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The importance of your writing sorroundings

You are lying down on your bed with your computer on your lap. Perfectly comfortable. The perfect scenario. The ideas start flowing as your fingers write like two fast machines. Everything is going wonderful. Until suddenly you feel lazy. You have slept only 6 hours, and you went training in the morning, so Morfeus is knocking on your door. You fight against it, and try to keep your eyes open, but it seems unlikely you will make it. The ideas begin to fade away. And you surrender to the arms of the darkness.

One hour later you wake up. You look at your computer and you have only written 3 lines. “How I could be so careless!” You think... But it is time to catch up. Suddenly the phone rings and is your boss asking for help - you know, those wonderful calls at midnight, when everything is urgent. "Maybe tomorrow I can continue", you whisper to yourself. And so on... Days passes by and writing your story gets… e t e r n a l. And it keeps happening day after day after day, but this time not your boss, but a friend,... or your mom, or your dog, or you get hungry. And if you don’t get hungry, you start ,multitasking, etc. Even though you have all the tools to start writing, if the environment isn't for you, the right writing is not going to happen.

We, as authors, are totally aware that there is not a "perfect" environment, because that depends on each individual and the ways he or she feels about one place or the surroundings. But, we can unravel some little details that can make the place that you choose to write, a more suitable one.


The good thing about writing is that you can do it wherever you want. So choose a place that likes you the most. The one that inspires you and put your imagination into motion. We all have some ideal places that we love and fulfill us just by being there, so choose one wisely:. It can be the beach, the park, the library, a cafeteria, your home, anyplace! Just pick one and go. You'll feel the magic.


Nowadays thanks to the internet, we can do many things at the same time. We can check our emails while we are working, while we are having fun in Facebook, while we are reading the newspaper, or while we are watching a video. If you are focused on writing, multitasking becomes zero productivity. So if you are going to write in a computer, it’s better to close all the windows, and just write. Write is all you need. Don’t waste it. In Inkspired we are aware of this, by the way, and we are working on the right tool to get you focused on writing smarter; it’s called Inkspired Writer, you can check it out at https://www.getinkspired.com/writer


The mobile phone is a deadly weapon. It can distract us too much. Even when you think it’s just for a few seconds, those few seconds turn into long minutes, and those long minutes then turn into concentration failure. So even if it hurts, stay away from your phone for a while. You will remain alive. ;)

Resultado de imagen de no cellphone


Even if it doesn’t seem important, the weather is crucial. A study by Zwebner, Lee and Goldenberg (2014) proved that warm temperature increases product valuation. So our recommendation is that if you are going to write outdoors, do it in a warm environment.


If you don’t want to lose time, the best thing you can do is to have everything you will possibly at your reach. The closer the better - the idea is to stop you from having to stand up and get those things near during your writing: Water, tea, coffee, healthy snacks, etc, all that stuff.


Stay away from those places that make you fall asleep, or the ones that makes you want to run away immediately. Once you find one that suits you, change it every once in a while, because changes always allow your mind to open a little bit more, and it sparks creativity and inspiration.

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