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Where to Start?

I want to write a story, are you familiar with such desire? You know that acute sense of becoming a сreator, a сreator of something new, hitherto not existed in the world. It's great to see your grandchildren touching your thoughts, feelings, joys wriiten on the paper while you were young. But what if it will be not only your grandchildren and you will write a real literary treasure for all mankind? In this article you will find a solution to turn desire into action. 

Where Do Story Ideas Come From

First, what you have to do is to meet your desire to write a story and the need to structure your thoughts. They should turn from chaotic mass into a faceted crystal story. It's possible to do by creating a goal of the story (its meaning).

It is better to take the idea from inside you. Rummage in your mind and find what you are tormented about. Things you need to tell the world. Remember your main source of new ideas, as a writer, is exploring the world. It can be almost anything that you find interesting. Maybe it's a location that enchants you, a character sketch, an overheard dialogue, or even a great quote.

As a writer, you are going to start collecting these story crumbs as you go through your everyday life. You'll begin to pay attention when something you hear or see rings a bell to your head that says there is something there worth discovering.

Don't get into a loop by staying focus on something specific; be open and susceptible to whatever comes. You will be surprised at what's in your brain just waiting to pour out onto the page.

What stories are people interested in reading

Often authors are bothered about the fact that readers should like thier work. Of course, its important, but don't forget that its impossible to please everyone. From this we get a rule – write for yourself, but spare the reader.

In your story focus only on yourself. There is no need to chase public opintion, otherwise this going to lead you into a morass of banality. Be yourself, but don't forget about technical aspects. Using proper tools, storytelling and drawing on your inner world you will creat a great story.

How to choose a genre?

The first step to choose a genre is to find the one that best reveal your original idea. Your story idea is a guideline for selecting the best genre to tell the story, as well as, ability to work within certain limits.

Every genre has its specific features and requirements that can take a your idea in totally different directions. Be careful while choosing the genre, it might turn on you and cast away that great idea of yours. Start by identifying the goal of your main character and see which genre will best fit into.

To sum up we can say that getting idea, choosing the genre and topic to write a story is a manageable task. Most important that the desire “I want to write a story” would never left you. Good luck and Happy Writing! 

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