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When the source of inspiration runs out

It has happened to all of us at some point that we ran out of ideas, arguments or inspiration to write. Most of it happens to amateur authors since we do not have the experience or practice of converting the art of writing into a daily habit.

We even wanted to become a Stephen King, Nicholas Sparks or Collen Hoover as serial writers. But the fact that you have someone in your mind, gives you a role model you want to chase. Aspirations, I believe, works as catalyzers for success if we put the right discipline into it.

That is why today I have a few practical tips to ensure that inspiration is not lacking.

1. Be curious: One of the infallible qualities of the writer is curiosity. The need to constantly learn new things feeds the mind, whether it's reading, watching a documentary, or a tutorial on how to do whatever catches your eye.

2. Ask about family stories: If you don't like meddling in the private lives of others, you will have to put that bias aside to start inquiring respectfully. It is not that you become the reckless aunt of your family, but to get to know their stories. But, if you are one of the people who like to know the whole family tree, I think you can get good stories out of it as well. Grandparents always have entertaining stories about their parents, siblings, children, and even grandchildren. Listen to them and you will see how some inspires a good story.

3. Search for anecdotes: Making a post on Facebook asking about certain types of anecdotes, whether they are curious, strange, scary or funny to your contacts, can inspire you to write a short story. If you believe your imagination can extend the narrative, then why not a long novel?. In the same way, if you have children, ask them to tell you some anecdote from their day to day, at work, at school, with their friends. Take the central idea and develop it. You will be surprised on how many things can pop up once you start paying attention.

4. There are some online idea generators that can help you write. Writing prompts, they are called. You can use them and thus get a more extensive range of stories to develop.

5. Listen to music. Although it may not seem like it, music is a great tool when looking for inspiration. A song can always open up possibilities in your mind.

6. Read. Reading is the undisputed spark to become a writer. If you tell me that you don't read, then I will tell you that your lack of knowledge on many subjects is assured. In addition to being a source of inspiration, reading becomes a source of knowledge for those who dare to test new waters. Do it and you will see how your ideas start flowing.

7. Get into writing challenges, whether on the platform, on Inkspired groups, on Facebook, or any other medium. Find ways to get out of your comfort zone and go for inspiration everywhere. Don't settle.

I hope that these tips serve you and motivate you to write until you form a writing habit that allows you to be consistent. Do not be discouraged, we all go through it but somehow or other we manage to get out of it. Luck!

Article originally written by Gin Les (@ginyales)

Edited by Galo A. Vargas (@galovargas)

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