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The Mirror

(Victorian AU) Clara Oswald is being forced by her stepmother to marry a man she can’t stand, but maybe the Doctor isn’t as unkind as she thinks.
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In The End

Was it all really worth it? The pain. The feelings. The memories. In the End, it's them. ps: there are hidden messages you need to understand. It will be fun. Please note, this story contains mature content.
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Times Have Changed

Bucky and Steve are finally married and the Avengers are retired. But sometimes, life suddenly changes.
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The X-Academy

There are the weirdos and the popular ones. There are the ones who are loved and the ones who are feared. There are the couples and the lonely ones. There are the ones who dream of someone. That’s the Academy’s way. What can unstable teenagers with powers do?
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A matter of feeling

A collection of #Wonderbat shots [Drabble series]
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When Minseok traveled to southern China out of sheer boredom, he never imagined stumbling into a war between two political factions, much less fall into the hands of the mysterious and handsome soldier of indecipherable expressions, Luhan. Now that things were going terribly wrong for the young Korean, what could possibly be worse than getting ...
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(2018) Just a sweet trap

A big and irrefutable scowl, the one that Loki loved the most. It was, of course, Loki’s fault, and he wouldn’t deny it or try to hide it; no, Loki couldn’t be anything but proud of his traps, and it wouldn’t be Thor’s scowl that would change that.
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(2018) Let my arms be your home

He didn’t dare to open his eyes, at that first moment he only wanted to feel Loki as his brother could vanish on the same way he appeared, with no explication, no warnings, no apologies...
Short tale 5328 views 4 7 Story completed

(2018) Miserable choices

And there they were, the worried blue eyes that announced the storm and the fact that Loki would fail again...
Short tale 6169 views 6 8 Story completed

(2018) Secret Pleasure

Loki loved make Thor angry, there’s a secret pleasure on making his brother lose control and start to be who he truly was.
Short tale 5321 views 5 2 Story completed

Crimson Empire

The Dem'Sha lords had been hiding a powerful force sensitive member of their royal family, princess Aydanne. Wanting to secure power and to rise the new Empire on their planet, two of these lords make an alliance with the Supreme Leader, Kylo Ren in order to release her from the temple's prison. Will she stand by him? Cover art by Ben Mcleod (tw...
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Deadly Sin

Red is often used as a symbol of sin, tentation and lust for flesh. In Viktor's eyes it represented his desire for Yuuri. Yuuri couldn't take the mysterious man he met in the pub out of his head. He was given a pair of tickets for a show, so they could get face to face again. Little did he know that getting involved with this man would open doo...
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Yuuri was lost. He don't knew where he was, and he had lost his best friend at all times. But sometimes fate plays tricks, giving us more than just what we were looking for.
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Walk Away

Meeting your cousin's Vine and Youtube famous friends and room mates is actually quite easy. But then Lily Fawn ends up getting feelings for one of her cousins room mates. Elton Castee, Lily's cousin, finds out about her feelings and tries to abolish them. Lily's story goes beyond normal. Through heartbreak, love, and loss. Ever since she met Th...
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Better Than Words

I run straight through the woods, running away from him. "Riley!" He calls as he chases after me. He should already be in front of me. I shake my head, tears falling down my face. I stop and start to feel like I'm falling. "No!" Was the last thing I heard before everything went black.
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A Fish Out of Water

Not all evers end happily. No ever can be forever. This is the story of a Princess born of the sea and her ocean loving Prince.
Short tale 16729 views 1 Story completed

A story of the stone age

By: H.G. Wells
5 CHAPTERS 3935 views 1 Story completed

The hollow land

By: William Morris
2 CHAPTERS 3956 views 6 Story completed

The Ruby of Kishmoor

By: Howard Pyle
3 CHAPTERS 3895 views 5 Story completed

Roots; Enter The Mage

“Maybe I will take you up on the offer….When the temptation of throwing myself over the railing while in your company abates,” Dorian reflects back on his relationship with the Inquisitor. What was said and not said; what was done and not done. Book 2 of 4 in the Bloom series.
2 CHAPTERS 16231 views 1 1 New chapter Every Friday


Val’Aishlym reflects back on his romantic choices during the inquisition and the ramifications of such. Spoiler Alert: this series takes place post-game. Be warned that it will reference past missions you may or may not have gone through. As this chapter contains spoilers for anyone who hasn’t completed What Pride Had Wrought. Book 1 of 4 in Bl...
1 chapter 16045 views Story completed

The Beginning of Something New

Non Verified story This is the story of a couple new demigods that go to Camp Half Blood. All the old characters are still there and things definitely get crazy, as they always do in Uncle Ricks books.
5 CHAPTERS 166 views New chapter Every Wednesday

Little Push

Non Verified story Sometimes all we need is a little push to get what we want.
Short tale 7220 views 1 2 Story completed

Shattered Glass

Non Verified story A letter from Noah's presumed dead clan turns his world upside down. Can the inquisition stand to have Noah as their leader considering nearly all they knew about the elf is a lie. How will Noah and Dorian's relationship fair when another face is thrown in the mix, claiming he is Noah's rightful life-partner. Dragon Age Inquisition Fanfiction.
8 CHAPTERS 17210 views 26 6 New chapter Every 10 days

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The Blackwood Files

Non Verified story Josh, her friends - Sam, Mike, Emily, Matt, Jessica, Chris and Ashley - returned to their homestay where a year ago their sisters died after a Hannah joke involving Mike. Josh records his fun and his time on video for his therapist. Along the way, things change again with the group, and when tensions grow between the members of the group when on...
1 chapter 144 views New chapter Every Saturday

Live My Life

Non Verified story There are four things about me that I bet you don't know. My name is Ella Wonder, yes that's literally my real name. I'm in middle school, 8th grade, and will be in High School soon, I'm also 13 turning 14... Wait, you thought that was the four things? Ha! Hilarious! Nope, try again.
1 chapter 178 views New chapter Every 10 days