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The Tree of Life by Catherine Lucille Moore

Non Verified story A gripping tale of the planet Mars and the terrible monstrosity that called its victims to it from afar—a tale of Northwest Smith
1 chapter 4.3k views 2 Story completed

Shooting an Elephant

Non Verified story
1 chapter 5.6k views Story completed

Афганский излом

Non Verified story Проза жизни
1 chapter 17.7k views 1 Story completed


Non Verified story проза жизни
1 chapter 17.7k views 1 1 Story completed

The Valley of Spiders by H. G. Wells

Non Verified story by H.G. Wells
2 CHAPTERS 5.4k views 2 Story completed

The Informer by Joseph Conrad

Non Verified story X turned up in due course. My treasures are disposed in three large rooms without carpets and curtains. There is no other furniture than the itaghres and the glass cases whose contents shall be worth a fortune to my heirs. I allow no fires to be lighted, for fear of accidents, and a fire-proof door separates them from the rest of the house.
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Non Verified story Lo medieval puede ocurrir
1 chapter 13.3k views Story completed

Pistol Politics by Robert Ervin Howard

Non Verified story 'Pistol Politics' is a story in the Breckinridge Elkins series about a cowboy in the wild west.
1 chapter 4.2k views Story completed

Lady Bountiful

Non Verified story by George A. Birmingham
1 chapter 5.0k views Story completed

When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth by Cory Doctorow

Non Verified story The heroic exploits of "sysadmins" — systems administrators — as they defend the cyber-world, and hence the world at large, from worms and bioweapons.
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Echoes In Evening Wear by Will McIntosh

Non Verified story provocative story about sex, commitment and the power of fantasy to take on a life of its own. If you’re likely to swoon at the mention of naughty bits, read no further.
1 chapter 4.1k views 3 Story completed

The God in the Box by Sewell Peaslee Wright

Non Verified story In the course of his Special Patrol duties Commander John Hanson resolves the unique and poignant mystery of "toma annerson."
1 chapter 4.1k views Story completed

A Comedy In Rubber

Non Verified story This short story narrates the love story between two rubbers, people who go to accident sites in New York City. After meeting in an accident, William Pry falls in love with Violet Seymour they part their separate ways, but can´t stop thinking about each other. After a desperate search by William, they encounter and start dating, and finally they...
1 chapter 7.7k views 1 1 Story completed

Little Benjamin

Non Verified story By Laura E. Richards
1 chapter 5.1k views 1 New chapter Every Sunday

Records of a tourist

Non Verified story The word Haw-ho-noo was originally applied to America by the Iroquois Indians, and signifies the country upheld on the back of a turtle; and my reasons for employing it on the present occasion are simply these—a portion of the volume is devoted to the traditionary lore of the Aborigines, and the whole has reference to my native land. Story by CH...
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The Woman of His Dream

Non Verified story
5 CHAPTERS 5.6k views Story completed

All In The Mind by Gene L. Henderson

Non Verified story When does life begin?... A well-known book says "forty". A well-known radio program says "eighty". Some folks say it's mental, others say it's physical. But take the strange case of Mel Carlson who gave a lot of thought to the matter.
1 chapter 4.2k views 1 2 Story completed

Dracula's Guest

Non Verified story By Bran Stokers
1 chapter 5.3k views 1 2 Story completed

Police Operation by Henry Beam Piper

Non Verified story Hunting down the beast, under the best of circumstances, was dangerous. But in this little police operation, the conditions required the use of inadequate means!
1 chapter 4.1k views 1 Story completed

A Flight Into Texas

Non Verified story Short story "A Flight into Texas," by Arthur Cheney Train.
1 chapter 5.2k views 1 Story completed

The Blind Man And The Talking Dog

Non Verified story By Juliana Horatia Ewing
1 chapter 5.4k views 1 Story completed

Червь сомнения

Non Verified story Проза жизни
1 chapter 16.6k views 1 Story completed

His Wedded Wife

Non Verified story His Wedded Wife by Rudyard Kipling was published in the Civil and Military Gazette on February 25, 1887, and in book form in the first Indian edition of Plain Tales from the Hills in 1888, and in subsequent editions of that collection. It is one of the short stories that Tompkins classifies as a tale of 'revenge', but it has elements of those cl...
1 chapter 5.4k views Story completed

The Vendetta

Non Verified story by GUY de MAUPASSANT
1 chapter 5.7k views 2 1 Story completed

The Pickwick Papers

Non Verified story
1 chapter 3.7k views Story completed

Эффект перегоревшей лампочки

Non Verified story проза жизни
1 chapter 17.7k views 1 Story completed

Think Yourself to Death by Stephen Marlowe

Non Verified story f you've never read a Johnny Mayhem story before, you are in for a treat. Johnny, who wears different bodies the way ordinary people wear clothes, is one of the most fascinating series characters in science fiction.
1 chapter 4.1k views 1 Story completed

Strictly Business by O. Henry

Non Verified story This story is one of 33 stories from 1908 chronicles the place with which O. Henry is most identified: New York City, which he called "Baghdad-on-the-Subway." A very popular and prolific author, O. Henry is noted for his sentimental tales dealing with the lives of everyday people; he is also revered as a master of the surprise endings.
1 chapter 4.4k views 1 2 Story completed