Why You Should Buy Dubai Mall Aquarium Tickets on Your Trip to the City

Non Verified story Why You Should Buy Dubai Mall Aquarium Tickets on Your Trip to the City
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Adventures in the Amazon

A young girl embarks on an Adventure in the Amazon's jungle
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Global Healthcare Market: Growth, Challenges, and Opportunities

Non Verified story The global healthcare market is a critical component of the global economy, serving the essential needs of individuals and communities around the world.
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Preparing Your Business for FCA Authorisation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Non Verified story The FCA business plan should also address the issue of sustainability. This includes not only the financial sustainability of the business, but also its social and environmental impact. Companies in the financial services industry have a responsibility to consider the long-term effects of their operations and make decisions that are in the best ...
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Pastia's Lines

Non Verified story The Dixie gang is well wanted and certainly hunted hard no matter where they go. In times of civilization, it's hard for them to get by and just survive. Along the way they are found by not only death's hands, but by the hands of abuse and sickness whether they decide to take them or not. In the end they find if any of it was really worth the fi...
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Sweet as a Cookie

Non Verified story Amalia loved baking in the kitchen with her Abuela. She knew all the steps of cooking, but she couldn't make the perfect chocolate cookie. But her Abuela knows how too, but a tragic event happens. And the real magic begins for Amalia with her baking.
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Book 4 Running Wild: Locating Lynxes

Non Verified story Dawn is trying to cope with losing her runt pup, Shine. What's even worse is that Shine isn't dead and is being held captive by lynxes. While Dawn's other pups Rusher and Spot enter a new stage of puphood Chip is trying to cope with losing his mother and Dawn's nursing friend, Ribbon. With rising pack drama between friends and mates and chaos cr...
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Book 3 Running Wild: Packs Path

Non Verified story Dawn has finally had her puppies and is very happy to have them out, but now she's part of a pack. Devoted to the dog they call Alpha. While there Dawn learns that packs are different from just being wild, Feather and Blue are growing into pitbulls...big strong pitbulls, and how puppies' lives are so very precious. Will Dawn be able to adjust to...
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Book 2 Running Wild: Strange Strays

Non Verified story Dawn's life is new with being pregnant, cold forest coming up, and a food shortage she already has enough to worry about. But when a straggly stray comes along Dawn's life get's harder not to mention more strays coming at her as foes and allies. Dawn is slowly feeling urged to quit being wild, go to be a stray, and even going back to being a col...
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Host Family In Ireland

Non Verified story Yes, if you are studying in Ireland, your family may be able to accompany you. The specific requirements for your family to join you will depend on several factors, including their immigration status and their relationship to you.
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Book 1 Running Wild: Wild Ways

Non Verified story Rockelle is a Kings Charles Cocker Spaniel who is a happy pet. When her owner, Emily, house catches fire the family is forced to move. But Emily’s parents won’t allow Rockelle to join them. Once sent to the pound Rockelle escapes with some other dogs. Since she doesn’t know the streets very well she runs into trouble quickly. During a fight she’...
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Eye am sorry

Non Verified story A girl with a strange story
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Road to heaven.

Part of the Universe of Reverse Heavens Non Verified story Two friends, one summer, one mystery. Feel free to comment with questions, reviews or ideas thank you.
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Road To Fame

Non Verified story The book tells the story of a group of teenagers who get into a national talent show. Unfortunately, not everything goes as it was supposed to.
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Pack Holidays

Non Verified story Fancy a fabulously dog welcoming holiday for you and your pack? We welcome one to unlimited dogs here at Pack Holidays and they're ALWAYS free of charge!
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Nozawa Onsen

Non Verified story Nozawa Onsen: The best place to relax and rejuvenate all year round! https://staynozawa.com/
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The Girls and the amulet

Non Verified story Description coming soon
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The Magic Flute

Non Verified story When a girl finds out a story she has heard all her life is true what will she do.
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The other lost Mermaid

Non Verified story What if Amelia wasn’t the only mermaid left behind what if someone else was too.Sequel of The lost Mermaid.
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The Lost Mermaid

Non Verified story Mermaids and humans used to live on land together in peace and friendship but when mermaids start getting hunted and a 17 year old girl is left behind can she find safety will she find her family or will she stay on land and try being something she’s not.
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biug hunter

Non Verified story bug hunter
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horses for ever..

Non Verified story he was a surprise
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Kingdom of Underath: The tales of the time traveller

Non Verified story Dylan Brown lived an ordinary life. Until one day, he somehow found himself on the fields of an unknown country, at an unknown age. There he will meet princess Lenora who will soon change his life.
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To Blunt The Sharpest Claw

Non Verified story The Velvet Paw of Asquith Novels are a series of New Fable genre novels that involve cats and dogs and high adventure and romance and espionage and food-fights and hotels and explosions and car chases. - With large casts, exotic locations and an absurdity only possible in the absence of human characters, the Velvet Paw of Asquith Novels blend Wi...
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Elizabeth Vercy’s crazy life

Non Verified story One girl (Elizabeth Vercy), will face imitate danger as she has to leave her home in SPACE and is left with the burden of saving the world. Read Elizabeth Vercy’s Crazy Life to learn more.
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How Ninja Tracking Develops Motor Skills Among Kids?

Non Verified story No denial, playtime is the best time for kids to enjoy every moment to its fullest. Amazing, fun activities including see-saws, hide & seek, and swings keep them excited and energetic for a long-time.
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A List of Awesome RV Travel Blogs You Should be Following

Non Verified story The following list is made up of some of the best blogs written by experienced RV enthusiasts who have plenty to share about their journeys.
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