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How to make your story popular?

You sent months of hard work writing a great serial story. After a while you decide to publish it online, so thousand of people could read it and maybe even buy it. You have done editing, make up and finished with a book cover. You found a way to publish a serial story online, and here you’re waiting for finest hour. But will your story get famous by itself?

Promoting a story: concealed difficulties

Even authors who are published in big publishing houses need to make an effort on their book to become popular and well known. If they are looking for the way to do it then an independent writer should try even twice harder. Best way to increase your chances of having enormous fan-base and start getting revenue from a story is to develop a well-planed marketing strategy, as most successful authors do.

Three strategies to increase awareness of the story

Promote your serial story from the moment you start writing it.

It’s never to late to start. Most of the writers begin with the announcement of their e-books on the website, popular media and through personal meetings. Tell about your story to everyone who visits your page. You don’t need complete story, publish several chapters, build a newsletter subscription so readers could track your progress and make it easy to share content.

Spread a word.

Contact with bloggers that will be interested in your story idea, offer them interview, inside to your work and ask for reviews. Ask your fans of your previous work to give you reviews. Don’t forget to write an overview, posts on your social media, make several tweets, send it to your friends and colleagues and ask them to share. Make it comfortable for readers to reach you and read your story. Tell the world about your story through all possible media channels that you are able to find, so your book can cover a huge audience.

Give potential buyers chance to read the book.

Give readers the opportunity to read the book fow low price, make it free or create a crowdfunding campaign. 

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