Every Captains'Girl

Non Verified story The Girl who every one likes and Love meets the Boy who every one doesn't like, Her Innocence and Curiosity: and his Wants to change for the Better... Bringing us a Slowburn Love story. To her eyes everyone is Good and better To his Eyes everyone is distant yet Close Maybe if he opens up a little more?
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Mundo G

Ian es un joven de 20 años que empieza a trabajar de columnista en una revista gay. Él y cuatro mejores amigos son los protagonistas de esta historia de amores, desamores y alguna que otra resaca. Cinco amigos con distintos problemas en sus relaciones sentimentales y un mismo objetivo. ¿Encontrar el amor? TITULO: MUNDO G CAPÍTULOS: 35 AÑO: 2009 ht…
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l poder de la esposa que ora Spanish Edition

Non Verified story
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Non Verified story Gracias por leer. 😀
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I love you to the moon and back

Non Verified story Imagine being in a situation where you have to choose between two people; the one that you like but doesn’t feel the same way or the person who likes you and cares for you but you don’t like that person back. Who would you choose? Language: Filipino (Tagalog) and English
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Non Verified story One summer time, Shaia was on a vacation but it was not to relax, she was with her aunt. She asked her if she could be her daughter's tutor the whole vacation and in return, she's gonna buy her all the stuff she needed for her next school year. Yes, her family is not that rich and not that poor either. On the way to the bus station, it seemed like…
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Non Verified story in a world where dark magic are hated, how will you prove that they are wrong?
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Night Light: A Devotional for Couples

Non Verified story
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T²gether with you

Non Verified story Si Tine ay isang cheerleader at si Sarawat ay isang Football player
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im just your fangirl

Non Verified story being is a fangirl fun not until you fall inlove with you're idol and ended into broken heart... and ended crying...
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Battle Cry

Non Verified story
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•Se fuerte que no te derrote las adversidades de la vida, ni tu propia mente•

Non Verified story Este libro consiste en poemas que brindarán un alivio a tu corazón, a tu alma que está destrozada el dolor que sentimos y nos sofocamos necesitamos alivio
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Non Verified story It's all about the life of Vikram
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Meet me in Kichijoji

Non Verified story Haru wada is a singer and songwriter who makes all his fan fall in love with his angelic voice. While Ruiji is a art student from musashino who loves listening to HARU's music. Due to HARU's popularity he is struggling with the life in music industry, as he continuously craves for a simple living. On the month of october , He was assigned to play…
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An Unforgettable Melody

Non Verified story Mike and melody romantic moment.😋 Read more and know more 🤍✨❤️
6 CHAPTERS 3.1k views 1 Story completed

O jardim secreto

Non Verified story A história de uma garota que perdeu seus pais e foi para Inglaterra morar com seu tio e descobriu o jardim secreto de sua tia
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The of God

Non Verified story
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Sunsets With You

Non Verified story She left him in the darkness just like a sunset.
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Non Verified story Polian City faced a great disaster as they were freaked out by an unexpected wave of zombies who are all oddly smiling. Joas, soon to be a doctor that cures by killing... compare himself as nothing different from these zombies... was not eaten but captured by a strange human-like zombie who only aims to protect him at any cost, along with a veile…
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The Cupid's Promise

Non Verified story "Love doesn't mean to fall once is already for infinity."
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Nice Meeting You

Non Verified story Not sociable, tahimik, hindi pala-imik, mahiyain, introvert, that's how you describe Euphre. Kontento na siya sa tahimik niyang buhay. Para sa kanya, hindi niya kailangang magkaroon ng kaibigan dahil hindi naman niya alam makitungo. Pero ang pananaw niyang ito ay biglang nabaliktad nang magkaroon ng sunod-sunod na problema. To survive, she need…
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Summers Break

Non Verified story A story of a boy, that been played by his unfair fate.
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My Sister's Girl Bestfriend

Non Verified story "Kung alam ko lang na ganito pala kasakit 'yung mararamdaman ko edi sana hindi na 'ko nagpadala sa kuryosidad na alamin ang sikreto ni ate Syrene" ••• 13 years old pa lang si Lera ay may crush na siya sa girl bestfriend ng kaniyang ate Ashayra. Makalipas nga ang dalawang taon na hindi nila pagkikita ni …
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Non Verified story Kathalia Cei is a simple woman, her family owns a bakeshoppe, coffee shop and restaurants. But, she's the one who's managing it now. Kathalia is a busy person, not until her bestfriend, Lauryn Lorelle. Invited her to go to the bar to relax and who is she to declined her bestfriend? She loves lauryn so much. So, as they arrived to the bar, kathalia…
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He's my tag boyfriend [#1/5 of 5 Aces]

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Non Verified story A girl where her secrets are found by a man who ruined her entire life...
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Fear Has a Name The Crittendon Files

Non Verified story
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7 Cups Of Tea

Non Verified story Romance/ Novel/Filipino
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