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To all writers, a few words. And this is your opportunity. This contest consists in creating a micro-story of any genre and/or category, whether fiction or non-fiction, in maximum 70 words, no more. You can participate with up to 5 micro-stories, so you have more chances to win. Read the bases here. Read more. Participate now!

You are guilty

You like to be the detective and to live the story from the outside, but what would happen if that antagonist, that guilty one, is you? Nothing easy, huh? On Inkspired is #ThrillerTime and for that, we bring you the new monthly contest: "YOU ARE GUILTY". It consists in writing a short story of 300 words maximum, which must be written in FIRST PERSON point of view, narrating the story like you were the ANTAGONIST. Read more. Participate now!

Dramatize yourself

Do you like Drama and you are a few words kind of person? Well, your time has arrived. This month we dedicate it to this category and we launched a new contest that consists in writing a Drama micro-story with a maximum of 250 words. The BEST micro-story - the most original, creative and well-written - will be the WINNER. Besides, we will award the MOST POPULAR micro-story, which will be chosen for the amount of 'likes' on Instagram or Facebook. Read more. Contest closed

Verses for Her

Publish a single poem or a few, to celebrate Mother's day (and month) and enlighten the Art of Poetry. 5 winners of this edition will be represented worldwide. Read more. Contest closed

Speak in silence

Some people say that a look is worth more than a thousand words. In this contest, we challenge you to take out your creativity and draft a short story where the main character is voiceless. How are you going to develop the story? We leave that to you. Read more. Contest closed

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