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Victoria Desperado's Mansion of Despair


Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Robert L...

Jon and Maeve

Non Verified story By David Backer
Short tale 3850 views 1 1 Story completed

New Frogtopia

Non Verified story The captain and doctor's logs of the colonisation of Earth from an alien species.
2 CHAPTERS 16672 views 2 1 Story completed


Non Verified story Una de las muchas formas de falta de respeto aceptadas como usos y costumbres normales en la mayor parte del mundo.
Short tale 14153 views 1 1 In progress

Fire and Sand

Non Verified story An account written in the form of a post-conflict report about an ambush in Afghanistan.
2 CHAPTERS 5448 views 1 Story completed

The Mountain Population Is Me

Non Verified story By Shane Jones
2 CHAPTERS 3971 views New chapter Every Tuesday

Hunted Down by Charles Dickens

Non Verified story One might not necessarily think of Dickens as a mystery writer, but detectives and criminals do figure into much of his work. This...gathers a dozen of his stories featuring cops of one kind or another
1 chapter 4458 views Story completed

Dracula's Guest

Non Verified story By Bran Stokers
1 chapter 4907 views 1 Story completed


Non Verified story Siempre ignorante, siempre deseoso. Muy pocas veces satisfecho. Kaled es el infinito.
8 CHAPTERS 14597 views 14 7 New chapter Every 30 days

Тяжелая принцесса

Non Verified story как граф нашел свою принцессу
Short tale 16473 views Story completed

One step at a time

Non Verified story A true story about an overweight woman who started training for a marathon with Oprah's trainer.
1 chapter 4821 views 2 4 Story completed


Non Verified story Самое мистическое и завораживающее время..
1 chapter 15227 views 1 Story completed

86 ways to cross one desert

Non Verified story by Alexander Lumans
Short tale 3676 views 1 In progress

The box tunnel

Non Verified story By: Charles Reade
Short tale 3541 views Story completed

Regret by Kate Chopin

Non Verified story by Kate Chopin
1 chapter 7608 views 2 Story completed

Duraznos fríos

Non Verified story
1 chapter 15259 views 2 1 Story completed


Non Verified story By Kyle Minor
4 CHAPTERS 3383 views New chapter Every Tuesday

Head down, palm up

Non Verified story Mitchell S. Jackson
Short tale 3633 views 1 Story completed

How the Leopard Got His Spots by Rudyard Kipling

Non Verified story by Rudyard Kipling
1 chapter 5191 views 3 Story completed

The Pickwick Papers

Non Verified story
1 chapter 3470 views Story completed

Dream Write

Non Verified story Chris has a serious case of writer's block . With a deadline approaching drastic times call for drastic measures. He tries an experimental dream reading technology and gets way more than he bargained for.
1 chapter 16951 views 1 4 New chapter Every 30 days

Duo: "Rogelio" y "El ánima sola"

Non Verified story En ambos cuentos y aunque con aproximaciones disitntas, se observa el tema del amor yu la inocencia destruidos por la duda. Además, con soberbias impresiones del hermoso paisaje andino, Carrasquilla describe la sencilla piedad de las gentes del campo y los dramas de una joven pareja.
2 CHAPTERS 3573 views New chapter Every Wednesday

Think Yourself to Death by Stephen Marlowe

Non Verified story f you've never read a Johnny Mayhem story before, you are in for a treat. Johnny, who wears different bodies the way ordinary people wear clothes, is one of the most fascinating series characters in science fiction.
1 chapter 3746 views Story completed

Rima III

Non Verified story Una de las clásicas Rimas del poeta sevillano del siglo XIX Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer
4 CHAPTERS 13764 views 1 New chapter Every Wednesday
Visual Story

Year of the Big Thaw by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Non Verified story In this warm and fanciful story of a Connecticut farmer, Marion Zimmer Bradley has caught some of the glory that is man's love for man—no matter who he is nor whence he's from. By heck, you'll like little Matt.
1 chapter 3655 views 1 1 Story completed

A Wicked Woman by Jack London

Non Verified story by Jack London
1 chapter 5212 views 2 Story completed

Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Non Verified story Hawthorne's classic tale of a young Puritan's meeting with the Devil.
1 chapter 4085 views 1 Story completed

Most Wanted

Non Verified story By Eric Raymond
2 CHAPTERS 3471 views Story completed

Olvidé decir adiós

Non Verified story
1 chapter 13822 views 3 7 New chapter Every Saturday