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How to create the habit of writing

To write a novel you must have a habit of writing. You already know that, however time continues to pass and you are still unable to sit down and spend time on it. Believe it or not, is not a complex thing, you just need a little bit of will, motivation and creating the right environment to help you put the focus of writing.

Find what motivates you:

Ask yourself what do you want to achieve with writing? Be honest, only then you can harness that motivation and use it as fuel.

There are techniques that some people use to motivate themselves on a daily basis, and thus achieve the habit of writing constantly. Some of these are: a fine (punishment), reward and commitment. These can be implemented in the following way:

  • You can fine yourself if you do not meet the time or the daily quotas that you have set. For example, you stop watching that series that you love to watch every night.
  • You can reward yourself for having followed the habit for a certain amount of time with something you like.
  • You can try commit to deliver to someone. Tell someone whose opinion matters to you about a writing goal you want to meet and allow this person to check it out. In this way you will feel driven to reach your goal, and meet that person's expectations. Kinda like having a coach.

Set yourself a goal:

Consider writing a number of words every day for a week, if you fail one day you start again. This will help keep you motivated to keep writing every day. Clear set achievable goals do not exaggerate then you can increase.

Create the right environment:

Writing is a demanding task, an intellectual work that requires effort and concentration. For this reason writing is not something that can be done anywhere. It is necessary to have a quiet space where we have everything we need to be able to concentrate on this task. This is important because it could be an element that reinforces your motivation. For this you can:

  1. Put your goal in sight.
  2. Put your reward on display.
  3. Put your characters in view.

Use the technique of the unfinished scenes:

A good way not to break your writing routine is to make sure that when you finish writing you leave work in the middle of an action or a description, something you already know how to continue later. So the next day you will only have to resume from where you left off and it will be easier for you to continue from there.

Give yourself permission and do it wrong:

There will be days when you feel that what you write is just terrible and others when you will say that you are on fire. It is perfectly normal to experience this. The important thing is that you do it, and make progress. Write without being afraid to fail, you can always fix mistakes later or re-write them; even when you know that you will end up re-writing, that's not a waste of time, it's part of the process! So even though what you are writing sucks, don't get up from that chair. Go on as long as you can, without interrupting your creative process. Consistency is the key to everything.

Article written by: Nataly Calderón (@iamtaty).

Edited by Galo A. Vargas (@galovargas)

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