Hashim Khail and keeper of the Gates

In an attempt to please his father, Hashim Khail, a young prince finds himself in a dilemma after a great tragedy struck him. He wakes up in a foreign land, enslaved and at the mercy of a new king.
6 CHAPTERS 8.2k views 32 6 Story completed

I'm Not Giving Up

Emma is a girl who ran away. In this story find out why she ran away and how she manages to stay alive.
#3 in Adventure 1 chapter 10.0k views 5 12 New chapter Every 10 days

Anna the Human

The Puricans are a savage race whose main source of food are the humans but they are running out of supplies and so must attack their rival race the Redicans who they believe are the cause of their growing food shortages. Buga, a young and most fearful Purican warrior in the midst of the war, finds himself caught in between two choices; his sec...
8 CHAPTERS 9.0k views 44 9 Story completed

Hero to Hercules

A reincarnation of Hercules, named Hero awakes at his Father's kingdom barely arriving alive, after one of his long voyages to prove him self to the people of the world and to achieve his place as this age's True Hero. Please like, follow, subscribe, for more literature like this one. By- Heath Legend Lemond
Short tale 8.1k views 7 12 In progress

The path of the north

The Dorin's adventure and his own evolution
4 CHAPTERS 10.0k views 1 8 New chapter Every 30 days

Moon's Murder: Praeteritum

Frederico de la luna is a madman with unclear motives who leads a group of mercenaries in search to destroy as many cities as he can. Alister, his second in command has vowed to protect him even though Frederico treats him poorly. The young man's devotion to his general hides a secret. Its left to wonder, what made the once noble and kind Freder...
15 CHAPTERS 7.9k views 6 6 Story completed

She Had No Forgiveness

Non Verified story Rosemary takes on a different experience when she is introduced to a local college a travel program was offered to the islands colleges .Rosemary ,Sasha ,Emily began a unforgettable journey along the way they encounter people from a developing biology outbreak on Island she and her parents reside.
5 CHAPTERS 3.4k views 2 1 Story completed

Shupa: A Lion's tale

It's about a Barbary lion named Shupa, Who lived with his pride and son in the Atlas Mountains and He is taken by Trappers to the Colossuem in 220 BCE and He has to survive and thrive to get back to his son and pride.
6 CHAPTERS 2.9k views 2 1 Story completed


Basil and his sister Ash have always been close. However, after Ash is kidnapped, Basil is left angry and upset. Ash is being turned to the dark side, without her fully knowing it. Basil needs to save his sister before it's too late, but the years pass, and more damage is being caused by the dark side. Basil needs to save his sister from the dar...
1 chapter 7.2k views 4 11 New chapter Every 30 days

A Medieval Romance. By Mark Twain

A medieval romance
5 CHAPTERS 5.0k views 22 8 Story completed

Journey to the Stars

Julia has lost her loving mother, and she is really unhappy as a result. She believes that if she keeps searching, she'll find the answers to all of her burning questions somewhere out there. She is desperate to find the truth, and it will take her on a journey that will change her life forever. But where will it lead her?
#2 in Adventure 6 CHAPTERS 21.1k views 14 17 Story completed

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The Story of Chess

Non Verified story It is a very beautiful story. I am very sure that you will not find another story of chess better than this. TRUST ME
4 CHAPTERS 1.5k views 8 3 New chapter Every 30 days

When Fear Is Not Afraid

Cats and dogs and high adventure and romance and espionage and food-fights and hotels and explosions and car chases.
4 CHAPTERS 8.0k views 13 6 New chapter Every 30 days


When a prophecy heralds the arrival of a great evil, a young prosecutor unravels his past while trying to prevent what is to come.
#1 in Adventure 4 CHAPTERS 4.8k views 7 8 New chapter Every 30 days

Jeddayah Swearenjen And The Knight's Sword

Non Verified story The Story Of Jeddayah Swearenjen The King Of Alkatraz That Was Betrayed By Trakos. Will He Succeed? Will He Regain His Leadership? Find Out About The Author - Numan Zafar Is A 13 Year Old Boy That Writes Fiction Books For All Ages
3 CHAPTERS 2.2k views 1 2 Story completed


