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#NewWritingContest - It's moment for some White Love

It's Christmas time. And Christmas is for snow, hot chocolate, lights, gifts, but also, for peace and love. Inspire yourself in it, and write a short story about romance -of maximum 600 words- that develops in this time of the year. Also, we want to make you go creative, so the story needs to have four main characters.

The most emotional and original short story will be the winner.And of course, spelling and grammar will be taken into account. Any error of these will subtract points.

So, are you ready for some #ChristmasTales?

Start date: December 1st, 2018

End date: December 31th, 2018

But what is the definition of Romance?

Among the various literature and cinema genres is romance, which refers to a romantic relationship, usually between two people. While it is impossible to frame certain stories in a single genre, those that turn the plot around the intimacy of two individuals who fall in love often receive the label of romantic, with all that this entails at the cultural level.

Authors: Julián Pérez Porto and Ana Gardey. Published: 2010. Updated: 2010. Definition: Definition of romance (https://definicion.de/romance/)

How does the contest work?

1. You must write a romantic short story, with a maximum of 600 words, and publish it on your Inkspired profile.

2. Once your story is published, you can edit it until the contest’s deadline.

3. The story must be published as a SHORT STORY of the Romance category.

4. You must tag your story with the hashtag #ChristmasTales .

5. The story must have a title, a proper cover, and a brief description.

6. It must be an unpublished story, and exclusively of Inkspired during the time of the contest.

7. Once the contest is over, the microstory should remain published on Inkspired for a minimum of 6 months.

8. The contest will have a single winner and a second place. They will be announced in the first two weeks of January 2019.

9. The winners will be chosen by the Inkspired editorial team, and their choice will be based on the orginality and emotion of the story, the grammatical quality and compliance with the rules.

10. A minimum of 20 participants is required for the contest to be official.

Competition rules

1. People from any part of the world can participate, but the story must be written in English.

2. The story can’t have more than 600 words, but it can have less.

3. The stories must be of your authorship, we do not accept any kind of plagiarism and there may be legal actions if this is infringed.

4. The stories have to be exclusive for the duration of the contest.

5. If you are not a current user of Inkspired and want to participate, you just have to register. It's free!

6. The story must have the hashtag #ChristmasTales in the hashtags section. In addition, it must have a title, a cover and a brief description of the work.

7. The story must have 4 main characters. It can have more (between secondary and main characters), but not less.

8. This time you can participate with a maximum of 3 stories. No more works by the same author will be accepted. If this happens, all works of authorship will be disqualified.

9. Anyone who does spam will be disqualified.

10. The terms of the contest must be fulfilled. No work that comes out of this period will be accepted.

11. Stories can be edited only during the contest term. Once closed, no change will be accepted.

12. Once the winners have been announced, they should write to [email protected] to coordinate the delivery of the prizes. If the winner is not pronounced within 15 days, the prize will be awarded to the second place.

13. You do not need to participate since the first day, you can do it whenever you want while the contest is open.

14. Participation in this contest means that the user knows and accepts the bases thereof.

15. We also have competitions in other languages -Spanish and Portuguese-, you can see them in the contest section of each language.



First place: 1 basic cover for any story of your own, and 1 Christmas art for your winner story. 

Second place: 1 Story Promotion Pack for free.

How to publish a story on Inkspired?

1. Go to www.getinkspired.com

2. Register as a user (if you are not already). You can do it manually or via Facebook.

3. Click on CREATE A STORY.

4. Choose the type of story you want to publish, in the case of the contest it must be: SHORT STORY

5. Write the title of your story and the category (in this case it would be ROMANCE). The title can be edited later if you wish.

6. Write your story as a single chapter.

7. Once written click on 'save' and then 'close and go to the story’s profile’.

8. Here you can add the hashtag #ChristmasTales, the description, the cover and the language. Remember that the hashtag must go both in the hashtag section and in the description.

9. Then you will have to go down to where your chapter’s title is and click on the button that says 'Draft' and change it to 'Published'.

10. You can see a video tutorial on how to post here: https://getinkspired.com/faq/ -but it is in spanish.

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The science of writing Science Fiction


Writing Science Fiction is not just getting into another reality, but creating it. Creating a brand new universe: strange, different and extraordinary, but without being in accordance with real times. This makes it difficult to write it, but fascinating.

Writing a science fiction novel has many points to take into account, and it is essential to learn them to have a successful novel with an interesting plot.

In general terms you should know that:

1) You have to learn science, as the american writer and biochemistry teacher, Isaac Asimov, said. This does not mean that you become a scientist, but you do need to have a basic notion of it.

2) You must read everything. Reading expands your vocabulary, it polish your writing and improve your way of telling a story and describing the characters. However, it is essential that you read Science Fiction novels, as this way you will acquire the tricks of the trade and the way of interweaving the environment with the plot.

3) Your story should be interesting. And to be interesting you must have a conflict that the main character tries to solve. It is not just a matter of creating the perfect science fiction environment, but knowing how to engage the reader in an interesting plot.

4) The time and setting are fundamental. And with this, we mean in what time or era the story is taking place and the resources you are using in it. There can be no inconsistencies. That is, if your novel takes place in medieval times, you will not make the characters have computers or mobile phones to communicate.

5) You must know that Science Fiction is not the same as fantasy. They differ in many aspects, but the main one, according to María del Mar Glez Gómez, is that "if the story follows the basic rules of physics, biology and mathematics, it is science fiction. Meanwhile, if it has elements whose explanation is impossible through science (like magic), it is fantasy. "

6) Likewise, since Sci-Fi is not fantasy, your characters are not either. So, give them human qualities. Although one of them is a robot or a non-human being, make them have characteristics or feelings of this type, this will make the reader feel identified with him. Do not forget that when a reader feels identified with a character, you have win him/her.

