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Step by step guide about marketing Strategies for emerging writers

As an emerging writer, you've just completed your first book and are looking to sell it online. The question is, how do you market your book without investing too much money? Fortunately, there are a number of marketing strategies you can use to promote your book and grow your audience without breaking the bank. In this article, we'll explore some of these strategies and offer tips on how to switch your mindset from a hobbyist to a serious author.

Define Your Target Audience

Before you begin marketing your book, it's important to identify your target audience. Who are the readers that will most likely enjoy your book? Knowing your target audience will help you tailor your marketing efforts and increase your chances of success. Identify yourself with the readers of the genre you write in, and research what websites, platforms, groups or forums they usually go to. Without a readership, an author is not an author.

Create a brand

Your website or your Inkspired profile is your online home and your readers will expect a professional and inviting presence; or at least one that is visually identifiable with the genre you are writing and conveys quality. You must build a brand around your author's persona that highlights your book and offers readers a chance to learn more about you and your writing.

Leverage Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with readers and promote your book. Choose one or two platforms that align with your target audience and use them to share updates, behind-the-scenes content, and sneak peeks. If your content is highly visual like a graphic novel or comic book, Instagram and Twitter are probably a good alternative for example; if your content is animated, TikTok probably is. If your content is purely written, Twitter is a viable option. It is important to know how to choose the right medium depending on the content you are creating.

Reach Out to Book Bloggers or the community

Book bloggers are always looking for new books to review and share with their audience. Reach out to bloggers in your genre and offer them a free copy of your book in exchange for an honest review. Inkspired's community can also be very supportive and you can reach them easily either on the Inkspired's Discord server or using the tools within the platform to communicate with readers.

Join Writing Groups

Joining a writing group can help you connect with other writers and learn from their experiences. You may also find opportunities to cross-promote your work with other writers in your group. Connecting with other writers, even if they are not in your genre, only enriches your lexicon, opens your mind and expands your network.

Attend Book Festivals and Conferences

Book festivals and conferences can be a great way to connect with readers and other writers in your genre. Look for events in your area, city or country, and plan to attend to build your network and promote your book. Do it in a friendly way and also try to help other authors with your own network; nobody likes to introduce themselves with name and all and have the answer be "read my book".

Offer a Free Sample

Offering a free sample of your book, such as the first few chapters, can entice readers to buy the full book. Consider offering a free sample on your website or social media platforms. Other great strategy that works very well on Inkspired is to have a series of books in which you offer some for free and others with a retail price or a membership.

Ask for Reviews

Reviews are a powerful tool for selling books, and they go a long way just by asking for them. Ask friends, family, and fans to leave reviews on your Inkspired stories, or Amazon, Goodreads, and other book platforms where you have presence. They key is to be everywhere, and have good reviews everywhere too.

Host a Giveaway

Hosting a giveaway can be a fun way to generate buzz for your book, either physical or digital. Consider giving away a signed copy of your book, a digital banner, a Collectible Card on Inkspired, or other related items to fans on social media.

Run a Facebook/Instagram Ad Campaign or Google AdWords

This is one step further. Think about yourself as an entrepreneur: and your book(s) is(are) your product(s). It is important to invest in your cover picture, but also in the marketing. Even the great books and movies needs a trailer and some way to tell everyone they exist. Facebook/Instagram Ads can be a cost-effective way to reach new readers or Google AdWords as an alternative. Target your ad to your target audience and offer an enticing promotion, such as a discount or a free sample. Create a sense of urgency by setting a deadline to benefit from the discount.

Create a book trailer

That being said, a book trailer is a short video that promotes your book in a visually compelling way. Creating a book trailer can be a great way to generate interest in your book and promote it on social media and other online platforms. Host it on Youtube and link it on the profile of your story on Inkspired; we will make sure that more people see it on the platform ;-)

Collaborate with Other Authors

Collaborating with other authors in your genre can be a great way to cross-promote your work and reach new readers. Look for authors with a similar target audience and offer to promote each other's work on social media or other platforms. Create a collab short story where you are both co-authors (you can do that on Inkspired too) so each of you get the readers of the other one. It's an effective way to grow faster.

Utilize Email Marketing

Building an email list of fans and potential readers can be a powerful marketing tool and will allow you to promote your book directly to people who have expressed interest in your work. Offer a free sample or other promotion in exchange for an email address and use email marketing to stay in touch with your audience. Did you know that on Inkspired, under our Premium plans, you can also build up your e-mail list and reach your readers? Alternatively, there are other affordable email marketing tools available, such as Mailchimp and ConvertKit. It's a great investment with even greater returns.

Participate in Online Communities

Online communities, such as Reddit, Goodreads, and Facebook Groups, can be a great way to connect with readers and promote your book. Join groups that align with your target audience and share updates and sneak peeks of your work. By the way, Inkspired itself is a community, so take advantage of it too; participate in writing challenges, the Discord server, the community groups, comments in stories, ambassador programs and the BETA readings. There are many people who have made friends and contacts that way.

Offer pre-orders

Offering pre-orders is a great way to generate excitement and buzz around your book before it’s even released. Inkspired and other platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble allow you to offer pre-orders for your book, which can help you build your audience and generate early sales.

Offer bonus content

Offering bonus content to readers who purchase your book can be a great way to incentivize sales and build your audience. Bonus content can include things like extra chapters, exclusive short stories, or even a free copy of your next book. If you are gamer, you would call it a "DLC". You can offer this bonus content as a part of a pre-order or as an additional benefit of being subscribed to your Membership.

Making the transition from hobbyist to professional writer can be challenging, but with the right marketing strategies and mindset, it’s possible to build an audience and sell your first book online. Remember to focus on creating a strong author platform, building your email list, using social media effectively, collaborating with other writers, and leveraging free and affordable publishing and marketing tools like Inkspired, book giveaways, pre-orders, and bonus content. With persistence and hard work, you can build a successful writing career and share your stories with the world.

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