Empire Elevator

The massive Empire, Inc. is now open! Meanwhile, during a national crisis, ex-thrill-seeker, Freddy, retreats to his family's "elevating" traditions. While some old illegal activities creep back into his life, an acquaintance with a dangerous artist will threaten the safety of everyone involved. Things get pushed over the edge. Then Freddy's de...
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Non Verified story Me and Derek were raped abused by his father and there are about 50 other kids that was raped or abused half of them did not make it, nobody could hear us scream or yell out for help because he took us to the one place we couldn't and that was the basement.
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The War Of the Union

The American Civil War began in the middle of the nineteenth century. Starting from April 1861, to April 1865. It was the bloodiest war In US history. Bloodier than the American Revolution and world war ll combined. More Americans lost their lives than in any other war faught by the US. Brother turned against brother. Friend agaisnt friend. W...
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Into Darkness a Vampire's tale

Non Verified story A young Gentleman, Erin Starkey, has lost everything woth living for. He goes to do the unthinkable, but encounters a mysterious stranger that introduces a whole new world in life. This stranger gives him a new way to live, but Erin is still heartbroken over the love that he has lost. Will he find love again? Or will he remain heartbroken for a...
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A different broken

Non Verified story This story is about a girl whose family is dealing with the aftermath of her mother dating a sociopath. Warning about this book: Readers be advised that this story contains use of different types of abuse [drugs, alcohol, physical, mental, emotional, and neglect] and may be triggering to some readers. For mature readers only
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Why unbury our story?

Non Verified story There is no loneliness like getting stuck in the past ...
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Brown-Eyed Heaven

Non Verified story At the heart of the story is a love story. A wealthy teenage virgin falling in love with her extremely wealthy boyfriend. His family is part of a political dynasty & one of the richest in the world. She makes a rape accusation against him that nearly derails their relationship and his family comes after her hard.
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Non Verified story romance between two step-brothers. will their parents find out? will their classmates find out? how long will they be able to keep their secret?
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I Will Love You... Forever

I Will Love You... Forever A story that could be a fairy tale. A love story between two people so different and so close.
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Blue and Grey

Longing for happiness every day has become more difficult since you left, you made my life a green and white color but when you left you left it in blue and gray. Story inspired by BTS "Blue and Grey" #songteen
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The Takeover

Non Verified story Mean girl story, with lots of drama, and a splice of romance, with betrayal and rejection all in one package.
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Fuck You

Non Verified story Charlotte a fourteen year old girl that has struggled with anxiety and depression ever since her and her parents were kidnapped, is finally free after constant abuse for twelve years! What will she do? Follow Charlotte in her journey of happiness and freedom.
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Non Verified story This story tells the story of a common family, not very relevant but when starting a romance within, an important character is discovered that will change the history of the family
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Giant Dad

Non Verified story Dave Seville roles as my adopted giant dad who took care of me as his adopted normal-size orphan ten years old African American mute daughter lived with him in his universe parallel dimension TV show hometown.
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Insanely Ill

Non Verified story Cassie Smith is a little girl who is very mentally sick. Her parents struggle to deal with her insanity as she grows up but it only gets worse as she's defiant in therapy and reaches the toxic age of 12 and 13 in middle school, where the other children are ruthless.
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If I was a star

Non Verified story ...The stars look exceptionally bright today. Yesterday they weren't this vibrant. I guess they have a choice to shine when they want to. Unlike some of us who have been forced into a lifestyle, we do not even have a say in. If only I was a star...
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Turning into a muslim

Non Verified story This is a muslim story there is some parts that are ugly by ugly i mean they have to go the the hospital. But other then that its fine. hope you injoy! ~sending best regards~ Muslim Queen
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Autumn in my heart

Two boys separated at birth. Some friends may be your brothers. Some enemies may be your family. And many of your insecurities may be someone else's. Because this is my first life. Story created for the challenge "The English Writer" of The Author's Cup 2020.
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Non Verified story The story shows a 17-year-old who is in the last year of school, he lives in his own world full of darkness, the same one that follows him until a fucking critic, until he takes the step to take his own life. But will meeting that person change it? Or will the darkness end up consuming him?
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Where's My Love?

This story received an honorable mention in the See You Soon Songfiction Contest. | Based on the song Where's My Love by SYML, the story describes how Diego feels when Isadora leaves. Now all he wants is to find her again. Will he make it?
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Lost In The Heat Of It All

Non Verified story Iluvia is In a new world where she learns new things and she struggles to fit in. She has been living her life in a different world where she has different beliefs, religion and different studies but when she begins to let her past be her past she faces challenges. Will she be able to overcome them?
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Hill of Memories: The Scent of the Flowers in that Promised Place.

This story portrays many different scenarios of several people who come to this magic place called The Hill of Memories where a little girl lives. She received the name of Fairy by many visitors who have barely seen her around the place. Here, there are a lot of memories and feelings flowing alongside the scent of the flowers. One day this littl...
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Secrets of the garden

Non Verified story In 1953, an ordinary guy called Alonzo Donati (Also known as: Al) was looking for a job after he realized that he wasn’t earning money since few years and needed it urgently. Suddenly, he met a fancy man called Adam who offered him a job as a butler so Al without thinking twice, accepted the offer. However, he didn't know that his life was goin...
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A nice story

Non Verified story Warning(+18): This story relates events with high explicit content, discretion is recommended. The story centers on the case of a girl murdered under suspicious situations. The plot revolves around a prisoner who is guilty of several murders, including that of the girl and sentenced to the death penalty. However, a week before, it is discovered ...
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Simple living is something that Silver has never had the privilege of knowing. Orphaned with her little sister Avery, and dropped into the hands of her stripper aunt, she learned quickly that you have to take what you need from this world before it takes everything out of you. Heavier burdens were placed on Silver's shoulder, forcing her to da...
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Uma vida cinza

Non Verified story Um mundo cinza e sem ao qual não posso esperar entender
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Between monsters and humans

This work has a strange focus on existential debates and their consequences. WARNING : this story is not for everyone, unless you understand some message without be overreacting. How I trust the maturity of the people, the story is for people over 18 years, because I didn't found an older restriction of age and 21 is too exaggerated. Anyway,...
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*รeen iイ* [PG/old,never finished]

Non Verified story -is about a cat called Sami (or Sammy) his 16 years old and is he/him -about the cover is made on fire alpaca in 8 layers and there is sammy and the japanese latter translate is seen it the name of the series too,oh and made with the laptop's touchpad of cuorse.
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