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14 advices to write a novel, by Stephen King

Writing a book could be something so simple, but at the same so difficult. And this paradox is the one that paralyzes all the good authors at writing time, specially when they are just beggining. Stephen King, the great american novelist who has published 54 books, lived a very difficult childhood when he was trying to become the great writer he is right now. But his problems with alcohol, the car crash that he suffered and his poverty, didn't stop him. Instead, those situations motivated him to use writing as a way to learn, let go and grow up.

This is why the fiction author, identified and summarized 14 advices for all the ones that want to be a writer and create a novel.

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1) If you want to be a writer you must do to things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.
There is a big difference between read and write, but the second can't live without the first one. A good writer is aware that reading is what nurture his language, style, cultural background and liberation when he writes.

2) Stories consist in 3 main parts.
-Narration, which takes the story from point A to point B.
-Description, which creates a sensitive reality to the writer.
-Dialogue, which gives life to the characters through the dialogue.

3) The situation always comes first. The characters, flat and unfeatured to begin with, come next.
With this King meant that the trama is always the main thing. First, the author needs to know how the situation will develop, the characters can be describe next.

4) Whether it is a vignette of a single paper or an epic trilogy like the Lord Of The Rings, the work is always accomplish one word at a time.
Do not focus in all what is left to tell and write, neither in the result of your story. Just focus in the now. The word you are writing at that exact moment is the only one you have.

5) The most interesting situations can usually be expressed as a "what if" question.
When you don't know what to write about, ask yourself something that you feel curious to know. "What would happened if when we die we reborn in this same life?"

6) The best stories always end up being more about the people rather than the event.
In a novel, the characters are the ones that make the story rich. Their description, dialogue and problems make the trama to come alive.

7) With a passive verb, something is being done to the subject of the sentence. The subject is just letting it happen. You should avoid the passive tense.
For example: "The meeting will be held on..." "The body was carried"...

8) Talk whether ugly or beautiful is an index of character.
For Kind the most important thing isn't if the novel's tone is agressive or profane, but in the way it sounds in each page and ear.

9) Description begin's in the writers imagination, but should finish in the reader's.
When you write a story the most important thing you should do is to describe everything in a such a creative and detailed way that the reader has no option but to imagine it like a movie.

10) The road to hell is paved with adverbs.
Choose wisely the adverbs you will use, according to the "how" and "why" you want to tell.

11) Never use "emolument" when you mean "tip".
Don't use the most unknown or difficult words. There aren't a good option all the time. Neither the long sentences. The best writers are the ones that say what they want without having to beuatify their texts to much. Concise and direct.

12) Set a daily writing goal.
As with running and it's kilometers goal, be best to set a realistic goal at first. King suggest to keep it low at the beggining like a thousand words a day. When it turns into a habit then increase your words.


13) Call that one person you write for ideal reader. He or she is going to be in your writing room all the time.
The thing that nourishes a writer more is the people that reads him. Is their feedback and their way to tell you if your story is reaching its objetive.

14) If you can do it for joy, you can do it forever.
Becoming a writer isn't easy. At the beginning isn't even well paid, but thanks to the technology and digital platforms for writers and readers -like Inspired, Bubok, Wattpad, Medium, etc- we are being exposed to the world and to a community that is becoming more visible.
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Daniel Tordo Daniel Tordo
write in spanish please!!
March 13, 2018, 6:10 p.m.
Miguel  Magaro Miguel Magaro
Uff This is something very important for all people that just have to start with the first chapter of his novel. I Wish that you continue with another tips similar.
Feb. 14, 2018, 6:16 p.m.

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