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The pen or the keyboard? That's the question

Once upon a time there were people that used their pen to write beautiful poems, inspiring stories, amazing novels, incredible fiction or just a diary… There were many that kept a journal or a notebook where they used to collect all their work. We can even watch in movies how people used to be inspired by writing beside the lake or the ocean. And when a writer died, his/her journal remained as a legacy.

But then technology came to change the way we write and read. Now it has became easier and practical. You can write, edit, write, and edit again as you go, and you can do it faster. Nowadays you can publish online on digital platforms like Inkspired where everyone can access your content instantaneously. With this you even obtain readers and feedback. Your legacy as a writer is not based on a physical journal anymore: it lies on the vast internet.

However, with all the fuss of digital publishing, sometimes we ask ourselves: which experience is really better? Handwriting, or typing? Pen and paper, or a computer and the internet where there is no borders? Which one would make you a better writer, or a better novelist? Well, even though is a good question to think about, the bad news is that there is no real answer. It all depends on your vision as writer.

If we talk about pen and paper, we know we are talking about a natural born writer. They are easy to use and EVERYONE has them. They are also very easy to transport. A notebook can be the best travel mate. It doesn’t only increase you inspiration, but also your capacity to pay attention to what you are living. One of the most important things about the paper is that you can keep yourself away from distractions and you can just write. That’s the reason why some people feel more inspired to write on paper, because you don’t have all this extra windows or the internet to distract you from your story. It’s just you and your pen.

But the computer is also the powerful one for some reason. It has begun to take the place of pen a paper because of its easier way of writing and editing a story with a lot of tools to help you with that. If you don’t like a phrase you can just delete it without ruin the whole text. And also it will be very legible. If someone else’s read your story they will understand easily, and you will do it too.

There is people that hours after writing something, they don’t even understand what they wrote. Typing saves you from that, and from the terror of losing your precious notebook. In a computer you can save your writings in a cloud, or the mail, or even in platforms like Inkspired, and it will stay there forever. The computer allows you to count your words, to have a grammar corrector and also to investigate things for your own story.

Maybe handwriting and typing are not two separated things, but complementary after all. Spark your creativity in the traditional way… be you, be free to write and erase, and take it with you to where the magic happens, and then… just then, take it down to the keyboard, and most importantly: publish it, and share it with the world. After all, a writer becomes an author when someone reads him.

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escribiendolaluna 🌙 escribiendolaluna 🌙
Que ganas de ser un escritor aesthetic e ir por la vida con un cuaderno y una pluma... pero tengo la letra fea y luego no sé que escribí 🤣🤣🤣
November 29, 2022, 06:59