She is pretty.

Non Verified story He was his childhood crush, they played dity games in the play house when no one was watching, but depart growing up and now Cat has no choice but to act as a boy after spending one night stand with a stranger.
15 CHAPTERS 1.3k views 1 New chapter Every Monday

Xavier Esposito: BOOK I

"I'll never leave your side, I promise." * After being sold to the mafia king Xavier Esposito, Sophia's life changes. Rumours of the great Xavier always crawled in the corners of the city, she knows what kind of a person he was. Yet, he was warm, somewhere deep within.
4 CHAPTERS 6.4k views 9 25 New chapter Every 30 days


Non Verified story Lilith is a twenty one year old human girl. who was adopted by vampires when she was just a baby, she was loved and cared for by everyone.    But destiny plays it part in her life after she went to the hallow thrown by the vampires duke,she meets a crazy vampire who forced her to dance and tease her unconditionally.   What happens when this craz...
2 CHAPTERS 184 views New chapter Every 10 days

The Chronicles Of Albetius

Non Verified story Zamora,Zulia and Flina;three princesses left alone after their kingdom was overthrown by their father's murderer. In order to survive they must leave their kingdom and royal life living under the guise as mere commoners in another land In search for help,they find feelings they could never explain,mysteries about the kingdom they grew up ...
13 CHAPTERS 536 views New chapter Every Friday

Dirty Little Secrets

Non Verified story Secrets, lies, schemes. These words rule the elite of Saint Louis University, the most prestigious college in New York, attended by young people from high society. When the first transfer student was chosen, fate finally started to spin. In an environment where it's all about status and influence, some prices are too high to pay, and the consequ...
6 CHAPTERS 764 views 17 2 New chapter Everyday


Non Verified story Twenty-eight-year-old Wren has been sheltered his whole life. He was homeschooled, and only allowed to socialize with similarly repressed omegas who at the very least, had watched porn by their age. Wren, not so much. Once he finished school and went on into adulthood, you’d think that Wren would have gone crazy trying to experience all the thin...
9 CHAPTERS 462 views New chapter Every Wednesday


Non Verified story Yolanda Ramos is an eighteen years old black Mexican. She's a teenage model,loner,and an artist. Sadly she was sold by her father on her eighteenth birthday to an Italian Mafioso Edoardo Raffa. Edoardo Raffa has a daughter Rina and three sons Manuel Riccardo and Federico.They are wealthy and famous. His sons are known to be brutal and cold, es...
7 CHAPTERS 1.1k views 4 New chapter Every 2 days

Michelle's ex-boyfriend

Non Verified story Michelle is an ordinary vet doctor , with a lovable husband , charismatic daughter and stupendous son . However her routine life takes a turn with an abrupt encounter with her long lost past boyfriend. Things get more hideous when they should share the neighbourhood . Even more complicated when her daughter lana is strangely attracted to him ....
9 CHAPTERS 1.5k views 2 1 New chapter Every week


Non Verified story After being cowardly dumped by her boyfriend, Cassidy makes two of the biggest mistakes of her life: being extremely drunk and having sex with her best friend’s older brother. Her best friend described her as everything she tries to avoid. But still, his attitude towards her is completely different from what they say about him. And very quickl...
3 CHAPTERS 552 views New chapter Every week

The mafias found girl

Non Verified story When met at a party years ago, the young Miss white and her friend come face to face with the top mafia men Mr Ashford and Mr knight . When searching all his life for the lovely Miss white, he finds her and becomes her paitent...
10 CHAPTERS 695 views New chapter Every Sunday


Non Verified story When met at a party years ago, the young Miss white and her friend come face to face with the top mafia men Mr Ashford and Mr knight . When searching all his life for the lovely Miss white, he finds her and becomes her paitent...
10 CHAPTERS 969 views New chapter Every week

Through His Eyes

Having a mutual hobby could be more dangerous than you think. When they stumble across their next adventure, on a break from university, they get more than they bargained for, learning a timeline that seems like a timeless nightmare, that they can’t be woken from.
9 CHAPTERS 12.2k views 12 6 Story completed

