Without You

Non Verified story Title: Without You Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Where Do Broken Hearts Go Summary: Have you ever love someone you didn't want to fall in love with from the beginning? What if you discovered the love of your life? But suddenly, in a blink of an eye, it all shattered into a million pieces. Where do you go from here? Where do broken hearts...
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The Place Where I Belong

Non Verified story Title: The Place Where I Belong Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Travel Through Time Synopsis: What would you do? When you found out that apparently, you are living in a two different worlds and two different lives at the same time? What will be your choice if you have been given a chance to choose between those two worlds? Would it be the pa...
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All My Life

Non Verified story Title: All My Life Author: mischa143kelvin Series: A Love Story of a Lifetime Summary: All my life he's always been there beside me, but now he's gone, how am I supposed to live a life without him? From the Series "A Love Story Of A Lifetime"
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Non Verified story Moviesda is an HD Tamil movie-downloading movie website Moviesda3.com allows you to download Tamil and Tamil Dubbed films together with Tamil Series.
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The landlord of Mankayane

What would you do if you were a rich landlord and you had no heir for your succession? This was the life challenge of Paddy, a wealthy British baron who migrated to Swaziland and married Pola, a beautiful local woman. Unfortunately, the union was childless and Paddy was sad, for he feared dying without a successor until one day, while he was ...
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War of the Union

Non Verified story The American Civil War began in the middle of the nineteenth century. Starting from April 1861, to April 1865. It was the bloodiest war In US history. Bloodier than the American Revolution and world war ll combined. More Americans lost their lives than in any other war faught by the US. Brother turned against brother. Friend agaisnt friend...
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Tea of blood and roses

We hear of a boy’s struggles and triumphs. His life with an angry mother and a terminally ill father. His eventual ascent into manhood, using the memories of his tattered past to lead the way.
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Operation: Saving the Monthiversary

Agustina and Valentina go to the Suarez family pizzeria to celebrate the sixth month since they've seen each other for the first time in two years. It's supposed to be all love and fun, right? Except Valentina goes back to her house to get a present for her girlfriend, but never comes back. Meanwhile, Javier, Valentina's ex boyfriend, escapes fr...
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Calming Green Tea

Non Verified story Watch and witness Joshlen's life, has she witness Love, drama. Broken hearts and mysteries
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Worth It

After experiencing a failed marriage and dealing with her estranged love life, Jade Rowland has decided that it was best to focus on herself and build her self-esteem before she thinks about settling down again. All she wants is to let go and have fun for once, but she wasn't expecting to have a one-night stand that would lead to more than what ...
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Majesty Day wants to find her true self. She's always felt like just a piece of a bigger picture. Growing up, all that mattered was school, and everything else was second. It never occurred to her how much she needed to grow. After a rough breakup, she wants to focus on herself, make her grandma proud, and become someone important someday. With ...
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March 2, 1934

Gina is a young woman who falls in love with a wealthy man of the south. They set out on an adventure shortly after marriage to find their dream home in the secluded rural mountains of Pennsylvania. This is where her life changes forever. Gina starts journaling to pass the time while Paul is away for business. Something unusual happens in 1934 ...
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Non Verified story GlucoSym is a natural blood sugar control formula designed to support insulin levels so that you can achieve healthy blood glucose levels.
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Into Darkness a Vampire's tale

Non Verified story A young Gentleman, Erin Starkey, has lost everything woth living for. He goes to do the unthinkable, but encounters a mysterious stranger that introduces a whole new world in life. This stranger gives him a new way to live, but Erin is still heartbroken over the love that he has lost. Will he find love again? Or will he remain heartbroken for a...
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Non Verified story Life is all about what you achieve in your life, who all are with you and who you are? Life will teach different lessons in your different ages. It will teach you how to experience every situation bravely. When you face difficulties in your life it’s good to have something by your side in every situations. It can be your family, fri...
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Non Verified story All of Katherine's friends are so far up. People are starting to think that she is a crazy lunatic. She never talks to the kids at her school. She never has lunch with the other students. Katherine just waits until the school day is over. She then goes home and waits for midnight to near. Finally, after such a long day. She can speak to her frie...
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The days after she left....
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"You can recognize survivors of abuse by their courage. When silence is so very inviting, they step forward and share their truth so others know they aren't alone." ― Jeanne McElvaney
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How to Start Your Career with No Experience

Non Verified story Actors bring scripts to life and allow audiences to connect with the story. Without actors, a film would not be complete. Don't let a lack of experience hold you back from pursuing a career in acting.
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Lost & Found

Non Verified story Title: Lost & Found Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Family of Angst Synopsis: What if you lost someone? What would you do to bring them back home? What if you lost them for good? Will you live with a heavy heart for the rest of your life? What if you have given a second chance to change the past? Will you take that chance, knowing it may ...
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Cardiac Arrest (Stop Beating Fast, My Idiot Heart)

Non Verified story Title: Cardiac Arrest (Stop Beating Fast, My Idiot Heart) Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Pack Family Synopsis: He was a bad boy with a great sense to break things. She was a good girl with a golden heart. They met at the hospital in an accident. They heal each other's heart and soul. Everything is fine and right in their world. Until one...
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The Flower Boy

Non Verified story Title: The Flower Boy Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Soul Brothers Synopsis: There was a boy, a florist. He is a bubbly kid but doesn't know his past He was living on his own when he was a kid. But there was a kind person who took him in. They treat him good and take care of him as if he was their own. From the Series "Soul Brothers"
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My Brother and I

Non Verified story Title: My Brother and I Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Bonds of Brotherhood Summary: Two brothers. Two Souls. Torn apart by accident. Shattered hearts. Torn into pieces. Lost in the sea of sadness. The rain of memories kept pouring. Tomorrow will never be the same again. From the Series "Bonds of Brotherhood"
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sunshine girl

Non Verified story short story about two young adults who notice each other despite their own hardships
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The Heartthrob Bachelors and The Baby

Non Verified story Title: The Heartthrob Bachelors and The Baby Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Bonds of Brotherhood Summary: What would you do when you found a baby at your door step? Being a heartthrob and a bachelor. You have the luxary of living a carefree life, especially so, if you are one of a rich kids in town. But then, one day, a big surprise came i...
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A Baby Boy and His Appa and Family

Non Verified story Title: A Baby Boy and His Appa and Family Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Pack Family Summary: A lonely Alpha found a baby boy in the woods A snowstorm is brewing Luckily, a caring Omega found them almost freezing to death. The caring Omega called his best friend for help. A grumpy Alpha, but he is a prominent doctor. Then they stay at the...
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What are the Benefits of Teaching Sign Language to Children?

Non Verified story In recent years, American Sign Language (ASL) has become increasingly employed as a means of communication between people who are deaf or severely hard of hearing.
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Part of the Universe of Sonder Saga Non Verified story CONTENT WARNING! THIS STORY CONTAINS TOPICS AND CONTENT THAT MAY TRIGGER CERTAIN VIEWERS, SUCH AS S.H., S.I., S.A., S*X*AL *SSA*LT, G*RE, V**L*NCE, P*N*C, AN*R*X*A AND OTHERS. THIS STORY MAY MAKE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE; YOU HAVE BEEN ADVISED. A generation-X nineteen-year-old girl who is struggling with mental health issues strains to find ...
3 CHAPTERS 11 views New chapter Every week