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How to use digital publishing platforms, like Inkspired, to get the most out of your creative and fiction writing

Improve your writing. Use the correct tools. Get creative. Start your stories. And bloom. Take advantage of digital platforms, they are helpful when crafting storytelling and making it flow naturally. Inkspired is one of them. It gives you the possibility to get published for free, without needing an agent, and it provides feedback and metrics about your audience and progress.

Inkspired’s platform has become the home for emerging writers. It is a useful tool that can help you in the writing process. Sometimes we have the talent, the ideas, the stories, but we don’t have that ‘extra’ help that supports our writing or know-how to get published online. In this platform you can find an instrument to do it and to become recognized without the need of being a bookstore.

Everyone can find in this tool plenty of benefits. These are some of them.

1. Publish serially: You can publish your stories since day one. You don’t need to wait until you have finished the book, you can publish it like a novel week by week or month by month, and the positive aspect is that your readers will be connected with your updates.

2. Intelligent text editor: You can personalize your stories as you wish and keep them save in this interface, so don’t worry about them getting erased. There is also a word count tool and estimate reading time.

3. Win money by doing what you love: Inkspired gives you the option to receive contributions for your writings. If people like your story, they can donate you any amount of money they want.

4. Get feedback and statistics: Our reader’s point of views matter. On Inkspired you can get comments in every chapter and also you can post comments in other stories as well. This will help you to be in contact with the writing community and improve your style. Also, you can check how many people have viewed and read your story.

5. Add reviewers: If you don’t feel like publishing yet, you can also ask for your closest friends opinions with this tool and they can leave you tips and comments to publish the story.

6. Choose a cover: There is the option to create your own cover. You can either design it by yourself and upload it or choose one from Inkspired’s cover samples.

7. Manage your content at any time: One of the treasures of being online is that you don’t have to limit yourself to publish something and then, not being able to edit it anymore. On Inkspired, if you want to change something that you have already published, you can do it without a problem and as many times as you desire. You are in control of your posts.

8. Share: You can share every chapter of your story in social network and with everyone you want.

9. Easy to find: Use strategic hashtags in your story and also a good description, so readers can find you in their web search.

10. Notifications for you and your readers: You will have automatic notifications when your deadline is coming for you to publish a new chapter. With this you will gain continuity with your reading community, who also will be notified when you publish something. 

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