Mount Abu Datings

Non Verified story This is the best Model escort website for call girl services in Mount Abu City. 100% safe and secure call girls in My Agency 24x7 Escort Services in Mount Abu..
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Blog Story

Take as Old as Time |Beauty and the “Beast”|

Non Verified story Theodore Marsh lives in HoneyBurrow a small human village of farmers. He lived his life in a pattern always repeating when one day something changed. A half-orc boy moved next door and he’s anything but a monster.
1 chapter 883 views New chapter Every 15 days

Permission to love you

"What are you doing? Leave my face alone" Kelly held his wrist trying to pull his hands away. Then, Mr. Brunnie pulled Kelly's face closer to his. His fingers were brushing through Kelly's hair. She felt warmth from his constant brushing through her hair. The warmth calmed her down, his touch had an effect on her mind. Her mind felt at peace at ...
5 CHAPTERS 1.4k views 3 New chapter Every week

karol bagh

Non Verified story Karol Bagh is a core commercial zone, which is close to Chandni Chowk place which is a famous marketplace in Delhi.
Short tale 1.2k views Story completed

Saved by an angel 😇

Non Verified story melody was a young girl that was kidnapped when she was born and lived with a man that abused her all her life till she diceded to run away she finder her real family and finds out that her mother and father she dreamed of was murdered and he is mated to this overly protective bad boy
6 CHAPTERS 1.5k views 3 1 New chapter Everyday

Jasmine lock Chronicles of a quick romance

Non Verified story A beautiful woman tied between love and slavery, married to a billionaire to save her father. Jasmine struggles to let loose from the grip of Aman fighting for a way to settle her father's debt, met kaleel an old lover working for Aman, falls inlove the second time faces difficulty in choosing between love or saving her father.
5 CHAPTERS 5.8k views 7 5 New chapter Every 30 days

RadioDust (based on Rp

Non Verified story A RadioDust Role Play
1 chapter 1.3k views 1 1 In progress

Original Sin

Non Verified story What will one do to cover up murder?
2 CHAPTERS 1.4k views New chapter Every Wednesday

the mystery of the fairyland castle

Non Verified story It's a little adult novel Which talks about a hybrid named Billie and a human named Nanncy
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Non Verified story He loves to hunt down his preys, torture them slowly and snap their life threads from the circle - in other words, he loves to kill them. Born into the great Ameilo family has it's up and downs, especially when their youngest child is a satan on earth, he started the game, the one that made people - both male and female die in the process, he hi...
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They were born into two different worlds, she had nothing, he had everything at his fingertips. Both had been through hell and back in the shirt 19 years that they've lived. Both have seen things that no one should have to see and that no one should have to live with the memory seeing. Can Mia make him see that he's not a monster that what he ...
46 CHAPTERS 3.2k views 6 2 New chapter Every Tuesday

The Land Princess

Non Verified story A princess who has been handed everything her whole life is suddenly kidnapped by pirates. She soon find that life is much more free and enjoyable on sea than on land and finds herself wanting the handsome, mysterious, dark pirate captain.
1 chapter 516 views New chapter Every 30 days

Gaasaku When Fates Collide

Non Verified story When Fates Collide Is A Deep Story About How Sakura Comes To Terms With Herself As She Realizes She Does Not Love Sasuke Any Longer But Instead Finds Herself Falling For A Certain Red Haired Leader
1 chapter 1.0k views In progress

The Retribution Game

A story of loyalty, treachery and love. Max Oberland, a business man recently named CEO of his family's insurances company and player in his free time, wants Davina Saxe, the daughter of his business partner to be the next prey. 'The Database' is a computer program he made for his exclusive use and his pride and joy in which he keeps his previou...
19 CHAPTERS 13.3k views 41 44 Story completed

MenSaku, Crimson Blood Blossom

Non Verified story Sakura is an 18-year-old woman now. She is head of the Anbu to her Hokage as well as her being the best medic-nin in the world. Little did she know that was gonna change.
5 CHAPTERS 4.8k views 4 2 In progress


Non Verified story Story of a man's walk to her....
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