What is hidden does not stay closed forever. The mark of darkness this is true ...
7 CHAPTERS 10.0k views 13 18 New chapter Every 10 days

The GrimJack

Case Sanders has been a hunter for as long as he can remember. Haunted by the guilt of his master's death, he fights whatever evil he encounters and saves the lives of those who can't fight for themselves. But how long can he keep it up? Find out in this series called the Grim Jack.
11 CHAPTERS 10.0k views 4 Story completed

How Ninja Tracking Develops Motor Skills Among Kids?

Non Verified story No denial, playtime is the best time for kids to enjoy every moment to its fullest. Amazing, fun activities including see-saws, hide & seek, and swings keep them excited and energetic for a long-time.
1 chapter 110 views New chapter Every 15 days
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Immigration Medical

Non Verified story Full-service Immigration Medical Examination (IME) for those taking part in application processes such as ones for Canadian permanent residency, visitor visas, student visas, work visas, and refugee statuses. All parts of the exam are done on-site during your visit, no additional travel is required.
1 chapter 191 views In progress
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Survive Me If You Can

Non Verified story What would you do if you woke up went to school and then a nuke fell on your city. Suddenly you're the last human alive. We have a TV series of this series to watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpV8gzrWhsGZuadlGdV4OPnJZBVkDVzWu
1 chapter 791 views 1 New chapter Every Monday

Hire Magento Developers

Non Verified story Mage Monkeys provides the best Magento Ecommerce Store Development Service. Mage monkeys is a leading Magento development company. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with 17+ years of expertise and experience in the IT industry.
1 chapter 1.4k views Story completed
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My life in another world

Non Verified story I walked in through the door and all you can hear is my parents fighting and screaming again. I walked to my room as sad as it might be I knew it I knew deep down it's my fault...
1 chapter 1.9k views New chapter Every week

College days

Non Verified story Dani, Vivian, Coral, and Bethany are all excited for their first year of college. But they never thought it would be filled with so much drama. Will the four girls make it through their first year of college or not? All I can say is that it’s going to be an eventful year.
1 chapter 2.5k views New chapter Every 2 days

Aaricia and the Noland Army

An epic tale of adventure that features Aaricia; a young woman having being betrayed by a loved one, lost her family and her home, must find a way to raise an elite army to help reclaim all she’s lost. Bestowed with a remarkable gift to communicate with a rare kind of beast, and armed with a handful of mercenaries, she must rise to face the most...
6 CHAPTERS 7.9k views 28 3 Story completed

Preparing Your Business for FCA Authorisation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Non Verified story The FCA business plan should also address the issue of sustainability. This includes not only the financial sustainability of the business, but also its social and environmental impact. Companies in the financial services industry have a responsibility to consider the long-term effects of their operations and make decisions that are in the best ...
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CotA: The Grand Conquest Of Dana

Non Verified story OELN. An anime and warhammer esq story with less dark and twisty and more power houses who are more interested in collecting rocks and shiney things or destroying an entire worlds for funsies than doing paperwork behind a desk. Dana is the youngest of all the Supreme rulers and must attend high school as a normal student, but what will she do wh...
3 CHAPTERS 1.1k views New chapter Every week

Warrior Pricness

Non Verified story Warrior Princess She survived on of the seven seas of lots that had died and been murdered on destroyed in the years of pirates and settlers as well all the bad that lived among the dead as well the Caribbean. She survived and was promised of her father she will tag on come along with her crying in tears at a really young age doesn't really k...
1 chapter 1.7k views New chapter Everyday

Otheris and the Serpents of Qhudrus

Following the fall of the most guileful witch in all the lands, young Otheris sets out on a journey for a much bigger task: to bring the heads of the Serpents of Qhudrus, after the king made him an offer he could not refuse.
5 CHAPTERS 7.0k views 20 4 In progress