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A writer’s greatest fear

It’s Monday morning. You sit down on your comfortable chair and turn on the computer. Suddenly the fear starts to run through your spine. You find yourself in front of an empty and eternal white page… A page that seems to have no end. The ideas that seemed to be on your mind are now gone. You don’t know how to start. Maybe you know what you want to write about, but you have no idea of how to kickstart it.

Time begins to run. Seconds turns into minutes, and minutes turns into hours. And you decide to close the computer and surrender. And when you are about to sleep you get the feeling that you’re not a good writer. That writing is not your thing. So you quit. And the talent goes away with the day.

This sounds familiar? Well, this is one of a writer’s greatest mistakes. And we are not talking about the white page; we are talking about the quitting. The most challenging thing a writer will always confront is an empty page. So our advice is: Don’t get frustrated. The thing that you don’t know is that fear is normal. And one key to unlock that frustration is to write. Yes, ALL YOU NEED IS WRITING, as Stephen King and others famous writer have told.

At the beginning, it doesn’t matter how you start. Don’t feel pressured just because people tell you that the beginning is one of the most important parts. Yes, maybe it is, but when you are in the initial steps of becoming a writer, you first need to break the ice with the empty page. The fear itself would never be gone, but you will learn to handle it more with time. So sit down, turn on your computer, and start writing the first thing that comes to your mind. Perhaps using a “writing prompt” will help you; just bear in mind that a writer’s major creativity spark comes from constraints: and even in the infamous writer’s block you can find inspiration.

Once you start, everything becomes easier, the ideas will start flowing by themselves. And maybe on the middle of your writing you can allow yourself to change the beginning. Sometimes we just need to know the end, to go back to the beginning. And the other key is to think and let your personality express that thinking into words. Do not hesitate about the words you use. Write the ones that identify you; fall in love with them and leave the editing for later. Let the talent make its own role. The more you write, the better writer you will become.

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