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The 'Fast and the Furious' writer

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Sometimes the secret is in the speed with which you write. We all know that writing is a complex task that requires time, inspiration, imagination, vocabulary, research and different aspects that can take hours, which causes many writers to get stuck. To some, it takes days, months, and even years, to write a story that could be completed in less. However, at Inkspired we believe that this has a great margin for improvement and that you only need to follow certain guidelines and have the right tools to maximize your time.

We have summarized these guidelines in 5 tips.

1) Practice creates the master.
First, you have to know that the speed of your writing is your speed. Not someone else's. So you should not compare yourself, or feel disadvantaged at any time. The rhythm is something that is gained over time and with daily practice. The more you write, the faster you will write. The constant breakdown of ideas into textual words becomes - eventually - a habit, in which you will no longer have to write and erase all the time. However, you have to write. And every day, or its majority. Writing a short story, a chapter, or something that has a beginning and an end, on a daily basis, will increase your performance.

2) The organization makes the worker.
It seems a cliché, but no. When you write a story, the more organized you have your ideas, your characters, the sequence of events, your doubts, and your physical space, the more effective you will be writing. Have everything at hand: your notes, your sources of research, the outline of the story, the visual maps, the description of your characters, the drawings (if you are one of those who draws), and everything you need. Inkspired, precisely, aims to support you with this organization, and in the Inkspired Writer App, we have an option for you to build your visual maps, identify and define your characters, places, events, etc.

3) The biggest challenge is not against the clock but against ourselves.
Set limit Set goals and short-term times: "I do not do anything else until this chapter ends", "I will not leave this until I complete a certain amount of pages"; "I write 1 chapter every 3 days"; "The day is not over until I solve this problem." Write your goals in a place where you can always see them. Jessica Page, the author of Writing Out The Storm, confessed that she accomplished a thousand times more when she wrote down her goals and put them in a place that she had to see all the time. Platforms like Inkspired give you the option to put reminders to encourage you to continue your writing.

4) Be perfectly imperfect.
Allow yourself to write whatever you feel deep inside. Do not expect to write the perfect way or find the most elaborate words, or think that there will be no going back. The first thing is to get out of the stalemate and move forward. Staying on the same page, or in the same sentences for a long time, generates fatigue and even blocks you. Move forward, write, flow, and then, you can go back whenever you want to correct it.

5) If you want to be a writer, you have to act like a writer.
Look at it as a profession, not as a hobby. Find your weak points and work on them. For example, if you tend to be distracted, put aside the mobile phone, the internet, and retire to a quiet place where you can only focus your attention on the text. Establish a schedule and writing space, and keep it, as if it were a job. You will see how in less time than you think, your story will be ready to be published.
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