Turning into a muslim

Non Verified story This is a muslim story there is some parts that are ugly by ugly i mean they have to go the the hospital. But other then that its fine. hope you injoy! ~sending best regards~ Muslim Queen
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the dare.

Giselle and her bestfriend meet a girl who seems very friendly, and persuades them to play a short round of Truth or Dare with her. Soon, this fun game turns into a terrifying game, and those who don’t tell the truth, or refuse the dare, are punished.
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Bode Olufemi promises never to date again after his heart got terribly shattered on his birthday. How long can he keep this up when a pretty Nurse lives with him?
6 CHAPTERS 9.2k views 5 4 New chapter Every Wednesday

Blue and Grey

Longing for happiness every day has become more difficult since you left, you made my life a green and white color but when you left you left it in blue and gray. Story inspired by BTS "Blue and Grey" #songteen
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A Bubble Burst by Fred Merrick White

How a Stock Exchange Scare Dislocated the Life of the Empire For Two Days, a story in the "Doom of London" series in which the author sounds the clarion call of potential disasters that my befall the great city. Here, it is the tale of an investment "bubble", an irrational exuberance for buying shares of South African gold mining stocks. Excerpt...
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Family Ekko

Non Verified story This story follows the Reinwassers in their struggle to pick themselves back up after a run in with a psychotic ex that leaves the family devastated with the lost of their home and livelihood. Drama, Tragedy, Heartache, and little bit of loving follows them everywhere.
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Maybe Lost Be

Non Verified story It's about Nolan, a successful man who unexpectedly gets the visit from his troublesome sister that he vowed to stay away, and begins to realize that maybe she's not the person he thought she was and maybe one is as lost as the other.
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About Us

When your feelings come in the way. How to say the one thing you want to, the thing you can't?
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the recovery diaries.

Maeve is admitted into a psych ward after a suicide attempt. Between nurses, Prozac and group therapy, she finds Elias, a fellow patient who will change her world forever.
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Beautiful Becomes Broken

Non Verified story When Love turns to pain and then that pain destroys something so beautiful, so rare that it breaks forever and Lana loses site of all that matters in the process. Chase broke her until all those shattered pieces couldn't be put back together again. Don't lose you over loving someone who doesn't deserve your love to begin with guys like Chase wil...
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Blood red rose

Non Verified story A young girl goes on holiday with her family and she meets a boy who she goes mad over. She starts learning more about him and learns he likes the couler red. She became the couler red but that caused chaos
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Tennessee's Partner

It's a short story centering on the friendship between two men at the gold-mining settlement of Sandy Bar, California, in the middle of the nineteenth century. By Bret Harte.
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Non Verified story Aspen Harbour is American royalty. Her name is everywhere and everyone knows who she is. Every girl wants to be her and every guy wants to date her. But that life is not for her and never was. What will it take to escape from the 'perfect' life. (First part of the 1st chapter released)
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Me & My New Love Story

Non Verified story This about a girl want to meet her new love that is her true soulmate and there was alot of obstacle that get in the way her true soulmate have overcome the challenges
5 CHAPTERS 308 views 4 Story completed

Insanely Ill

Non Verified story Cassie Smith is a little girl who is very mentally sick. Her parents struggle to deal with her insanity as she grows up but it only gets worse as she's defiant in therapy and reaches the toxic age of 12 and 13 in middle school, where the other children are ruthless.
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Non Verified story The story shows a 17-year-old who is in the last year of school, he lives in his own world full of darkness, the same one that follows him until a fucking critic, until he takes the step to take his own life. But will meeting that person change it? Or will the darkness end up consuming him?
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Fire Angel

When an apartment building catches on fire and traps a number of its residents on the roof, the fire department calls in some aerial support. They call her the Fire Angel. Can she help them get everyone to safety before the fire brings the whole building down? Challenge: the story must be completely told through dialogue.
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Warriors VS Black Magic

Non Verified story This all abou the light vs dark
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Elizabeth is a woman with a purpose. That purpose is getting into Blackwell Retreat where her sister went missing a year ago. In her desperate search for answers, she enters the Retreat as a patient. Can she find out what happened and get out before they figure out who she really is?
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Will I ever find love?

Non Verified story My story is about a girl who is trying to find love in the wrong places.She fell in love with her ex who hates seeing her in another relationship the question between Makayla and Nate is are they soulmates or just toxic couples who keep running back to each other
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Non Verified story A game between father and his daughter.
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Uma vida cinza

Non Verified story Um mundo cinza e sem ao qual não posso esperar entender
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Giant Dad

Non Verified story Dave Seville roles as my adopted giant dad who took care of me as his adopted normal-size orphan ten years old African American mute daughter lived with him in his universe parallel dimension TV show hometown.
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What could you do when you feel scared by loneliness? What weapons are you going to use against that? What will you do to ease your mind?
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A vivid memory of an incident from the life of an orphanage child. By Roger Dean Kiser
2 CHAPTERS 5.9k views 2 3 Story completed

My Stubborn Mistress

A thousand times our path cross... But a thousand times our Fate playing on us. Cassandra Young is a 17 years old Island girl with full of mysterious memories she cannot remember the important part of them. Losing everything, she wonders where to begin... Then a Master shows up and claimed everything she has, moreover, she was pampered like a ...
8 CHAPTERS 7.7k views 8 10 New chapter Every Monday

Now you see me

Non Verified story Cassie Paul has been through a lot lately. she has some bumpy roads her way
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Do you love me

Non Verified story Devoured a priest...
1 chapter 413 views 2 In progress