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5 reasons to join an Inkspired community

We know, of course we know, that as a writer one of your main goals is that people read your stories, and then, follow you as an author. You want that they get hooked by your novels, or by your excellent writing style. But, and this always happens, the question appears: how do I make myself known? Well, for that to happen, first, you must free yourself and publish. There are different ways of doing it. More in these days of social networks, internet and digital platforms for writers and readers.

The digital platforms are an effective idea to promote you, and even more so to introduce you to a community of people who share your same passion. This is the reason why Inkspired, in addition to a wide network of writers and readers, have also built small free communities, in which, mainly, you connect with people from all over the world to participate and share ideas about their stories or a specific topic.

And how? Well, here we leave you 5 ways in which joining a community will help you.

1) Share ideas, opinions and discuss a topic.
Communities are made of these. To ask, answer or discuss a topic in the discussion forum. Also, if you want to tell something about your story or if you have any doubts about how to continue your chapters and what characters or type of narrator to use, these communities serve you as an objective opinion.
2) Promote stories and receive feedback.
For writers, it is extremely important to receive feedback and suggestions on what we write, and here you can have them if you invite people to read your new novel or chapter.
3) Meeting point with people at international level who have the same interests.
On Inkspired, there are writers from different countries, each one with different experiences and cultures, and/or completely opposite or similar writing styles. Creating contacts and "winning" this type of readers will enrich your text to a great extent and you will become better known.
4) Soak up with other's works.
First of all, reading. Reading constantly other works, or discover more authors of the same genre of your novel, can serve as an example for your writing. The more you read, the more you nourish yourself, and in a community, you can be more aware of the news from other authors.
5) Receive help from the managers and editors of Inkspired.
In these communities, there are always expert people involved, and if you actively participate in them you will surely get answers and suggestions from specialized writers who can also clear your doubts.

At the moment, on Inkspired you can join the following communities: Science Fiction, Stories and Micro-stories, Writing and Poetry, Online Publishing Advice, Horror Stories, LGBTQ +, Romantic Stories and Official Community Writer, are some of our communities in both English and in Spanish, and some, in Portuguese.

And last but not least, these communities are a source of motivation and inspiration for every good pen. Remember that an inspired writer is not stopped by anyone.

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