The story about the love of three girls. Will their love for each other become one of everlasting lust, or will it end in disaster?
1 chapter 2.7k views 2 3 New chapter Every 30 days


The night falls into solitude. One could hear the calling of the moon speaking through my veins, I knew tonight will be something to remember..
10 CHAPTERS 13.3k views 16 5 New chapter Every Tuesday

An interview with God!!!

Non Verified story This is a true story none of this information has been falsified in any way
30 CHAPTERS 11.1k views 3 1 New chapter Every 30 days


Something's wrong in the country Ostrandia. Two enemies Adrianna and Jackson, must settle their differences and work together to find out the mastermind behind all this.
Short tale 6.1k views 10 9 Story completed

The world accident

Non Verified story Five years ago the Arcana’s landed and took over humanity. Erazen is a young Human Turned elf that just escaped from the Arcana’s lab. He is learning how to deal with his new life and with the help of his new family learn how to feel safe, loved, and protected.
4 CHAPTERS 1.9k views 7 2 New chapter Every 2 days

Love Between screens

Non Verified story Amid countless family conflicts, psychological conflicts and a worldwide pandemic. Audra and Freddie one day become friends via the internet. After a while, they realize they don't feel that what they really want is friendship. Despite a virus ravaging the world, preventing them from meeting, they will do everything to fight and resist the conflic…
5 CHAPTERS 2.6k views New chapter Everyday

Dangerous Love

Lucas Williams is a young Navy Seal that just got back and things between him and his long time best friend get heated
5 CHAPTERS 3.9k views 17 21 New chapter Every 30 days

Steel Bones

Non Verified story Cyborgs. Ugly, mutant, creatures. Some call them beasts. Some say they will one day try to kill everyone with their powers. Some do plan to do that. Meet Ava Lizza Carter. She may be 49% cyborg, but she isn't ugly, she is beautiful. She is a mutant; but she perfers the term servivor. She isn't a beast; she is a fighter. And she will never take ove…
1 chapter 5.0k views 120 2 New chapter Every 10 days


A young girl had gone missing, and despite the passage of time and the loss of hope from others, her mother never gave up. Her unwavering determination and steadfast belief that her daughter was still alive fueled her tireless search efforts. And finally, after years of searching, her persistence paid off as she was able to bring her daughter home…
Short tale 5.8k views 3 3 Story completed

Midnight Call

Krista Dunaway is escaping from a dangerous situation from her past and decides to take a radical turn in her life by moving to New York. Until now, her life has been calm and able to heal the emotional scars of her past, but something keeps her alert. When the pandemic hits, something different begins to happen to her in her new apartment, Krista…
8 CHAPTERS 4.4k views 9 2 Story completed

In Pursuit of a Mirage

In the shadows of high school, Emily, feeling ordinary, crafts a new persona to catch Jason's eye. The allure of transformation fades as she confronts the fragility of facades, discovering that the true beauty lies in the authenticity she feared to reveal. The canvas of self-discovery unfolds, painting a narrative of love, acceptance, and the stre…
20 CHAPTERS 2.5k views 25 16 Story completed

Scrap Book

Random scenes we have done that are not part of any story.
9 CHAPTERS 10.0k views 25 6 Story completed

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Visual Story

Timeless I

A university student wakes up in a time that isn't hers. She has to figure out where she is and why in order to then understand how she can get back home. Check out Timeless II, tge full story for Timeless
Short tale 24.4k views 11 31 Story completed

Buy Verified Stripe Account

Non Verified story Buy Verified Stripe Account If you want to more information just contact now. 24 Hours Reply/Contact ➤Email: [email protected] ➤Skype: SmmServiceIT ➤Telegram: @SmmServicesIT ➤WhatsApp: +1 (985) 287-7864
1 chapter 307 views 2 Story completed
Blog Story

The Wonderful Lovely

A collection of poems.
18 CHAPTERS 7.0k views 66 1 Story completed

Elderlore, Times of Rea (Book I)

Part of the Universe of Hearthlands of Elderlore In lands afar and of age unknown, an entire realm knows not of what malice approaches. What shall become of this world, the Hearthland, where various races have long settled and made their own. Will their bloodlines endure another age, or shall the walls and roads of their lands crumble into legend; or be forgotten and fade into myth.
6 CHAPTERS 7.0k views 13 24 Story completed

Abraham Lincoln

Part of the Universe of The Universe of History Non Verified story Abraham
4 CHAPTERS 3.6k views 8 3 Story completed

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“The more money you spend on guns, the less money you spend on people! ... STOP WAR! #STOPWAR
5 CHAPTERS 3.6k views 2 6 Story completed

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The Ticking Leap.

Single man Max goes out to the nightclub in one year, he wakes up in a completely different year, married.
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A young boy named Magnus, the son of a Roman senator's servant fell in love with Aeliana, the daughter of the most crucial general in the Empire, the daughter of Tiberius, the Praefectus Preatorio (The Commander of the Pretorian Guard). He knew that his fate was sealed at birth, he could never become a soldier unless he proved his worth as a fight…
Short tale 8.2k views 17 17 Story completed

My boyfriend is a vampire

Starla fell in love with a boy named zenith she is narrating how she fell in love with this vampire boy who go in the same exact school but in different worlds. She was curious to see what's on the other side of the school hallways and why zenith acting strange towards her when it comes to a bandaid. She never told her family yet she is dating …
12 CHAPTERS 3.7k views 52 19 New chapter Every Thursday

Sunset Bay

es una historia en Ingles de drama hare mas capitulos más adelante
1 chapter 1.9k views 2 5 In progress

Curly Headed Cutie

When awkward, anxious teen, Tiffany Green, accidentally spills her drink on the school's "asshole/badass", Travis Reel, she runs away before he could even ask her name. Little does Tiffany know, this caught his attention...
50 CHAPTERS 8.9k views 84 38 Story completed


The Staff from the Businesses around Graffiti Alley join forces to restore the area.
2 CHAPTERS 3.4k views 5 4 Story completed

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The Lieutenant

People say that time can heal any wound, but what happens when time goes by and some wounds still bleed? She needed to heal. Only he could understand her suffering, her yearning, her desires, her hopes. How could he not, he was her guardian angel. He has always protected her. They’ve talked numerous times in her dreams, he has always been by her s…
Short tale 25.5k views 15 32 Story completed

A signal man

El guardavías (The Signal-Man) es un relato de terror escrito por Charles Dickens y publicado en diciembre de 1866 en la revista literaria All the Year Round, dirigida y fundada por Dickens. El relato mezcla terror y elegancia y demuestra que pueden ir de la mano. Se trata de un cuento de terror clásico, sin variantes en la trama, aunque el verdad…
1 chapter 9.1k views 3 2 Story completed

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The Girl That Discovered Earth

The Girl That Discovered Earth is about well... a girl who discovered earth. This girl that journals will take you on a humorous journey of how she discovered earth and her thoughts on humans. Buckle up and be prepared for anything...
7 CHAPTERS 23.3k views 26 19 New chapter Every 30 days


A poem on indian mythological river ganga.
Short tale 2.4k views 3 8 Story completed