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Videos that make you grow as a writer

Fingers know that writing is not a mechanical action.
It is not easy, nor simple. It involves more than grammar, spelling and knowing how to tell a story. You need to inhale and exhale art, demonstrate creativity, revitalize words that seem, sometimes, forgotten. Writing is giving power to letters. And in order to give power to something you need to train it, like any sport. The best athletes have hard training sessions to get better, and, the best writers, should have the same.

The positive side is that we count with different tools that can serve us as our "coaches". If we do not have enough time or resources to have an official education, a teacher, editor or boss to guide us, today there are writers or literature teachers who make free tutorial videos on YouTube that are very useful at writing time. These videos, in general, cover everything you need to know in order for a story to be successful.

In addition, a video is usually more attractive, dynamic and easy to digest. Sometimes the visual contact with another person, whether through a screen, makes teaching more enjoyable. At the moment on YouTube, there are some interesting proposals in different languages.

For example:

In English, Platforms like Ted, have hundreds of writers and educators who offer lessons about how to write better. Nalo Hopkinson has an extremely detailed video about how to make a fiction novel to come alive. The drawings, the language used, the multimedia resources and the way to give you perfect examples and simple explanations, create an effective and different teaching. Cheri Steinkellner, on the other hand, explains how to write comedy.

Vivien Reis, an independent author of The Elysian Prophecy, also has a channel where she talks about different topics related to writing every Wednesday. These are very useful, since it touches important and creative topics, and generates closeness with the audience by watching her at all time in front of the camera.

On the other hand, in Spanish, we have Covadonga Literary Workshops, which is a writer's channel named Covadonga who is responsible for supporting you in writing a novel. She gives you tips, steps, and/or tutorials, and uses the text as support, but you can also follow her through the audio. On her website, she also offers special services for writers.

On the other hand, we have Enrique Páez with his online workshops. The Spanish writer, specialized in children's and young people's literature, offers us a wide range of videos that deal with different topics about how to tell a story, for example: how to write science fiction, how to create your first paragraph, how to write a horror story , the profile of a writer, among others.

Also, Inkspired has its Online Academy every Monday, which in addition to having its own channel on YouTube can also be followed on the same website and on Facebook. Each week, the journalist and writer Jackie explains a new topic related to fiction writing. The combination makes the audience feel that we can all write if we put ourselves into it.
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