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Use technology to become a recognized storyteller

The difficult thing about writing is that either you are published or not. But both aren’t related, neither mean that if you don't have your book on bookstore stands yet, you can’t be recognized as an author. Nowadays, thanks to the marvelous technologies, we can find thousands of ways to get published online, become renowned and get read by thousands of readers… even more people than the ones visiting those bookstores that you once envied.

So, let’s clarify the obvious. In order to be a good writer, you need to develop a fascinating writing style, and a consistent storytelling flow. That’s something that improves with practice, time, reading and caring about it. But there are somes tools that can help you in the quest of getting yourself known and read. To be a writer you only have to write, but the be an author you have to be read, and for that, you need to sell you, and your content. You need to learn how to market yourself, build a fanbase, expand your circle, and get exposed; because publishers love authors that are “commercial” as they say, and this is part of it. The more you make people follow your writings, the more publishers will look at you as a golden ticket.

And as we said before, technology gives us 3 tools to build our name as a brand.

1) Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc… Those social networks are very useful for marketing yourself as a writer. You only need to learn how to promote your own work and gain loyal followers. Pro tip: don’t be shy to show yourself. Remember that writers remain unknown if nobody reads them. You can find communities that already exist, and join them, which allows you to create a circle, learn from other writers and start building a diverse network.

2) Digital publishing platforms: These ones are highly recommended, and the ones that you have to seek. What is great is that you don’t have to marry any: you can several at a time - the key is to be everything, be reachable; expand your content to everywhere you can. Most of them are even free, and some of them allow you to even monetize, like Inkspired or Amazon. They also take away all of those financial risks of printing your own book, which requires time and money. These platforms allow you to create a profile and enter an already existing community, who will read your fiction stories and give you feedback. They open the opportunity to publish your stories serially, and edit each chapter as many times possible. Some of them even have writing tips, templates; book covers options, or money contributions for your creative stories, like Inkspired. And you can either use it in your computer or in your mobile. Nowadays there are a lot of writing platforms to help storytellers, and Inkspired is aware that each one of them is useful. So we created a specialized tool called Inkspired Writer, which besides helping authors to improve and edit their fiction stories in the process of writing, it allows them to write smarter and publish in multiple digital platforms at the same time. Being in this kind of platforms gives you the opportunity to be read by people from all parts of the world. After all, that’s what tech does… break down the borders. And you should take advantage of it.

3) Blog: These ones are “classic” for a good reason: If you use them well, they can help you in million ways. You can start by introducing your name into communities. A blog is free, simple to use and personalize and easy to read. It amplifies your professional network and connects you with people around the globe. A blog is a presentation card. If you start looking, almost every writer has one. Nowadays there is even a “professional name” for it: called blogger. Inkspired also allows you to start your own blog, for the same reason.

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