MK ULTRA Project - this time, trying to transmit the conscience from the present to the future. While doing these experiments, the scientists give a patien…
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He wakes up in a heavy rain, just to learn the water has taken away his past. in his quest for the truth, he enters in a city so cold and hostile it could well be another planet. Should he regain his identity or just let it drain down the sewer?
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Non Verified story "Is it reality or imagination?when Mike thought he had escaped and needs to find a way to save those captured, on the journey he learnt he never escaped but was a released dog on trial"
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Non Verified story In the first part of "Inderra," follow the thrilling account of a group of ten crew members aboard a specialized spaceship on a mission to test their mental strength and teamwork. The story takes a dark turn when they discover a dead body on board, launching a series of strange events that lead to paranoia and suspicion among the remaining crew. …
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The Lost Robot

Non Verified story I am lost in this pitiful world and may be gone .
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The Time

Non Verified story The time has come for the subject of time .
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Voices in the Dark

Non Verified story This is an experimental piece of writing for me. In the sense that it exist without any descriptive sentences. Dialogues only. I think that the story has a lot in common with a play. If read as a two person play it kind of works. Please share your thoughts kind reader. Thank you. ----------------------------------------------------------------…
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The Myth of Fate

Non Verified story The Galaxy has been reined in by the Vastrenuth who only rule for their gain. To control all, they released an order, the order to kill all species different from humans. They think they have succeeded but admiss this chaos rose the commission and the Galaxy renowned bounty hunter, Ken’sha Nasir. Slipping underneath the Vastrenuth Ken'sha acts hum…
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Increase your level of sexual enjoyment

Non Verified story I am Dr. I am Briley Davis and I have been serving in medical services and medication for a long time. I have 4-5 years of experience in this field. I always try my best to ensure that patients get good medical treatment and recommend high quality stores for it. At Arrowmeds, we have a customer satisfaction category. We mostly put our customers fi…
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Blood, chips and steel

Non Verified story Blood, Chips, and Steel follows Mia, a mercenary in a cyberpunk universe, as she tries to survive in the dangerous and chaotic city of New Babylon, filled with powerful corporations and street gangs. Mia constantly finds herself in dangerous situations, working for different clients but always staying off the authorities' radar. However, her life…
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How Mobile Apps are Beneficial for Fleet Management?

Non Verified story fleet management might seem to be a pretty simple process. However, the ones working in the field can tell you that it is not the case
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Angelica Zachary: The Talented Hollywood Casting Director

Non Verified story A casting director is responsible for finding and selecting actors for a production. They work closely with the director and producers to find the perfect actors for each role.
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The outer space

Non Verified story The is science fiction story which is happening on the future this will became untrusted when you start reading
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How to Defend Proposal Defence for Your PhD Dissertation?

Non Verified story you have submitted your PhD dissertation proposal. First of all, congratulations on finishing this research-extensive and arduous writing task.
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The Case Of The Missing General

Non Verified story In The Case Of The Missing General, long time investigative reporter Steven J. Stedinger takes the most unusual and controversial case of his career involving the claim that inter-dimensional portals really exist!
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10 Best Tools to Create a Sankey Chart

Non Verified story Sankey charts are some of the most popular data visualization tools available on the web. Given that there are large volumes of data generated everyday, there is a need to convert the data into insights
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The Zodiac - The Battle For Freedom

Non Verified story In the beginning, long ago... before the heavens created the earth, off in the distant star system, a planet known as Chavah gave birth to one of the oldest civilizations in the galaxy. Some cultures called them angels while others, called them gods. The Chavahians eventually raged war among the earth for ten years before condemning themselves to …
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