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Ways to get paid for writing as a freelancer

So, one day you decide
to live from and for writing. You know you have got the skills, the talent, the passion… Maybe you even studied something related to creative writing, or maybe not; but now you finally decide to make an statement, and go for it and tell your stories to the world. However, there is this big white elephant in the room: how can I earn money from writing? Publishing a book in digital platforms or as an ebook could be an option; but is that going to make up for a living?

First of all, it’s all about mindset. To make a living from writing, you have to make writing your living: make it part of your daily life, and get to know that sometimes it won’t be that exciting as you believe, when pressure comes to knock the door for instance; the ability to move forward will always rely on your passion for it. Other distractions, strict editors, innovative articles proposals, critics and the possibility of not being published are also some factors to be considered. Have in mind that is going to be tough, as everything in life that is worth something, but take the opportunity by the horns, and go for it, if it is truly what you love. You can write your book with a marketing strategy, but while that works out (we will talk about that in later post), you can also become a freelance writer. It pays… and it pays good.

Nowadays, thanks to the evolution of digital marketing and all the content being tracked by search engines, there are a lot of positions requiring content creation for brands. Some people call it “inbound marketing”, others just call it “content marketing”. There are thousands of options to write for many websites, online magazine, start-ups or platforms; as they are looking to become more relevant on internet and the way people search for their brand through the content they are generating. For you, as a next-to-be freelance writer, it could be an ideal job in terms of time management, flexibility and independence. You have your own time, and you can work in any part of the world. There is no need to be just in one country or settled in a corporate office.

There is a long list of blogs or magazines that are looking to receive original articles, or stories that you can write, and not everybody knows about them. That’s why many platforms write about them and they also offer articles with the best tips to become a freelancer. These platforms are willing to help you in the process of getting paid, by providing you information about what exactly those magazines need and what they are searching for.

These are some of the platforms that have gathered all the information about the sites that are willing to pay for an article. You can also find advice on how to build your career, as a freelancer, how to grow, and how to get published or market yourself:

1. The Write Life

2. Writing Platform

3. Make a living writing

4. All indie writers

5. Elna Cain

6. Your writer platform

Each one of them has a specific vision, but all of them have been created to help writers in their “seems to be difficult” publishing.

In the other hand, we have also a list of websites where you can browse through paid writing jobs, as you can search actual vacancies or contests, or receive a list of companies that are hiring writers at the moment.

1. Freedom with writing

2. Freelance writing

3. Freelance writing gigs

4. Upwork

The opportunities to write online content are expanding. This is a functional way of starting getting paid for writing, while you work on your next novel. Research a bit, read these websites, follow their advice, and take the risk to send your writings to every place you feel identified with. Just then you will find open doors where you once didn’t see any. But never, ever, forget about your dream of becoming a fiction author; and… you know, you can start right here, right now from Inkspired: get started today!

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