Resist The Tide

A woman who stands.
Short tale 4.0k views 3 1 Story completed

Sing To Me Momma

Sometimes carrying a song is enough...
Short tale 10.0k views 5 6 Story completed

Prison In Our Minds

A prison dwells in us.
Short tale 9.9k views 5 6 Story completed

Remember Us This Way

A poem on the unjustifiable massacre in Gaza, Palestine by the Israeli over a war on revenge and inhumane pleasure
1 chapter 6.6k views 2 3 Story completed
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The Gods of The North

Author: Adam Oehlenschlæger Translator: William Edward Frye
4 CHAPTERS 5.9k views 1 1 Story completed

A Girl's Heart To Poetry

Non Verified story Poetry My reason for writing. My reason for my books. My reason to keep going. Poetry & Books combine. My world of Art. This is my book dedicated to Poetry that I have written since I was 12 or 13 and now with new poetry to add from my page this is my new journey to write Poem's to go passed on to other's to enjoy. You're choice o...
35 CHAPTERS 111 views In progress


Non Verified story Sometimes we can't see even if gifted with sight to begin with.
Short tale 109 views In progress

The Real Jim Jones Jr

Non Verified story Soulful feelings within the harmonic breeze elevate one pulse with understanding and personal knowledge of the scenerio.
3 CHAPTERS 705 views New chapter Every 2 days


Non Verified story A POEM.
Short tale 536 views 1 In progress


Non Verified story poems for my idol
7 CHAPTERS 6.6k views 3 1 New chapter Every Monday

Hear Us

Non Verified story Youths nowadays are neglected by their community, we need to support youths by empowering them to get involved in various sectors and also in decision making. If they given a responsibility in their respective villages or communities they will shape up to become a more responsible citizen.
Short tale 735 views In progress

Suicide: not an option

Non Verified story An anthology against suicide
9 CHAPTERS 1.0k views New chapter Every 10 days

The Storyteller : Songs of Life

Non Verified story Spiritual wisdom from a Rastafari point of view
2 CHAPTERS 2.1k views New chapter Every Sunday


Non Verified story Un amor que no se olvida
Short tale 1.6k views Story completed

Street Bullet

Non Verified story Street violence
Short tale 2.4k views In progress

Lo que escribo para mi

Non Verified story Creo que esto es poesía.
Short tale 4.1k views 120 1 Story completed


Non Verified story My fantastic experiences.
Short tale 5.2k views Story completed