7) Science Fiction plays with the past, the present, and the future. And it includes elements that start from a real assumption, but they can end being extraordinary. However, it is always possible, while fantasy is not.

8) Being Sci-Fi doesn't means it can't be mixed with other literary genres. There are many works that mix science fiction with fantasy, or with action. Find your style, and save it.

These are some of the general points to take into account when sitting at the computer toget inside your science fiction world. This genre gives a lot, and for the same reason readers like it so much. Anyway, the more you get into it, you will discover new and different ways of telling a good story.

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Are you ready for NaNoWriMo?


October is full of magic, specially in 2 aspects: in which how nature is transformed, and in the preparation you must have if you want to write a novel.

In this article, we will help you prepare for the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which is a novel writing "marathon" worldwide. For an author, October becomes preptober, and therefore is important to test the terrain and identify what you want to achieve in November.

The NaNoWriMo tends to be a moment of emotion every year but also a full of stress because it is a race against time and against yourself, and, like any other competition, it is better to arrive trained and ready to let yourself flow on the paper (or the keyboard for those who prefer to write on the PC) all the story we want to tell the world.

First tips
It is time to get serious and consider how far we want to get in this writing career. To begin, I recommend you take note of these questions and try to reflect on the answers, as this will give clarity to your path as a writer.

Consider these questions:
1.- Why do you write?
2.- What is your writing goal?
3.- Do you have any idea what you want to write during the NaNoWriMo?
4.-What kind will it be?

If you have already answered these questions, it will be easier to go ahead in the development of your novel during the NaNoWriMo.

I know it can be scary to write a 50,000 word novel in just 30 days, but it's not impossible. With planning, effort and perseverance, you will surely achieve it.

What other things should you consider before the #nanowrimo?
The preparation of NaNoWriMo for a writer should consider factors that depend, most of the time, on what you will dedicate to writing in this month, but there are also other things that should be left ready before starting to have the least complicated path, achieving with this that November is really the month in which you will concentrate to fulfill this great goal.

The main plot
Where will the story happen?
How many characters will you have?
How will the story begin?
What will be the main conflict?
How do you plan to finish?

Suggest that you have answered these questions before you begin. One or two lines at least for each question will provide you with a basic guide that can help you to know what is next. The rest will depend on what you add in the November word race, whose path you will already know a little because of the clues you have prepared for yourself.

Now, about the characters that you have planned to include in the story, you must have a note of the type of people they are.

How they look?
What personality do they have?
What things do you like, and dislike?
What makes you laugh, be afraid, or cry?
How do they react to stress situations?

If you have a card for each character giving all the details that you can think of, I'm sure that it will give more consistency to your work and will make your characters don't look flat in the story. Maye not everything that you write would be part of your story, but for you as a writer it is important that you know it. 

The environment
We have covered what is necessary about what the story will be, so that what you write has a background and can become a great story. Now let's move on to what must be around you during that process.

To write, you need an environment that seems pleasant and inspiring. You must have the tranquility or the hustle and bustle necessary to motivate your concentration to write, and maximize it. Cafes, libraries, studios, kitchens, empty rooms or whatever you can think of. Choose a place well, and fill it with objects that help you stay focused. For example, you can put an amulet, an incense or essential oil, a candle, have your favorite drink on hand, prepare the appropriate music, the clothes that you find most comfortable in the writing process, etc.

The material

It's time to put together the books you want to consult in the process of your writing, the instruments you plan to use, your outline, notebooks with useful details and, of course, the applications that help you make counts of your writing sessions and block the use of social networks. In NaNoWriMo there are only two things that deserve your complete attention: your idea, and your will to carry it out through writing.


Once all this has been prepared, there is only one thing left: announce to the world that you will spend a month writing, and ask your friends and close relatives to understand that and not interrupt you, and to support you in your decision. You need all the time and concentration possible to fulfill a dream, and if your loved ones are aware, you will feel more motivated and therefore, the mission of writing will be a little simpler.

Do you already have what it takes to start writing your novel?

Get closer to other writers

If you lack ideas or need more advice, the official page of the event is dedicated to sharing how other writers are doing that, like you, face this titanic challenge. Look for groups that adapt to your country, genre of writing, or language, and surely among all can form a support community in which you feel enough confidence to guide you, and thus be able to move forward.

There are others like you, you just have to find them.

And well, that was all for now.

I hope this small article is useful for you.

If you enter the NaNoWriMo this year, I wish you the best of luck.

If you want to read more writing articles, do not forget to check them always in this Writer's Blog. You can also find more weekly writing tips in my story (but it is in spanish) "Blown inspiration: tips to write more and better", which is in development.


Author: Tania A. Santos (Translation: Inskspired)

Inkspired User: luthierzebeth

Instagram: @letrasdetaniablog

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Update of 'Make your world a comic' contest

The contest "Make your world a comic" has been closed, and after reviewing all the comics involved, the Inkspired editorial team has decided, unfortunately, to cancel the contest due to not reaching the minimum participants quota required.

One of the conditions for our competitions to be official is that they have a minimum number of users involved (this is always written in the bases of each contest). However, we want to publicly thank all the artists and writers who participated, and tell them that very soon we will make another comic contest, to support them in their art. We hope we can count with your participation in this and other contests that we will publish soon.

Your stories are a work of art.

With light and inspiration,
The Inkspired team

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